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1996 • truTV
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Best of Season 14 episodes (9)

1 Purebread Murder
In this classic episode of Forensic Files, the longest running true crime series in television history, a young mother is murdered after years of domestic abuse. There are clues at the scene: bloody footprints and DNA from the victim’s rape kit. But the evidence which will conclusively tie the killer to the crime is on a freshly-baked hamburger bun. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 1.
2 Hear No Evil
Threatening emails, a missing person and an abandoned truck lead police to a home where they believe a murder was committed. The evidence is overwhelming and investigators are sure they have the killer. What they don’t have is the body of the victim. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 2.
3 Three's a Crowd
As she left choir practice, the woman was gunned down in the church parking lot. Her husband became the prime suspect – particularly when police learned he found out just a month earlier that his wife had been cheating on him for three years. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 4.
4 A Squire's Riches
The truck fell off of the hydraulic jack, crushed the man working beneath it, and sparked a fire... or so it seemed. Investigators turned to forensic science to determine if they were dealing with a tragic accident or a carefully orchestrated murder. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 5.
5 Home of the Brave
When their trailer catches fire, the young husband heroically rescues his wife and infant son. A month later, his wife is beaten to death in a bedroom of his parents’ home. The cut window screen points to an intruder, but the lack of supporting evidence compels investigators to look beyond the obvious. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 6.
6 Textbook Murder
The victim was brutally murdered. Police learn her fiancé was having affairs with other women, and he becomes the prime suspect... that is until a man comes forward who not only believes he owns the murder weapon, he also knows who used it. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 9.
7 Filtered Out
When a teenaged girl goes missing, no one knows if she ran away or if she was the victim of foul play. Everyone’s worst fears are confirmed when a body is found at the bottom of an isolated ravine. Police scour the crime scene, hoping to find enough evidence to identify the killer. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 10.
8 Water Logged
The bodies of three women were found floating in Tampa Bay. The water washed away any evidence, but police hoped a handwritten note found in the victims' car would lead to the killer – so they posted huge copies of the note on five highway billboards. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 11.
9 Social Circle
Four young adults are brutally murdered in an affluent Texas neighborhood, and the crime scene yields little evidence. The next door neighbors see two young people dressed in black walking nearby, and their descriptions are used to create composite drawings which become a key element in solving the crime. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 12.

About this show

Forensic Files profiles intriguing crimes, accidents, and outbreaks of disease from around the world. Follow coroners, medical examiners, law enforcement personnel and legal experts as they seek the answers to baffling and mysterious cases, which have been ripped from the headlines. Forensic Files puts a new spin on the “whodunit” genre and will satisfy the most ardent true-crime buffs.

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225 reviews
Yoko Koko
March 9, 2020
I will lay down and watch this show for months without realizing that time is passing by. What makes this show unique is its ability to partially reproduce the real event and even show the crime scene without making it like a movie.
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Mike Marcucci (Mr.Weebster)
January 28, 2018
Great show! Can't stop watching it. Peter Thomas, the narrator, does an excellent job. R.I.P Peter Thomas of Forensic Files. 1925 - 2016
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Tanya Makela
April 6, 2021
I watch peter daily on peacock and love his voice and i have all seasons and my channel has not changed probably in 3 years i watch them over and over same goes with snapped and dateline all i do is switch back and forth they just comfort me is all i can say
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