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Season 3 episodes (17)

1 Rainforest Shmainforest
Mr. Mackey punishes the boys by forcing them to join the "Getting Gay With Kids" choir. The choir is going to Costa Rica to help save the rainforest. While on a tour of the rainforest the choir group gets lost when a snake kills their guide. They soon discover the evils of the rainforest, which changes the choir group's message.
2 Spontaneous Combustion
Kenny spontaneously combusts. The mayor asks Randy Marsh to find a solution. The boys try to help Kyle's dad to get an erection. One way they think they can help is by performing the Stations of the Cross at church crucifying Cartman and waiting three days for his res-erection. Randy Marsh figures out the reason everyone is combusting is because they are withholding their farts.
3 Succubus
Kyle and Stan try to rescue Chef from the clutches of the Succubus that he is going to marry. Meanwhile, Cartman deals with his eye problems and the optometrist he doesn't like. Chef's Mama and Papa appear for the first time.
4 Jakovasaurs
The boys discover a live prehistoric Jakovasaur while camping on Stark's Pond. The government and the citizens of South Park are interested in trying to help keep this endangered species alive, until they all realize how annoying the Jakovasaurs really are. The only one who really enjoys them is Cartman. The boys try distracting him while the town tries to send the Jakovasaurs to France.
5 Tweek VS. Craig
The boys take Shop class and try to set-up a fight between Tweek and Craig. Kenny is delighted in safely taking the Home Economics course. When the big fight arrives, the combatants don't know what to do; so Jimbo and Ned teach Tweek boxing and Cartman has Craig instructed in the art of Sumo. Shop teacher Mr. Adler has a recurring dream about a woman that he was never able to say goodbye to.
6 Sexual Harassment Panda
Sexual Harassment Panda visits Mr. Garrison's class. Cartman Sues Stan for sexual harassment and Kyle's dad is getting rich. The boys go in search of "Sexual Harassment Panda" to stop the insanity. They find him at "The Island of Misfit Mascots Commune" and convince him to change his cause. He becomes Petey, the "don't sue people" Panda.
7 Cat Orgy
Shelly Marsh is babysitting Cartman. Shelly invites her boyfriend over and he in turn invites his band. Cartman has to prove that Shelly has violated the rules. Meanwhile, the Cartman's cat is in heat, searches for a good time and invites all the cats in the neighborhood back to the empty Cartman house for an orgy.
8 Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub
Stan's parents bring him to Mr. Mackey's party, but he gets sent down to the basement to be with the lame kids. Kyle and Stan's fathers experiment with their homosexual tendencies. The ATF is convinced that the meteor shower party is actually a gathering of a religious cult that is going to commit suicide when the meteor shower arrives. Stan tries to save himself and the party from the ATF.
9 Jewbilee
Kyle invites Kenny to join him at Jewbilee, a Boy Scout-like gathering for Jewish kids. His parents are going to attend Mr. Mackey's party. At camp, Ike is sent to join the little group called "Squirts." Kyle and Kenny join the scouts, where they concentrate on soap sculptures. This art is key to the Jewish elders celebration of Moses.
10 Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
Korn comes to South Park for a Halloween gig and learns of the boys problems with the 5th graders at South Park Elementary. Korn agrees to help the boys get revenge on the mean 5th graders all in a spooky Scooby Doo rip off!
11 Chinpokomon
The kids of South Park discover Chinpokomon, Japans #1 cool toy to own! Wanting to avoid being losers, they persuade their parents to buy them the toys only to discover that the Chinpokomon are designed to brainwash them into bombing Pearl Harbor. The parents band together to stop Japan and save America!
12 Hooked on Monkey Fonics
Mrs. Cartman is about to give Eric a present. Of course Eric is hoping it will be some kind of toy, but it ends up being Hooked On Monkey Fonics to help him win the big South Park Annual Spelling Bee. Kyle finds Rebecca Cutswald to be quite intriguing and tries to woo her with his charm and teach her how to love and learn in public school.
13 Starvin' Marvin In Space
Starvin' Marvin finds an alien ship and begins searching out a new home for his people. The government interrogates the boys to find out about Marvin and direct them to Sally Struthers. Marvin stops in South Park to pick up the boys and take them to the planet Marklar. The Marklarians are willing to let the Ethiopians relocate to their world. The Christian channel does all they can to stop them.
14 The Red Badge of Gayness
South Park's Civil War reenactment, sponsored by "Jagerminz S'More Flavored Schnapps," gets out of hand. Cartman persuades the drunken lot to defeat the northerners so that he can win a bet with Kyle and Stan that will make them his slaves for one month.
15 Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
Mr. Hankey introduces 10 musical segments highlighting songs the on the CD "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics." The boys and all of the other South Park characters sing their own songs for the Holidays and realize that Christmas is all about the presents.
16 Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus
Cartman is convinced he is going through puberty since he started bleeding out of his ass. Dr. Mephisto gives Stan some hormones. He gets facial hair, boobs and his voice starts changing. People are waiting outside of Jesus' home to see what kind of miracle he offers which ends up involving a comeback performance of a very old Rod Stewart and eventually an appearance by God.
17 The Brown Noise
The children of South Park are practicing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" for the "4 Million Child Blow," sponsored by Yoko Ono. At the concert Stan and Kyle try to figure out a way to "out cool" the kids from New York. Cartman tries to find "the brown noise" and is successful. Stan and Kyle plan against the kids from New York but their scheme goes much too far.

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Relive the dawn of the South Park era, with legendary episodes of the groundbreaking, Emmy Award-winning animated classic. Follow everyones favorite troublemakers Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny--from the very beginning of their unforgettable adventures.
1.73K reviews
A Google user
August 11, 2016
Brings back moments when I took some quick and dirty cheap intro. courses with the Scientology group. Back then,I didn't have the funds nor the inclination to go up "the bridge" just to get to the ultimate disappointing truth of human existence..LOL. Then again, as far-fetched it may seem, the idea that the Earth was a dumping ground and that beings dumped into volcanoes,far-off lands, and islands has been reiterated again and again throughout human history.
36 people found this review helpful
November 6, 2016
One of the only shows left that doesn't insult my intelligence with dumbed down, lackluster writing that's so haphazardly slapped together that they need a laugh track to tell the mindless drones who enjoy watching that crap what's funny and when they're supposed to laugh. Personally, the only thing I'll watch with a laugh track is the Flintstones. Plus, since around seasons 4 & 5 they've really stepped up their game bringing in more intellectually stimulating plot lines and character back stories.
31 people found this review helpful
David Gofsky
September 30, 2015
I really got into this show about 6 years ago and since then it has become my favorite show of all time. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are comic geniuses and they have only gotten better over the years at crafting hilarious and often thought-provoking episodes. Some people I talk to about the show say that they don't like it because it's profane or ridiculous. But I think they must be looking at just the surface of the show. Beneath the surface is a rich tapestry of comedy, satire, parody, and astute social/political commentary. And yeah, sure, sometimes there's just some silly, good old-fashioned fun, which really just goes to show that the show's creators don't take themselves too seriously. Surely this show is a great beacon of light in a sometimes bleak world.
8 people found this review helpful