Yukon Men
Season 3

Season 3

1. No Quarter

Oct 20, 2013
Watch the ALL NEW season of Yukon Men Sundays at 9PM E/P. Stan risks his life in hazardous whiteout conditions. Charlie uses tough love on Bob, will it push him away from subsistence living?

2. Turf War

Oct 27, 2013
After the worst storm in ten years, Tanana residents emerge to see what's left of their village. Charlie needs help defending his trapline from the Moores, but his son, Bob, is missing in action. Stan receives an unexpected visit from the lower 48s.

3. Wolf Invasion

Nov 3, 2013
The annual dog sled race is the biggest event in the village. The Moores look to defend their crown, but James looks to take it away and take over the dog breeding business. Charlie and Stan band together to keep everyone safe from a vicious wolf pack.

4. Deadly Crossing

Nov 10, 2013
A late-season cold snap grips Tanana. James finds a creative way to save his business and teach his son, Francis, a lesson. Stan faces the deadly Tozi River crossing without Joey. The Moores turn to an outsider for help, and face the shock of a lifetime.

5. Rite of Spring

Nov 17, 2013
It's goose-hunting season. Conflict between Stan and Joey leads them to a rite of passage. A confrontation looms after Bob fails to meet his responsibilities with Charlie. James goes hunting on deadly grounds. Pat must put his trust in newcomer, Sean.

6. River Rising

Nov 24, 2013
Spring brings predators to Tanana, and Stan loses a sled dogs to a hungry bear. The Yukon River begins to thaw at an alarming rate, and the villagers must quickly move to high ground. The town gas pump breaks, putting a halt to flood preparations.

7. Aftermath

Nov 30, 2013
As floodwaters surge threatening the village, valuable driftwood is left flowing in the wake. James takes to the river to stock-up but his own son, turns his back on him. Joey also races up river but ends up stranded. Pat hires a helper from New Zealand.

8. Season of Change

Dec 1, 2013
Pat is faced with tough financial choices when he finds out his newly handicapped wife is returning home. Sensing weakness, James strategizes to bring Pat's kennel down. Stan is forced to make a life changing decision. Bob finally decides to leave Tanana.


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