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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Learning to Drive / Community
Learning to Drive an RV – Part 1: Peter teaches Caitlin to drive a massive motorhome – his – with the naive hope that he’ll get it back from the rookie driver unscathed. A Sense of Community: Tightly knit but dispersed, how meeting strangers can quickly turn to establishing lifelong friendships. On-The-Road: Pat and Chris and their unique Unicat.
2 Learning to Drive (Pt. 2) / Mobile Internet
Learning to Drive an RV – Part 2: We find out how Caitlin does when she finally has the chance to drive Peter’s home-on-wheels in busy Southern California traffic. Mobile Internet 101: Cherie and Chris uncover the (often very complicated) secrets of staying connected while roaming across the country. On-The-Road: Tom and Caitlin Morton
3 Choosing a Drivable / Boondocking
Choosing an RV – Drivables: Is there such as thing as too many choices? Yup! But Anthony helps narrow down the options that can seem so daunting, so often, to so many. Boondocking – Living Off the Grid: John wonders how is living without being connected to power, water, or plumbing even possible much less a commonly preferred way to RV? On-The-Road: Matt the Rock Star and Newbie RVer
4 Choosing a Towable / Power Gadgets
Choosing an RV – Towables: Yes, you CAN take it with you. Just hook it up to your bumper, right? Well, that depends. Anthony learns about towables, both massive and tiny. The Power of RV Batteries: Tom sciences things up as he teaches us about the many kinds of battery technologies and which are best for mobile living. RV Gear: Peter shows us why certain encountered gadgets can have you choosing between paying now… or paying later! On-The-Road: Technomadia’s Cherie and Chris
5 Leveling / Upgrades: Mattresses
On the Level: John shows us why not having a level RV can melt the ice cream in your freezer. No kidding… it’s that serious! When to DIY and When to Get Help: Not handy? Well, you’d be surprised how handy you can be when there are no other options! But there are times when getting some help is the right thing to do. Making an RV Your Own - Mattresses: If anyone needs their beauty sleep it’s Anthony, but it’s not that easy when as he learns about the shortcomings of standard RV beds. On-The-Road: Chef Martin and Gail
6 Tires / Touring Alaska
Tires – Your Rubber Safety Buffer: Peter explains why tires are so important being the only thing between your home on the road and the road itself! Touring Alaska: Tom and Cait trek to the edge of the world with dozens of RVers as part of a massive Alaskan caravan. On-The-Road: RV Geeks’ Peter and John

About this show

The nomadic RV lifestyle is more popular now than it’s ever been. From millennials to retirees, the freedom, enrichment, and sheer economics of RVing are among the most compelling reasons for a year-over-year multifold increase. Many of the popular RV organizations boast membership in the hundreds of thousands. The largest has over 2 million! However, the overall size of the RV community in the US alone exceeds 30 million people! Quenching the thirst of current or soon-to-be RVers, newbies and experienced alike, are the many video bloggers that have surfaced – among them very few standouts. These online stars will be featured as hosts thus immediately engaging several hundred thousand of their subscribers as ready viewers of the show. Unlike existing reality-style shows, “The RVers” focus is not on false drama but rather good and useful information and a true depiction of the RV lifestyle – all in a dignified, educational, and entertaining way.

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8 reviews
Cameron McGinn
December 2, 2019
Going with a mixed review, I would like to see this endeavor become something representative of the life. Right now I see this program taking baby steps. Almost too much. Three stars was a gift, will main open minded and hopeful.
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D Dale Beaty Jr
November 28, 2019
Not worth your money!!! Silly, unexplained tips! Watched the first 2 episodes on Discovery Channel for FREE!! Thank goodness, if I paid for it I would have demanded my money back!!
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Pangster !
July 10, 2020
I love this show! Forget about the unreasonable criticisms from people just looking to slag one thing or another. This is a fun little show that opens up the amazing world of RVing to those looking on longingly. If you're like the "experts" who are rating this show poorly who must know everything there is to know about everything and are closed to other perspectives then maybe it's not for you. But if you're reasonable in your expectations and open to the possibility that maybe there's something new to be had then you'll love it!
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