Raising Asia

2013 • Lifetime
225 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 The Lion Tamer and The Tiger Mom
The Ray family revolves around eight-year old daughter Asia's rising star, and this week there's a huge performance at World of Dance on the line. Questions about the suitability of the choreography put the entire performance in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Asia's parents struggle with their own balancing act.
2 Diva Days, Red Carpet Nights
This week Asia is slated to perform at the Reality TV Awards, but tensions are already running high in the Ray household, and when Kristie isn't happy with the stage, she tries to pull the plug. Meanwhile, Shawn goes toe-to-toe with Asia's manager.
3 The Education of Asia Ray
Asia's training goes into high gear, and with Shawn out of town, Kristie is overwhelmed--until a special visitor arrives to lend a hand. But while Kristie may be happy for the help, she's less than thrilled by some unsolicited advice--and an attempted intervention.
4 Managers and Mayhem
Asia ramps up her training as an actress, singer and dancer but choreographer Anthony questions whether manager Billy is the right person to take Asia to the top. Anthony's doubts grow stronger when he hears the new song Billy wrote for Asia and decides to spring a surprise meeting with another manager on Kristie--and she is not happy about it! Meanwhile, Kristie tries to figure out how to fit in more time with Bella, who is feeling left out.
5 It’s (Not) My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To
It's Bella's birthday and Kristie is determined to focus on her, while Asia struggles with the sacrifices she's forced to make for her career. Shawn removes Kristie from Asia's rehearsal with Anthony. Later, Kristie stuns everyone by announcing she and Asia will be leaving Bella's birthday party for a photo shoot, but will Shawn let her walk out on Bella?
6 What Would Beyonce Do?
Billy lands Asia a gig opening for a pop star that no one has heard of and things quickly go south once they arrive at venue, only to discover it is a 21 and over nightclub. While Asia is forced to prepare in a tent in the middle of a parking lot, Anthony capitalizes on Billy's absence by blaming him for all of the issues which then causes a major rift between Shawn and Kristie.
7 Hit the Road
Asia is heading to Vegas for her singing and dancing debut at Planet Hollywood. Anthony and Billy nearly come to blows as they continue to jockey for control over Asia's career. After his missteps with last week's performance, Billy has to redeem himself in Shawn's eyes if he wants to stay on the team...and Anthony is skating on thin ice, as well. Who will get the upper hand? And will Shawn finally be ready to fire one of them?
8 Billy's Last Chance
Its Billy's big chance to prove that he has the chops to take Asia to the next level, but a major meltdown from Asia before her first singing performance at Planet Hollywood threatens to derail everything they've been working towards. Meanwhile, it's decision time--will Billy stay, or will he go?
9 Eyes on the Pride
Anthony is determined to have full creative control over Asia's performance at the Long Beach Pride Festival. But after missing rehearsals, arguing with Shawn, and disobeying orders, Anthony is on thin ice. In a fraught rehearsal, Anthony drops the ball...and Asia! Facing possible injury as well as chaos on her team, will Asia even take the stage?
10 Dad-ager
Choreographer Ricky Palomino has given Asia the lead role in his theatrical performance titled "Daylight Come." Shawn decides that this week he and Kristie are going to have a "kid swap" and Shawn will handle Asia's career while Kristie takes on Bella's responsibilities. Will Shawn be able to prepare Asia on his own?
11 Three Men and a Maybe
Billy books a performance for Asia at R&B legend El De Barge's birthday. Shawn puts Anthony in charge of vetoing this performance if he feels that Asia is not ready. Anthony feels empowered, but Shawn ultimately pulls rank. When Anthony explodes in frustration, both the performance as well as his place on Team Asia are put in jeopardy.
12 Of Momagers and Meltdowns
With her Universal City Walk performance only one week away, Asia is set to sing her new ballad on the web series, BiteSizeTV. As the pressure mounts, she loses focus and spins out of control just before show time, when Gina confides in Shawn that she feels unappreciated, leading Kristie to explode at the crew and threaten to pull the plug on Raising Asia.
13 Make it or Break it
It's time for Asia to take the stage at Universal City Walk for the biggest and most important performance of her life. Asia tries to remain calm while chaos reigns during the final performance run-through. Will a technical glitch in the middle of her first song be the end of her chance to prove she has what it takes to become a triple threat superstar?

About this show

Raising Asia on Lifetime® follows 8-year-old child prodigy Asia Monet Ray as she takes her singing and dancing career to the next level. Asia's dreams of becoming a world famous performer are well within reach, at least if her mother Kristie has her say.

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225 reviews
Marsha Oliva
August 28, 2014
I'm sorry Anthony Burrell seemed like a petafile on dance moms. and the fact that he wants Asia to be more "edgy" "aka slutier" at this age is gross.Kristie needs to get ride of him before something happens if it hasn't already. And Asia's dad needs to stop saying for Kristie to leave the room when Asia wants her to. She is a child and will be alone with grown men half the time, thats not cool. Asia over dramatizes and acts like a brat which makes her less valuable to the industry. In fact as i write this, why am i watching this show?? OH!! I LOVE BILLY's image for Asia! Thats why. can't wait.
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Smart as Hell
April 8, 2015
Wait isn't Asian the next day greedy girl and she doesn't care about nobody but herself if she was my daughter I pop her every time then she would have nothing to say cuz she is just evil why does she need to be popular or famous at that age don't you know there's people out there who crazy
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Sally Choong
October 1, 2017
8 yrs old going on 50. Mom is a sociopath. Other daughter has no one but dad in her corner. This is a horrible show. Forced myself to almost get through one show. Sexy, suggestive dancing by a little child. This is disturbing on so many levels I feel nauseated.
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