Top Gear (US)
Season 4

Season 4

1. Coast to Coast

Sep 3, 2013
Adam, Tanner and Rutledge race from New York City to Los Angeles on an epic 3000 mile road trip, determined to prove that their chosen 'supercar' is best. Adam drives the new SRT Viper, Rut the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale and Tanner, the McLaren 12C Spider.

2. Alaskan Convertibles

Sep 10, 2013
The hosts head to Alaska and attempt to construct the perfect convertible for the toughest state in the Union. With the harshness of the climate meaning that fewer convertibles are sold in the 49th State than in any other, Adam, Rut and Tanner have their work cut out as they embark on a journey in their home made convertibles from Anchorage down the Kenai to Homer.

3. Rally

Sep 17, 2013
Tanner's favorite motor sport is the high speed, minimal-traction action sport of Rally racing but how hard is it really? Rut and Adam enroll themselves in a rally school and with the help of professional driver Bucky Lasek, prepare themselves for a race against Tanner. Meanwhile, Tanner takes part in a genuine rally race in a stock Mini Paceman S, before they all meet up for the final race, which doesn't go the way Tanner is expecting.

4. America's Biggest Cars

Sep 24, 2013
Which is the best big car ever built in America? The Top Gear hosts find out as they drive along the mighty Mississippi and inland from Memphis to Nashville. The winner gets to test drive the new Corvette Stingray.

5. Sturgis

Oct 22, 2013
The Top Gear hosts embark on a two-wheel road trip through South Dakota to the world's largest automotive event, the annual Sturgis Bike Week. Starting out on scooters and needing to pass challenges to progress to the bigger bikes they'll need to ride to fit in at the rally, the hosts go through hell as they close in on Sturgis. The winner will race a super-charged Ariel Atom against a 200 mph sports bike, while the loser will have to take part in a stunt, courtesy of History channels newest series, American Daredevils.

6. Can Cars Float?

Oct 30, 2013
Is it possible to make a vehicle that's as good on land as on the water? Rut, Adam and Tanner build their own and put them through a series of road tests before embarking on a huge water challenge, attempting to cross Lake Ontario from Buffalo to Toronto.

7. Fully Charged

Nov 5, 2013
With more and more electric cars on the roads every year, the Top Gear hosts take three of the best sellers on a journey through Michigan. They may be seen as being good for the environment, but is it actually possible for electric cars to ever be cool? The winner gets to drive the new all electric sports package Tesla Model S.

8. American Supercars

Nov 12, 2013
Can American Supercars compete against their better-known European Rivals such as Lamborghini and Ferrari? The hosts they take their favorite American supercars on a road trip from Beverly Hills into the Californian desert for an America versus Europe supercar showdown. The winner gets to put a brand new European muscle car - the $300,000 622 horsepower Mercedes SLS AMG black - to the test.

9. Big Bad Trucks

Nov 19, 2013
Which is the best new light-duty truck on the market? American truck makers are trying to muscle in on the SUV and car market by making their trucks ever more comfortable, luxurious, fuel-efficient and easy to drive. But have they sacrificed their tough 'truck-ness' in the process? Our hosts test their prowess in both car and truck duties on a journey to an airport where they'll take over the vehicular duties of running the place as they wait for the arrival of a jet.

10. Fountain of Youth

Nov 26, 2013
If you're trying to avoid a mid-life crisis but you're on a budget which car should you choose? Adam, Rut and Tanner find out on a journey across Florida involving alligators, obstacle courses and the glitz of Miami.