The Adventures of Chuck and Friends
Season 2

Season 2

1. Rowdy's New Rigg/Grandpa Treadwell

Sep 12, 2011
Rowdy does not feel part of a construction project, thinking his friends have better abilities. Chuck and his pals refurbish a machine to help Rowdy build bigger things, but Rowdy realizes that he already has his own unique talents. Chuck’s Grandpa visits for a truck show, and Chuck and his buddies train him in the hopes of winning. But Grandpa Treadwell shows that speed, strength and good looks aren’t the only things that make you a winner.

2. Super-Sweeper - Chuck/Sitter Shenanigans

Sep 19, 2011
Chuck and his pals decide to build a super sweeper machine to clean up the truck stop, but they forget to clean up after themselves! Haulie and Porter leave Chuck and his pals with Dahlia, a babysitter, and the youngsters take advantage of her good nature to play in ways they’re not normally allowed... until things get a little bit out of control.

3. The Legend of Bigtire/Hard At Work

Sep 26, 2011
The boys follow the giant tire track of a legendary truck, and let their imaginations go wild, only to find that Bigtire is nothing like what they predicted! To get an awesome new toy, Chuck promises to clean up the paved track. But when the job is harder than he imagined, he convinces Biggs to help, only to feel guilty when Biggs does most of the work.

4. Chuck Backs Up/Speed Indeed

Nov 7, 2011
When Chuck neglects to do his daily maintenance, he gets stuck in reverse gear. Fearful that his parents will be angry at him, Chuck tries to do all his chores backwards... with disastrous results. / When a visiting truck shows off with his speedy toy, Chuck and his friends challenge him to a contest, then use science to find ways to make their own model truck go faster.

5. Vertie's Stunt School/Dancing Wheels

Nov 14, 2011
Chuck’s Uncle Vertie teaches Chuck and his friends a new trick on the half-­?pipe, but if Chuck wants to perform it in the upcoming stunt show, he must practice, practice, practice! / A girl truck named Chassie tries to get Chuck and his buddies to help with a dance routine, but Chuck thinks dancing’s not for them. At least, not until Chassie’s dance moves solve a racing problem for Chuck!

6. Keep on Trackin'/The Bully

Oct 21, 2011
To earn a scouting badge, Chuck and his pals track down a list of hidden items around Treadwells, but Chuck and Flip end up turning the fun search into a mean-­spirited one-­on-­one competition. Chuck and his buddies ask a visiting Crane Truck to help them build a slide onto the clubhouse. But instead of helping, the young visitor ends up breaking things and being disruptive.

7. Ghost Stories/Charlie The Screwdriver

Oct 24, 2011
Handy tries to keep a secret about his favorite screwdriver, which he calls Charlie and talks to. But when he loses the beloved tool, he also loses his confidence, and has trouble building a roller coaster for Chuck and his pals. / Before Chuck’s Halloween party, a mysterious “ghost” arrives and leads Chuck and his pals on a spooky chase around Treadwells, while the youngsters try to figure out who is inside the costume.

8. Commercial Trucks/Rowdy The Rockstar

Nov 28, 2011
Rad Taillights and his manager DJ return to shoot a television commercial at Treadwells. Chuck and his buddies are asked to build a ramp to help out, but Chuck feels they should have a more important job. Rowdy’s favorite singer, Kurt Camshaft, is coming to visit Treadwells, and Rowdy fears meeting him, worried that he’s not cool enough. Chuck and the other guys help Rowdy change the way he looks and acts so that Kurt will like him. (RETITLED)

9. Prince Chuck/The Dirt on Chuck

Dec 5, 2011
Chuck finds that he looks exactly like the visiting Prince Piston, and the two trucks swap places for the day – allowing Chuck to experience what it’s like to be royalty. / To convince Haulie to take them to the Truck Wash, Chuck and Soku get as muddy, dirty and stinky as they possibly can, and enlist “mess expert” Rowdy to help.

10. Pop Goes The Inner Tube/Runaway Chuck

Dec 12, 2011
Chuck carries an overly inflated inner tube around all day – trying not to let it pop – in order to convince his parents that he can be careful enough to have a fragile new navigation device. / After getting punished, Chuck decides he’s unhappy up with his parents “unfair” rules, and resolves to leave home. But while his pals help him prepare for his journey, he finds that he is glad for his parents, rules and all.

11. Mother of All Gifts/Fools For Rules

Dec 26, 2011
Chuck worries that his Mother’s Day card is not good enough for such an awesome mom like his, and tries to make a better gift – only to find that it’s not the gift that matters, only the thought that counts.

12. The Re-Gifters

Dec 19, 2011
Robotruck is the hottest new toy this Christmas, but Chuck got the last one in the stores. When he decides to “re-­give” it to his pal Boomer, he sets off a series of kind acts that proves generosity can be contagious.

13. Mayor Chuck/Wallbashers

Jan 9, 2012
When Mayor Goodwheels appoints Chuck as his Deputy Mayor for the day, Chuck takes on too much work trying to please his “citizens,” only to realize that trucks in a community can all help each other. / Handy’s Dad, a demolition truck with a wrecking ball, gives Chuck and his pals the greatest job ever – tear down an old garage to make way for a new building! But the young trucks’ bashing and smashing leads to an unexpected problem.


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