The Moment
Season 1

Season 1

1. Sports Illustrated Photographer

Apr 11, 2013
It's never too late for a second chance at your dream job. This is certainly true for native Alabama working mom Tracie Marcum. After a painful divorce and faced with being a single mother, Tracie abandoned her dream of becoming sports photographer and took on a more stable career as an office administrator to care for her children. Knowing her passion for photography, Tracie's current husband nominates her for the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and train under world-class Olympic photographer Lou Jones, in the hopes of ultimately earning a job as a Sports Illustrated photographer. During this two-week journey, Tracie is haunted by an emotional crisis from her past. Will Tracie's past hold her back or will she have what it takes to push forward and land her dream job as a Sport Illustrated photographer? NFL MVP Kurt Warner hosts.

2. Nascar Driver

Apr 18, 2013
Introduced to racing at a young age by his father, car fanatic and driver Kyle Shields once had his dream of professionally racing almost come true. Kyle was excelling on a racing circuit in Mexico, but was shocked to discover his sponsor was going back on his word, leaving Kyle to foot the nearly $30,000 price tag for his racing expenses. The experience threw everything Kyle believed in into question - especially in areas of finances and trust. It was at this point that Kyle re-devoted himself to his family and erasing his debts, but his burning desire to race never died. Kurt Warner introduces Kyle to Brendan Gaughan, driver for motorsports icon Richard Childress Racing's Nationwide Series, and be put to the ultimate test.

3. White House Chef

Apr 25, 2013
Derek James teams with former White House Chef Walter Scheib for a chance to earn a chef position at a premier catering company.

4. Notre Dame Football Coach

May 3, 2013
Vince Moiso has lived and breathed football from a very young age. After a promising playing career in college (University of San Diego) and pro career in Europe, Vince not only played quarterback, but was getting involved with coaching as well. But that's when tragedy struck. His father, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, took a turn for the worst and passed away. It was up to Vince to support his recently widowed mom. Vince decided to forgo his dream of coaching and went into the tile business and has built a very successful career. However, there is still something missing, and being a football coach would complete his life. Our mentor will get Vince back up to speed and prepare him for an interview with the most elite college football program in the country - the University of Notre Dame. Vince will have to dig deep to overcome the years away from the game, and decide if the life of a professional coach is right for him and his family.

5. Toy Designer

May 10, 2013
Arizona native Lance Greathouse loved designing toys as a hobby with his younger brother. Lance's life was turned upside down when his brother was suddenly stricken with Parkinson's disease and passed away. With his best friend and co-inventor no longer by his side, Lance abandoned his dream of becoming a professional toy designer. Now with the help of host Kurt Warner, Greathouse is given a second chance to train with Jim McCafferty, a toy designer whose products can be found everywhere from Toys R' Us to Target. At the end of two weeks, Greathouse interviews for a designer position with Trikke - a global, recreational toy company. Through this second chance journey, Lance unexpectedly uncovers a personal passion that may be even greater than his passion for toy design. NFL MVP Kurt Warner hosts.

6. Choreographer

May 17, 2013
Renee Chambers, a wife and a mother from New Jersey, set aside her dream of being a choreographer 12 years ago when she decided to care for her ailing father. Renee's husband Peter nominates her for the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to train for two weeks under famed choreographer Liz Imperio who has choreographed for such acts as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. At the end of this journey, Renee may earn herself a job working for world-renowned choreographer Jamie King. Being away from the world of dance for so long, does Renee still have what it takes? NFL MVP Kurt Warner hosts.

7. Broadway Costume Designer

May 24, 2013
Discovering her passion for costume design late in life, Atlanta resident Jennifer O'Donnell was on the path to becoming a costume designer. However when she got married, Jennifer selflessly put her career aspirations on hold to become an instant stepmother to her new husband's son. Now a few years later with a more stable family situation, Jennifer is ready to pursue a career in costume design. Nominated by her husband, Jennifer is whisked away to the Big Apple and is introduced to her mentor, Emmy Award-winning costume designer Donna Zakowska. After two intense weeks of training, she will face the ultimate job interview where she has the opportunity to be part of the costume design team for the Broadway show Kinky Boots. If offered the position, what would Jennifer's absence and relocation to New York City mean for their family, especially their young son? NFL MVP Kurt Warner hosts.

8. Cincinnati Pops Conductor

May 31, 2013
Phil Theodorou's dream of becoming an orchestra conductor was derailed when his son was born with a learning disorder. He decided to stay closer to home and take on a more stable career teaching at a local high school. When Phil's wife nominates him to have a second shot at his dream job, the San Clemente native heads to Los Angeles and trains for two weeks under distinguished conductor Larry J. Livingston. Will Phil make the cut and earn the coveted position as a Conductor for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra? NFL MVP Kurt Warner hosts.

101. America's Cup Sailor

Apr 1, 2013
San Diego native Robert Capita was once on track to be part of the US Olympic Sailing Team at the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic Games until the US boycotted those Games. After that, Robert's life changed course when he decided to abandon sailing to take over his dad's business. However, his desire to race never subsided. Nominated by his son, Robert is given a second chance to pursue his dream job and is mentored by renowned and decorated sailor Gary Jobson for two grueling weeks. At the end of this journey, Robert is given the shot to become Captain of an America's Cup sailboat. NFL MVP Kurt Warner hosts.


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