The Incredible Hulk
Season 4

Season 4

1. Free Fall

Nov 21, 1980
David Banner is a member of an aerial exhibition team when it hits the home town of one of its members for a show. Old antagonisms are rekindled which erupt into open warfare when a corrupt politician sabotages the team's plane during the exhibition.

2. Dark Side

Dec 5, 1980
David Banner's experiments on himself backfire when they send him into a primitive state rather than give him the escape he seeks from the Creature. As the darkside of his mind is triggered by his primitive impulses, Banner menaces the young daughter of the family with whom he is boarding. It takes a full metamorphosis to the Hulk to bring Banner back to reality.

3. Deep Shock

Dec 12, 1980
While rescuing a fellow worker in a power plant, David Banner is subjected to massive electrical trauma which enables him to foresee events in the immediate future. A fellow worker with a heart condition has an attack while positioning a high-voltage component. David tries in vain to help him but instead gets the full impact of a severed pole cable. His Hulk transformation allows him to survive, but with an ability to foresee the actions of the plant, and to rescue his friend when he desperately tries to prove to the other workers that he has not sold them out for his own gain.

4. Bring Me the Head of the Hulk

Jan 9, 1981
With a million dollar reward offered by a magazine for the Hulk's head, a mercenary adventurer lures David Banner to an isolated laboratory especially designed to attract him and to trap the Hulk. McGee, aware of the rival publisher's cold-blooded plans, plays his own hand to save the life of his legendary adversary.

5. Fast Lane

Jan 16, 1981
David Banner unknowingly gets a car to drive across the country which has been used to hide a mob's loot. The mob, and a pair of unscrupulous mechanics, separately trail him to get the money for themselves by any means necessary. It takes the Hulk to dispose of the pursuers, one by one.

6. King of the Beach

Feb 6, 1981
Lou Ferrigno, who stars as the Hulk, also guest stars as Carl Molino, a struggling worker in a beach-side restaurant who dreams of saving enough money to open a cafe of his own. His ambition is given impetus by a conniving young woman who talks him into going after the prize money in a competition to determine the best male physique, with her as his manager. Molino doesn't realize he will be running against a well-organized group of unscrupulous characters who want their own entry to win. But Molino has David Banner and the Hulk on his side.

7. Wax Museum

Feb 13, 1981
The Hulk fits right in with the bizarre exhibits of a wax museum as David Banner works as an assistant to the establishment's owner and sculptor. David is hired to help a young woman still suffering the trauma of seeing her father killed in a fire which left the museum to her and which is now being run by her uncle. After Banner becomes suspicious of the treatment the girl is getting from the uncle, he is fired, but not before McGee arrives on the scene to make matters more complicated for Banner, and subsequently, the Hulk.

8. East Winds

Feb 20, 1981
David Banner is unknowingly living with a fortune in gold hidden in his apartment which a gang is after. To get to the gold, the gang ''treats'' Banner to a Chinese bride and a lethal fish dinner. The gang gets a large dose of the Hulk in return.

9. The First, Part 1

Mar 6, 1981
David Banner searches for a cure to his own malady by investigating a legend of another Hulk-like metamorphosis of a scientist believed dead for thirty years, in the first of a two-part episode. While researching the other scientist's papers, Banner finds that he had indeed found relief from the condition which sent him into a creature-like state. But, the older creature is still alive and doesn't want the antidote to be rediscovered.

10. The First, Part 2

Mar 13, 1981
Good fights evil as the Hulk battles the creature that holds the secret to the antidote David Banner needs to give him relief from his torment, on the conclusion of a two-part episode. The creature which predates his own Hulk is a dangerous and murderous being, and Banner jeopardizes the chances for his own cure in order to rid the world of the creature so unlike the peace-loving Hulk.

11. The Harder They Fall

Mar 27, 1981
David Banner is confined to a wheelchair after an auto accident and is a helpless bystander while a fellow paraplegic attempts to rob a bank. The Hulk not only is able to prevent the robbery, but to put Banner back on his feet. Actor Denny Miller guest stars as Paul.

12. Interview With the Hulk

Apr 3, 1981
A sighting of the Hulk alerts the National Register, but the message is intercepted by a former scientific reporter trying for a newspaper comeback after a personal tragedy. He passes himself off as Jack McGee and recognizes Banner as the supposedly deceased scientist. Jan Sterling and Michael Conrad guest star.

13. Half Nelson

Apr 17, 1981
David Banner thinks he is rescuing a child harassed by some toughs and is robbed of his wallet as a result. The child turns out to be a dwarf wrestler who takes the penniless Banner in with the promise of using his influence to help him get a job. Instead, his fantasies compel him to tell his friends that Banner ripped off the mob. And the mob wants revenge.

14. Danny

May 15, 1981
David Banner helps a young man who lives with his thieving brother and former sister-in-law and her baby in a trailer camp. When the mother and her baby try to escape the abusive treatment she has been receiving from her in-laws, Banner is accused of aiding her by the outlaws and of stealing by the local farmers.

15. Patterns

May 22, 1981
To borrow more money so his daughter can stage a fashion show, the owner of the factory in which David works says that David Banner is his new partner, without telling David. When the loan sharks don't receive their payment on time, they go after the unsuspecting David and meet the Hulk.

16. The Phenom

Oct 2, 1981
On the road to a job in Miami, David Banner is given a ride by a naïve young pitcher going to try out for his first professional baseball team. Banner stays with him for the tryouts and with the help of a drunken sports writer saves him from being used by an unscrupulous agent. But it takes the Hulk to void a crooked contract with the agent and his hoods.

17. Two Godmothers

Oct 9, 1981
While delivering laundry to a prison, David Banner is forced to help three women escape in his truck. The truck breaks down and the trio force David to hike with them over the mountain, but their trek is interrupted when the expectant mother goes into labor. When the authorities arrive on the scene, they take into custody a mother, two godmothers and new-born twins.

18. Veteran

Oct 16, 1981
David Banner helps a discharged veteran and learns he is about to kill a local politician for atrocities he was responsible for as a Marine officer. Banner puts his own well-being on the line by warning the intended victim, who suspects Banner of being in on the plot, so Banner then has to further expose himself by going to the police.

19. Sanctuary

Nov 6, 1981
A young man is shot while escaping from smugglers and makes it to a nearby mission, where he is taken in by the sisters. They protect him from the pursuing gang with David Banner, who is working at the mission, masquerading as a visiting priest. The Hulk also helps when it appears that he is a miracle sent to save the boy and the oppressed townspeople.

20. Triangle

Nov 13, 1981
While working at a lumber camp, David Banner's romance with a local girl arouses the wrath of his powerful employer. Banner is run out of town, but he returns to find his girl being held prisoner by the lumberman. He and the Hulk manage to release her and find the situation not what it appears to be.

21. Slaves

May 5, 1982
While hitchhiking in the desert, David Banner is given a ride by a gold-hungry ex-convict who keeps him prisoner in a ghost town and forces him to work in his mine alongside two other ''slaves''. The trio plot their escape but are trapped in the mine by an explosion and the Hulk has to save their lives.

22. A Minor Problem

May 12, 1982
After traveling to a strange town for a job interview at a chemical plant, David Banner finds the plant empty and the town deserted. He eventually encounters a young woman scientist, a group of looters and a dying puppy. The woman tells him of the powerful bacterial contamination and they race against time to the plant for an antidote and evidence of the plant's illegal experiments.


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