2016 • Disney XD
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Season 1 episodes (25)

1 The Squeak of Might / The Lies of Truth
Fangbone’s thrilled for Bill when he gets a Spirit Beast Companion - the mighty Squee-Claw. But disappointed with the adorable fluff ball, Bill summons the Spirit Beast of someone else, a dangerous Tar Dragon. With Fangbone’s help, Bill realizes how cool the Squee-Claw is – clever, loyal and unrelenting – and together they rescue the class and send the Tar Dragon back from where it came./Fangbone discovers a real Skullbanian clan on Earth masquarding as medieval reenactors. But when he enlists their help against Drool’s undefeatable Dreadhorn, they run in fear. Bill uses their theatrical skills to put on a Battle Royale against an unsuspecting Fangbone that makes the Dreadhorn question going up against such a formidable foe.
2 The Polluted Light of Destiny / The Warwagon of Trust
Fangbone struggles to understand his destiny written in the stars of the planetarium, when thanks to Drool, he sees the Moonbear of No Tomorrow - a sure omen of his impending end. Bill tries to convince Fangbone that destiny is what you make it as he’s forced to be the sole protector of the Toe and fight off the come-to-life Moonbear./After a rough week battling Drool’s monsters, Bill convinces Fangbone to take a break, let him carry the Toe for a while, and have some fun! But somewhere along the way, Bill loses the Toe! It becomes a race against Drool’s Warwagon to find the Toe first, and to regain Fangbone’s trust.
3 The Thundercrush of Responsibility / The Goat of More Goat
Fangbone trades in all his battle trophies for a massive battle-beast, the Thundercrush! But when the monster proves more than the boys can handle, Fangbone must stop seeing her as a living weapon and show his beast some affection before they’re Thundercrushed!/Drool unleashes his most diabolical curse, the MO-AR GO-AT – turning everyone, including Bill’s Mom, into goats! Drool gives Bill an ultimatum – he’ll give Bill the anti-goat if he hands over the Toe. Bill is stuck between a goat-mom and a hard place, until he realizes that there’s a way to out-goat Drool and save the ones he loves.
4 The Swamp of Education / The Ballad of Meh
Fangbone and Bill skip the research for their project on swamps and just capture a bunch of creatures for a 'swamp-bucket' instead. But when the toe accidentally falls in, the school gets transformed into a swamp. Only through books can they get the school back to normal and save Ms. Gillian from life as a giant mutant frog!/Bill's bummed that no one can know about all the cool monster fighting he and Fangbone do. But when Drool sends out Melodica, the Lady of the Lute, to sing about their 'glory' – and steal the toe – Bill forgets about the need for celebrity and challenges Melodic to an epic rap battle with the fate of both worlds at stake!
5 The Duck of Always part 1 and 2
After nearly losing the toe, Bill’s wracked with guilt and questions whether he’s right to help Fangbone protect the Toe and keep the world safe. Worse, a Skullbanian thief, CID, takes advantage of Bill’s lack of confidence as he and Fangbone face Drool’s most relentless foe, the Duck of Always./Fangbone and Bill face their most relentless foe yet - The Duck of Always. Worse, Cid attacks at the same time and steals the Toe. It’s only when Bill realizes that giving up is the only thing to fear, that he comes up with a plan to defeat the Duck and Cid together.
6 The Cavity of Terror / The Sickness of Home
When Fangbone has an awful toothache, Bill discovers Fangbone’s greatest fear – dentists! But when Bill and the other classmates all get transformed into teeth by the horrific Toothsbane, Fangbone must find a way to face his fear and turn the tables on this toothy menace./On an overnight trip to the museum, Fangbone and Bill discover a Skullbanian relic that transforms a mural into a gateway to a Skullbania-like world. It’s exactly what Fangbone needs to cure a bout of homesickness! But when a Razor-worm escapes into the museum and cocoons his classmates, Fangbone faces a tough choice – to save his friends he must smash the relic and lose this connection to home forever.
7 The Future of Mom / The Ball of Clobbering
The Toe’s evil magic creates an alternate reality where Bill’s Mom is the Toe-keeper instead of Fangbone and Bill. The two battle brothers must earn the trust of this hardened warrior to set things right./Fangbone decides to whip the kids into fighting shape by teaching them CLOBBERBALL, a painful Skullbanian game. But when Drool challenges their team, Fangbone learns that his classmates have different kinds of strength.
8 The Rowboat of Dibby / The Necktie of Change
Wanna-be robot Dibby wants to be a hero like Fangbone and Bill – so he steals the Toe of Evil to turn himself into a real robot. When Drool re-programs Robo-Dibby – Dibby becomes the hero he always wanted to be by helping his friends defeat himself!/Photo day goes badly wrong when the Toe transforms Fangbone in Fred Bone – a tie-wearing, utensil using fancy boy! Fangbone saves the Toe, but loses himself – at least until Bill photo-shops a cure.
9 The Leg of Broken / The Iron Fist of Bruce
When Fangbone breaks his leg, he must learn to rely on his friends to protect the Toe of Evil from Drool’s monsters./‘Skullbanian Heritage Day’ at school gets out of hand when Principal Bruce gets carried away being a clan leader and begins a reign of terror!
10 The Helmit of Duling / The House of Leaving
Fangbone’s happy to be the fighter, leaving the thinking to Bill. But when Bill puts on the cursed Helmit of Duling and grows huge but dumb, Fangbone’s forced to do some serious thinking to save him and the Toe. / When Bill convinces Fangbone to stay inside all day watching movies, Fangbone comes down with Hovelfroth - a barbarian affliction that turns him into a wild animal. A HUNGRY wild animal.
11 The Field of Trip of Mayhem part 1 and 2
Fangbone and Bill’s class goes on a field trip - to Skullbania! It’s a once in a thousand year chance to destroy the Toe of Evil, but will it also destroy their friendship? Pt.1 &Pt.2
12 The Mom of No Return / The Back of Stone
When Bill’s Mom accidentally spots Fangbone and Bill fighting Drool’s Razorworm, she freaks out. Worse, once they let her in on the secret, she forbids Bill from ever seeing Fangbone again. / When the legendary STONEBACK arrives to help protect the Toe, Fangbone’s star-struck - and unwilling to listen when Bill suspects that this might not be the real barbarian deal.
13 The Bucket of Goblins / The Bill of Magic
The battle for the Toe takes a turn for the disgusting when it falls into the hands of goblins - Skullbania’s lowliest creatures. / Bill learns that he has a talent for magic - and that taking shortcuts can have serious magical consequences.
14 The Present of Feathers / The Waffle of Iron
After a number of disastrous birthdays, Bill’s got the perfect gifts for Mom’s Birthday, but it all goes terribly wrong when Drool’s Feather-Phoenix attacks - forcing him to choose between saving the Toe and saving his Mom’s Birthday gifts. / When one of Drool’s monsters attacks with a magical sword, Fangbone and Bill stop him with their beloved waffle iron - only to accidentally trap the soul of a Skullbanian forge-master, Ingrit, inside it.
15 The Drool of Young/The Kat of Munching
When a young Drool is accidentally created by the Toe, Fangbone and Bill see a chance to turn Drool good forever - if they can put up with how much of a brat he is. // When Fangbone becomes addicted to MUNCHIE-KAT, a cheesy video game - Drool brings it to life to consume Fangbone’s waking hours, the Toe, and everything else.
16 The Twinkle of Stick / The Burg of Lar
It’s parent-teacher night at school and with no other choice, Fangbone and Bill are forced to pretend Twinkle-stick is Fangbone’s totally normal Earth parent. / When Cid shows up to steal the Toe, Fangbone and Bill capture her - only to discover that the Shadowsteppers sent three more thieves to finish the job.
17 The Hound of Hounding / The Defeat of Glory
After Bill accidentally melts down Fangbone’s most precious sword, he lies about it - inadvertently summoning the Hound of Hounding, a Skullbanian demon dog that feeds off guilty consciences. / Hearing stories of Fangbone’s battle victories, Hammerscab, a wandering barbarian warrior travels to Earth to test her strength against his.
18 The Forehead of Despair / The Mall of Doom
After the Toe becomes magically attached to Bill’s forehead, he finds himself slowly transforming into a green-skinned weirdo - and considering Drool’s offer of joining his side. / When Bill and the kids take Fangbone to Mallhalla to buy him new clothes, Drool unleashes his Pigataur to take the Toe.
19 The Breaker of Oaths part 1 and 2
Bill lies to Drool and tricks him into falling into the NIGHTLANDS, and he and Fangbone think they’ve defeated the evil wizard forever.
20 The Pitch of Black / The Keepers of Toe
Fangbone attempts to train the kids in Skullbanian outdoor survival by taking them camping in the park. / Seeing Fangbone struggle under the stress of protecting the Toe twenty-four seven, Bill brings in Wargrunt, a former Drool-keeper, to help lessen his load.
21 The Groan of Up / The Shadow of Bill
Fangbone and Bill take control of Clapperclaw and Grimeblade’s huge barbarian bodies, using their videogame skills to help battle Drool. / After Fangbone and Bill discover Cid living in Cavebania, Drool sends his DIRE RAZORWORM to devour them all - forcing them deep into Cavebania and forcing Fangbone to confront his fear that Bill might like the Shadowsteppers better than the barbarians.
22 The Fred of Bone / The Star of Gold
Fred Bone returns when Fangbone splits himself in two - recreating his upper class double to take his place at school. / After a dispirited Ms. Gillian accidentally gets transported to Skullbania and imprisoned by Drool, Fangbone and Bill launch a rescue mission, only to discover a Ms. Gillian revitalized by her trip to troll country.
23 The Brothers of Battle / The Pizzas of Day
Drool decides to copy Fangbone and Bill, literally making his own barbarian-human combo, Toofbreaker and Borb, and setting them against the boys to steal the Toe. / After Fangbone forcibly removes all fun from the kids’ lives in fear of a Drool trick, the class rebels when he outlaws school pizza day. Which is exactly when Drool attacks...
24 The Cheeks of Darkness / The Forging of Friendship
After a series of troubling omens, Stoneback’s legendary sword GLIMMERSLASH, falls from the sky - ready to help a worthy warrior battle the impending RAVENOUS DARKNESS. / When it’s time for the Shadowsteppers and the barbarians to negotiate a new peace treaty, they’re more interested in fighting than talking.
25 The End of the Beginning - Part One and Part Two
Fangbone and Bill find themselves facing a more powerful Drool face-to-face after he combines Skullbania and Earth into a single world and regains his Toe.

About this show

Fangbone! is the story of a young barbarian warrior from Skullbania who travels through a magical portal into the suburbs of our world and lands suddenly in Eastwood Elementary School. His mission: to protect the blackened big toe of Venomous Drool from being reunited with its master – the evilest sorcerer in current day existence. With the help of his new sidekick Bill, Fangbone embarks on a quest to outwit Drool’s monsterish minions while discovering the modern world.

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19 reviews
Izaya Nemeroff
July 31, 2016
I love this show it has great action and its really funny i wish disney xd would show it more!
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Postal Printing
August 21, 2017
It is so awesome im a girl ans this is kinda a boy show but thats ok i wish they made more episodes😢😭😭😢 plz make more episodes of fangbone and bill plz😢😢😭😢😓
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Deborah Simms
March 10, 2021
I like this show have dhx media mercury filmworks and pipeline studios family chrgd and radical sheep productions
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