Tia & Tamera
Season 2

Season 2

1. Sister Secrets

Jun 11, 2012
Although Tia and Tamera have long been synonymous with each other, they've surprisingly never had their own website. And now that the ladies are each confident with their own branding, they're ready to launch a site that markets them as a pair and as individual women. But such a large business venture requires time and dedication--and each sister has their own reasons for distrusting the other's intentions. Will the secrets they're harboring ruin their partnership--or even their friendship? Watch what happens when they eventually confront each other at a completely inappropriate time.

2. New York, New Image

Jun 18, 2012
The sisters head to NYC for business and pleasure. But, can Tia still party now that she's a mom?

3. Are You Jealous?

Jun 25, 2012
Tia starts working on the very first movie she's ever filmed without Tamera, and to top it off, it's a musical--which bothers Tamera because she's the sister with a singing and dancing background. Tamera struggles to grasp why she wasn't cast for the part instead of Tia--but also packs her time with other activities. While Tia is out of state filming, Tamera flies back up to Napa to help her in-laws with a wine festival.

4. The Cree-Cree Crawl

Jul 2, 2012
Tia starts filming around the clock in Utah, which means she's always on the set and never with Cree! When she misses seeing him crawl for the first time, Tamera doggedly accuses her of choosing work over motherhood. Meanwhile, Tamera gets booked for back-to-back auditions during pilot season, which is awesome--except she's balancing playing wife, wine expert and decorator to her new home in Napa.

5. Lights, Camera, Confrontation

Jul 9, 2012
While shooting her movie in Utah, Tia is trying to balance her career and taking care of Cree--but a pregnancy scare makes her think she is expecting baby number two. Plus, after Tamera and Jerome come to visit Tia, Jerome plays therapist to the twins. Can he help them work on their communication? Then, a surprise visit from a special someone puts Tia in a very good mood.

6. Holy Mole-y!

Jul 16, 2012
The twins' cousin Jerome spots a growing, suspicious mole on Tia's neck, so she nonchalantly heads to the doctor to get it checked out. But when the doctor recommends removing it as soon as possible for testing, she becomes terrified by the prospect that she might have skin cancer. Tamera, on the other hand, totally has babies on the brain, so Jerome suggests that she babysit Cree as a little test-drive. However, new mom Tia goes way overboard in monitoring her sister, from scheduling random check-ins, to even planting a nanny cam! Will Tamera's crazy babysitting experience put the kibosh on her baby fever?

7. Failure to Communicate

Jul 23, 2012
While Tia ponders teaching baby sign language to Cree, the twins' failures with their own communication push them to seek professional help. When they're asked by the therapist to mimic each other's communication style, Tia becomes devastated when she's given a taste of her own medicine. Meanwhile, Tamera gets asked to deliver a keynote to thousands of high school girls, but worries that her Hollywood upbringing might affect how she's perceived.

8. Bye-Bye Baby Belly

Jul 30, 2012
After reading a harsh comment about her weight on the internet, Tia feels it's time to shed some pounds! Plus, her book tour is right around the corner--and she's got a big photo shoot coming up that she'd love to look good for, but finding the right workout to help her lose the weight is a tough job. Meanwhile, Tamera is feeling cramped in her small condo and decides she's ready to purchase a new home--but picking out a house that's perfect for her and her husband is no small feat!

9. Too Much Napa Whine

Aug 13, 2012
In a strategic move to get her house furnished in a timely manner, Tamera plans to throw a housewarming party at her new pad in Napa, thinking that if she invites all of her friends and family over, it will give her the push she needs to finally move in and decorate! As she scrambles to get the house in order, Tia struggles with separation anxiety from Cree when she promises to stay with Tamera in Napa for five full days--the longest she's ever been away from her baby.

10. South Africa

Aug 20, 2012
Tamera is stoked when she and hubby Adam take a once-in-lifetime journey to South Africa, where they plan to balance fun sightseeing, shark dives and safari rides along with some volunteer service in the local community. When Tia turns down her invitation to tag along, Tamera asks her cousin Jerome to come along for the wild ride-- but will he end up feeling like the third wheel?

11. Are You Pregnant?

Aug 27, 2012
Tamera can't seem to go anywhere without feeling slightly under the weather--and she begins to wonder whether she may, in fact, be expecting. But she just had the sit-down with Adam not too long ago where they decided to start a family, and she's not quite sure if they're ready to jump into it so fast! Plus, Tia is having a hard time managing her workload as she prepares to go on her book tour and celebrate her first Mother's Day. However, her hectic schedule isn't the only one she has to worry about, when she realizes that Cory is just as busy as she is, and they may not be able to spend the special day together.

12. Game Over

Oct 16, 2012
Tamera is on top of the world! She just booked a movie down in New Orleans, and she's adamant about not letting her five month pregnancy slow down her NOLA sightseeing or turn her into a prima donna on set. Concerned for her wellbeing, cousin Jerome tags along to be there for the moment Tamera realizes she's not superwoman! Back in Los Angeles, Tia gets a fateful call about her future on "The Game" and is faced with one of the hardest decisions of her career.

13. Happy Birthday Cree Cree

Oct 23, 2012
Cree's first birthday is fast approaching and Tia is planning to pull out all the stops to make it an amazing bash, including a snow cone truck, a petting zoo, clowns and more! But with no RSVPs, no cake and no booked entertainment so far, it seems like this party is headed for disaster! On top of that, friends start to question Tia's reasoning in going all out for a one-year-old who probably won't remember much anyway. Meanwhile, Tamera's doggy Milano starts acting strange, and since he's up there in pup years, Tamera is worried that he's suffering from a serious medical problem.

14. Bahamas Mamas

Oct 30, 2012
Eager to learn more about their ancestral roots, Tia and Tamera take a trip to the Bahamas. The vacation doesn't start off as planned though when their luggage goes missing, forcing the sisters to wear the same clothes for almost the first 48 hours of their trip. With nothing more than one photo in their possession, the sisters go on an adventure in search of long lost family members. Will missing relatives reveal themselves?

15. Baring It All

Nov 13, 2012
Staying in the spotlight in Hollywood isn't easy, but Tia's publicist makes sure to keep the woman busy. However, not all industry jobs or opportunities are the right fit--especially when they involve showing off a lot of skin! When Tia gets approached to flaunt her fit, post-baby body in a bikini, she's not sure it's in line with her career path. Meanwhile, Tamera knows with a baby coming, there's no way her condo will fit a family of three if she keeps hoarding tons of stuff. To make room, she organizes a pop up event with Tia to sell off their clothes.

16. Doula Right Thing

Nov 20, 2012
Even though Tia's pregnancy didn't go as planned, Tamera feels a lot more comfortable making a birthing plan instead of just winging it. First thing on her agenda is hiring a doula to walk her through the process. Plus, she and Adam take a birthing class together to get prepared. However, Tamera's baby doesn't seem to be the planning type--and Tamera finds herself at a surprise doctor's visit. Meanwhile, Tia is bored of being an unemployed mama, but all of her auditions and meetings are getting her nowhere. To fill the time, she tries her hand at gardening--but, perhaps, she doesn't have a green thumb afterall.

17. Adventures in Baby Showers

Nov 27, 2012
It's time to celebrate the impending arrival of Tamera's little one! Tia teams up with Tamera's friends to throw her the best baby shower ever. And to make it enjoyable for everyone, they make it a co-ed party. But plans get a little complicated when Tia finds out she has to throw the shower in Napa--the same weekend as a popular wine event, and all of the party rental companies are already booked! Will she be able to pull it off? Plus, Tamera realizes that there's always a possibility she might go into labor while vacationing in Napa, instead of back in Los Angeles around her family, so she starts to plan for an unexpected delivery date.

18. Tussle and Flow

Dec 4, 2012
With Jerome still in town after the baby shower, Tamera comes up with a way to squeeze in some quality time with her cousin--by booking him a studio for his album! But once she joins in on the musical fun, Tamera ends up seeing a completely different side of Jerome, and it culminates in a big studio blowout! Meanwhile, Jerome encourages Tia to release her own yoga DVD, but when she gets paired with yogi-to-the-stars Tara Stiles, she worries that she won't be able to hold her own alongside the seasoned pro.

19. Twin-Dividuals

Dec 11, 2012
Tia and Tamera recap some of their favorite moments, from the infamous stripper at Tamera's bachelorette party to the birth of Cree. Hear how they felt in the moment, what the viewers didn't get to see and what they've learned from living in front of the camera. And most importantly, find out what makes them so different!

20. Twinventors

Dec 18, 2012
Tia and Tamera push full steam ahead on their idea to infuse an herb into iced tea that will help with lactation. They meet with a branding team to figure out how to bottle their beverage and get it into homes of expectant mothers. Meanwhile, Tamera and Adam pose for their very first family photo, but Tamera realizes not everyone is happy for the couple when she posts one of the pics on Twitter. Plus, Tamera does some research on postpartum depression, because she thinks she might be a candidate for the affliction.

21. Stripteased

Jan 8, 2013
In an effort to keep the fire alive in her relationship with Cory, Tia takes a pole dancing class. However, acting sexy doesn't exactly come naturally to Tia--and she can't help but laugh as the instructor shows her some high class stripper moves. Meanwhile, Tamera pushes for a final girls' night out with her friends before her freedom is stripped away once the baby is born--but getting out of bed isn't as easy as it used to be! Plus, she and Adam tackle serious questions about their son's racial identity.

22. Overdue and Over It!

Jan 15, 2013
With the birth of baby Housely right around the corner, cousin Jerome flies out to help Tamera around the house. But one person whose help she doesn't want is her know-it-all twin Tia! The twins find themselves working together to sell their new pregnancy product Milky!, but Tia can't help but push her baby advice on her sister, who has her own ideas about motherhood and parenting. Stress gets even more compounded when Tia gets some news about the fate of her pilot, and Tamera's labor goes into dangerous territory. But all is forgiven when baby Housley finally makes his appearance!


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