Extreme Weight Loss
Season 3

Season 3

1. David and Rebecca

May 28, 2013
Twins David and Rebecca are split up as they tackle a 90-day weight-loss challenge.

2. Meredith

Jun 4, 2013
An adopted woman named Meredith tries to reach her goal weight of 155 pounds and gain the confidence to contact her birth mother; Meredith receives a visit from actress Nicole Eggert.

3. Ryan

Jun 25, 2013
A 410-pound man named Ryan tries to lose more than half his bodyweight.

4. Jason and Rachel

Jul 2, 2013
Chris helps a married couple named Jason and Rachel.

5. Jami

Jul 9, 2013
Chris helps Jami lose weight by measuring her own fitness accomplishments.

6. Mehrbod

Jul 16, 2013
Chris helps music producer and DJ Mehrbod break the cycle.

7. Trina

Jul 23, 2013
Trina, a 46-year-old nurse, initially embraces a new healthy lifestyle.

8. Chantell

Jul 30, 2013
Chris helps Chantell, a stylish 25-year-old from Chicago, lose weight.

9. Alyssa

Aug 6, 2013
Chris travels to Kalamazoo, Michigan, to train Alyssa.

10. Mike

Aug 13, 2013
Chris helps family man Mike turn his health around.

11. Ashley

Aug 20, 2013
Chris helps a woman who blames obesity for her daughter's death get healthy

12. Cassandra

Aug 27, 2013
Chris helps Cassandra, a former athlete who turned to food for comfort.

13. Bob

Sep 3, 2013
A police officer weighing nearly 450 pounds is in danger of losing his job.


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