Scam City
Season 1

Season 1

1. Rio

Apr 15, 2013
Host Conor Woodman is in Rio de Janeiro. Every year, millions of tourists descend on this Brazilian city for the biggest party in the world - Carnival. And with so many tourists out reveling on the streets it's party time for Rio's scammers too.

2. Delhi

Apr 22, 2013
New Delhi is one of the world's greatest historical cities, but scratch beyond the surface and host Conor Woodman swiftly discovers a world of skillful hustlers, conmen and scammers, all doing their best to relieve each and every tourist of their cash.

3. Buenos Aires

Apr 29, 2013
Buenos Aires' sultry climate attracts 10 million tourists a year. Host Conor Woodman sets out to discover the most common scams involving tourists: pickpocketing, clip joints, vice girls, and hotel scams. But the worst is all the counterfeit money.

4. Prague

May 6, 2013
At night in Prague, scammers emerge, readying themselves for the tourists enjoying the city's nightlife. The tourists are unaware that they've already been marked by those disguised as beautiful girls, harmless hawkers, and friendly taxi drivers.

5. Bangkok

May 13, 2013
Host Conor Woodman is in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the hottest cities on earth. It has been 15 years since his last visit, this time to see if the gem scam he first encountered there is still being run; and to discover another one.


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