Stuck in the Middle

2016 • Disney Channel
1.08K reviews
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Vol. 6 episodes (10)

1 Stuck with a New Squad
When Georgie fails to make the basketball team this year, Harley helps her cultivate a new passion instead.
2 Stuck with a Non-Diaz
The family preps for Ethan's latest short film premiere party, while also navigating a weekend visit from their annoying neighbor Aidan.
3 Stuck in the Dark
When Harley volunteers to oversee Daphne's first sleepover, she uncovers a truth about Daphne that she never expected.
4 Stuck with No Escape
Harley notices the Diaz kids aren't as tight-knit lately, so she uses her Lock Squawk invention to turn the attic into an escape room, with her acting as the game master.
5 Stuck Wrestling Feelings
Harley realizes that she had a great time hanging out with a surprisingly sweet and generous Aidan, despite a chaotic day. Georgie calls her out for crushing on Aidan.
6 Stuck Without the Perfect Gift
Aidan gets Harley a special gift and she immediately spins out.
7 Stuck in Diaz Court
When the family car rolls into the garage and causes severe damage, Tom and Suzy look for a culprit. Ethan and Harley don't have alibis, so they're headed to Diaz Court.
8 Stuck in Dad's Birthday
It's Tom's birthday and the family is determined to give him the ultimate gift: a relaxing day to himself. The family convinces him to take the day off while they split his chores.
9 Stuck in a Fake Out
Ellie volunteers to be the videographer at Harley's upcoming quinceanera. The only problem is that she does not have a good track record!
10 Stuck in Harley's Quinceañera
It's quince day! Harley enlists the help of the Littles to tackle what's left of her Buck-Kid List before she becomes an official adult.

About this show

Harley Diaz (Jenna Ortega) comes from a family with seven kids and is stuck right in the middle! Determined to find inventive means to stand out, she must learn to navigate the challenges of everyday life with her not-so-average-sized family. Her siblings include her self-involved older sister Rachel, her brother and closest ally Ethan, sister and basketball-star wannabe Georgie, her indestructible twin brothers Lewie and “Beast” and her strong-willed baby sister Daphne. With a little help from her parents, her own creative inventions and a lot of determination, Harley and her family will prove that they can accomplish anything – as long as they stick together!

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1.08K reviews
Bradley Sheranian
August 17, 2022
This show just sucks that acting is so bad and I am in a family of 7 kids and there version of that is super wonky and doesn't make sense at all example: in one of the episodes the family eats trash and thinks it tastes good!! And the actors look like they were hired off the street and the acting is so bad and nothing from this show happens in an actual family with 7 kids!! This show is a junk dollar tree production show that had like 1 dollar budget the actors are terrible and the show sucks!!!
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August 23, 2017
I hate this show I'm not really trying to hate but the acting is horrible and when they have sad or happy moments at the end of the show it come when New York's sound that ruins the moment and they be eating out the public trash and stealing ppl cakes and this show is straight up idiotic the worst part is the whole family the acting is too obvious and this show has gay music
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Kevie Staton
March 1, 2019
I am a middle child so I could relate to the main character in some ways but other than that every character was really annoying (especially the little girl) and they are like cardboard. Stereotypical characters and bland humor.
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