The Dead Files

2012 • Travel Channel
2.23K reviews
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Season 16 episodes (13)

1 Driven to Kill
Steve and Amy investigate aggressive paranormal activity in Toledo, OH.
2 Town of the Dead
Steve and Amy investigate claims of ghostly attacks in Upper Darby, PA.
3 The Gateway
Steve and Amy investigate a gateway to the undead in Wakefield, MA.
4 Puppet Master
Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity in Indianapolis.
5 Dark Soul
Steve and Amy are called in to investigate paranormal activity in Ohio.
6 Last Call
Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity at a Florida bar.
7 Detox
A woman's sobriety is threatened by paranormal activity in North Carolina.
8 Entangled
A family battles rampant paranormal activity in their Pennsylvania home.
9 Never Human
A couple's marriage is threatened by dark forces in New Philadelphia, Ohio.
10 Deadly Intruder
A dark entity threatens a couple's marriage in Watertown, WI.
11 The Visitors
Mysterious shadow figures threaten to tear a family apart in Coleraine, MN.
12 The Craving
Ancient supernatural forces torment a retired cop's family in Tuscon, AZ.
13 Damned in the Desert
Dark forces threaten a New Age couple's sanity and health in Arizona.

About this show

Physical medium Amy Allan and retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi combine their unique skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.

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2.23K reviews
ADamage 17
January 6, 2021
You can tell the detective is the real deal. But, the medium is s joke. The fact she sees exactly what the detective finds or what the people living there claim to see seems too perfect. Why dosen't she see anything surprising? It's always exactly what was expected. Then there's the reactions the medium uses when giving devastating news. She smiles and grins as she tells people their homes are cursed and their kids are being tortured. She answers questions like shes out drinking with her friends talking about dating or something. She's got no empathy. Can't believe people fall for this.
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Dan Gauer
April 28, 2017
Amy Allen is truly the real thing! Steve Dishiavi is a master on digging up the Past History of a location. Amy and Steve don't see each other until the very end! 99 PERCENT of the time.....Steve has documents rhat proves What Amy Allen sees is totally tru
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Adeline Burtt
May 7, 2015
All of these obvious frauds having brainwashed and conned the masses is bad enough- now you can buy their crap online. Wonderful.
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