The Dead Files

2012 • Travel Channel
2.23K reviews
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Season 16 episodes (13)

1 Driven to Kill
Steve and Amy investigate aggressive paranormal activity in Toledo, OH.
2 Town of the Dead
Steve and Amy investigate claims of ghostly attacks in Upper Darby, PA.
3 The Gateway
Steve and Amy investigate a gateway to the undead in Wakefield, MA.
4 Puppet Master
Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity in Indianapolis.
5 Dark Soul
Steve and Amy are called in to investigate paranormal activity in Ohio.
6 Last Call
Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity at a Florida bar.
7 Detox
A woman's sobriety is threatened by paranormal activity in North Carolina.
8 Entangled
A family battles rampant paranormal activity in their Pennsylvania home.
9 Never Human
A couple's marriage is threatened by dark forces in New Philadelphia, Ohio.
10 Deadly Intruder
A dark entity threatens a couple's marriage in Watertown, WI.
11 The Visitors
Mysterious shadow figures threaten to tear a family apart in Coleraine, MN.
12 The Craving
Ancient supernatural forces torment a retired cop's family in Tuscon, AZ.
13 Damned in the Desert
Dark forces threaten a New Age couple's sanity and health in Arizona.

About this show

Physical medium Amy Allan and retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi combine their unique skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.
2.23K reviews
Sadae Sashington
December 31, 2017
I Love the Dead files I can't believe that Netflix and Comcast deleted EVERY SINGLE Dead Files Episode OnDemand ... Smh. It's not fair. Even my DVR dead files episodes are GONE. They should put them back on. Both Netflix and Comcast .. And Netflix shouldn't choose what episodes they want to show and leave other episodes out. They left out episodes from the dead files smh. I hope there is a change for us true fans.
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Amanda Speedling
February 15, 2018
Love it.. Only if you have had a paranormal experience I think can you really say you believe.. I'm one of the lucky ones my encounter wasn't harmful. we knew who it was my great grandmother, she let us know she was there.. The impression of her sitting on my bed scared me I was a pre teen then but she was like that but I felt the love so she didn't send me screaming down the hall like she did my sister. However I think she was right I believe there is some sensitivity amongst us💞💯💯
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cindy watkins
January 12, 2016
100% my favorite show. Wish there were more new episodes. It would be cool if they investigated some of the same places that GA investigates. I dont see how making spirits angry is supposed to get them to leave. So sad. Amy and Steve could actually help them move on I think......good or bad.
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