Hey Arnold!

1996 • Nickelodeon
351 reviews
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Volume 8 episodes (8)

1 The Racing Mule/Curly's Girl
Mr. Hyuhn, Ernie Oskar combine their resources to purchase a racing horse. But when the thoroughbred arrives, it turns out to be a dumb old mule./When Rhonda's dad buys her mother a fur coat for her birthday, the temptation is too great and Rhonda wears it to school.
2 On The Lam/Family Man
Harold, Stinky and Sid steal rockets out of the science lab at school and set them off outside of an old Police Station./The deli shop where Mr. Hyunh works has a new owner and he's looking for a new head chef whose a real family man. Mr. Hyunh is a candidate. But so is his co-worker who has a very large family.
3 Grandpa's Packard/Phoebe's Little Problem
Grandpa enters his packard in the classic car competition. It is admired by all until someone admires it enough to steal it. Arnold and Grandpa take the law into their own hands and become private investigators to track down the thief./Phoebe is set to receive an award for her perfect attendance.
4 Simmons Documentary/Big Bob's Crisis
Mr. Simmons wins The Teacher of the Year award and The Knowledge Channel wants to do a documentary called "The Day In The Life of a Classroom", capturing the spontaneous moments in his class./Big Bob has a change of heart when he has what appears to be a heart attack and during his unconsciousness sees what a jerk he has been.
5 Married
Rhonda uses her origami marriage predictor to tell who will marry who within the gang. Everyone becomes curious. Except Arnold who refuses to take the test, until Rhonda peeks his curiosity by telling him that it might predict that he will marry Lila. But Arnold is sorely disappointed when it predicts that he is going to marry Helga. Of course, Helga is ecstatic.
6 Timberly Loves Arnold/Eugene, Eugene
When Gerald tries to get rid of his little sister Timberly, Arnold sticks up for her by persuading Gerald to let her hang out with them. /Mr. Leichliter, the theater critic, posts auditions for his rendition of the classic play, "Eugene, Eugene". All the gang are up for the tryouts. Eugene wins the leading role of the hero.
7 April Fools Day
It's April Fools and Helga has targeted Arnold as her practical joke victim for the day. When Helga goes one prank too far, Arnold stages a retaliation and brings in Grandpa's prized practical joke, a gift box that contains a secret surprise for its victim. The surprise turns out to be a bright flash that temporarily blinds Helga.
8 The Journal
On the anniversary of his parent's disappearance, Arnold decides to give up hoping that they will ever return home. But while packing away their keepsakes in the attic, Arnold finds his father's old journal. The journal chronicles his parents' lives from the moment they first met deep in a South American jungle to the day they disappeared.

About this show

Football-headed Arnold lives with his grandparents & pet pig, Abner, in a boarding house inhabited by a bunch of eccentrics. With his best buddy Gerald, Arnold endures playground bullies, secret crushes, & everything else that comes with big-city life.
351 reviews
Rebecca Paull
April 8, 2017
A classic show that is fun for adults too. A show that features a kid that always wants to do the right thing is way too rare these days. Take a look at the shows that are popular right now, like modern family, the goldbergs... these feature spoiled children and parents that lie to each other and everyone else 99% of the time, and think that they are immune to following the rules of society. It's no wonder that the world is like it is right now.
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Mahny London
April 21, 2022
Hey I like the show teachers more or less lessons and that kind of hate on it Hey Arnold are anything but really you really have to be so cringy the main character is so weird in the girl that's crushing on him always calls him football head like who does that but she's actually crushing on her what the heck anyways it's okay it's an okay show.
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TheBradyBunch&Vic&Val Girl Est. 2005
February 1, 2020
Classic from my childhood. Arnold is better than his girlfriend Helga. Maybe he could smack her in the face for bullying him too much, and I think Arnold's really cute!
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