Combat Hospital
Season 1

Season 1

1. Welcome to Kandahar

Jun 21, 2011
It's 2006: Major Rebecca Gordon, a highly trained trauma surgeon, and Captain Bobby Trang, a brand-new doctor, report for duty at the NATO Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit at Kandahar Airfield, the only advanced surgical care hospital in Southern Afghanistan. Perched at the edge of the airfield, built out of plywood and canvas held together with duct tape, the temporary building that houses the Role 3 shakes every time a plane takes off. The hospital's commander, Colonel Xavier Marks, tells the newcomers to expect an experience unlike any they've had before. Rebecca thinks she can handle anything, while Bobby's acutely conscious of his inexperience. They both get off to a rocky start: it's humbling for both of them as Colonel Marks points out Rebecca's mistakes and tries to build Bobby's confidence.

2. Enemy Within

Jun 28, 2011
Rebecca is nearly run over by a pickup truck full of Afghan National Army soldiers heading for the hospital. Their leader -- who turns out to be an American Special Forces operative -- carries in one of his men, delirious with a serious infection, one that neither Rebecca nor Bobby have encountered before. When another patient comes down with the same bacterial infection, it becomes evident that the team is dealing with a highly contagious and antibiotic-resistant strain. They have no idea what it is, where it came from, or how to stop it from spreading as their patients continue to deteriorate. Colonel Marks is left with no choice but to quarantine the OR, ICU and the recovery room - the Role 3 medics are forced to do surgery in the dining hall. If they don't get it under control fast they won't be able to treat the incoming wounded. Meanwhile, Rebecca accompanies Pedersen off base to the Women's Clinic where they find a local in dire need of emergency life-saving surgery.

3. It's My Party

Jul 5, 2011
Rebecca depletes the blood supply while she and Bobby operate on a soldier with severe gunshot wounds, forcing Colonel Marks to call for a walking blood bank. Pedersen questions the soldier's buddies about the circumstances that lead to the shooting, but their stories don't add up. Simon rekindles a relationship with an old flame - an attractive photojournalist on assignment. Marks appoints Rebecca as morale officer, whose primary duty is to plan the weekly staff party on the base. Reluctantly, she rises to the occasion and, with the team's help, orchestrates a shindig complete with Western theme, campfire, food, music, dancing and a mechanical bull. Vans discovers he has a knack for more than just translation.

4. Wrong Place at the Right Time

Jul 12, 2011
When Simon learns the medevac helicopter has to make a routine supply run, he hitches a ride to the farm he bought from an Afghan family which is en route. Plans go awry when the chopper's pilots spot white tracer fire and they have to make an unexpected stop to pick up an injured US Army soldier with multiple shrapnel wounds. Meanwhile, one of Rebecca's patients -- a Romanian civilian -- suffers a brain hemorrhage and emergency neurosurgery becomes vital to his survival. When Simon can't get back in time to perform the surgery, he must talk Rebecca through the operation via cell phone from the medevac. Bobby and Pedersen evaluate a high-ranking US Air Force officer experiencing *insomnia -- the officer has a pending mission that is critical to the Air Force's strategic operations. No time for rest, Marks deals with an overheating CT scanner, an AWOL surgeon and delivering an unfavorable diagnosis.

5. Hells Bells

Jul 19, 2011
A civilian wedding party is caught up in Taliban crossfire and the Afghan groom and some of the guests are brought in to the Role 3. Pedersen heads to the clinic off base to help the wedding party's female victims and Rebecca initiates a search to find the bride. Bobby exercises his authority as Captain and attempts to ground a Sergeant intent on postponing medical tests in order to accompany his men on a mission. Bobby impresses Marks on a medical conference call. Rebecca and Bobby participate in Pedersen's group therapy session, leaving Rebecca feeling vulnerable when she over-shares. Marks receives a worrisome call from home and confides in Pedersen.

6. Inner Truth

Jul 26, 2011
Seven soldiers, who are brought into the Trauma Bays, anxiously wait for the arrival of their lucky charm, 19-year old Private Henry Flax. When the Private's entire unit survives their injuries without complications, Marks acknowledges lady luck and miraculously, the new CT scanner arrives. Rebecca tries to fulfill Flax's dying wish by rewriting the protocol for organ donation. When Nurse Suzy Chao is assigned to help Bobby with his research, she develops a crush on him. Rebecca reveals to Simon that she is jealous of Bobby's recent success and discusses her feelings with Pedersen. Rumours about Simon circulate when he receives an unusual number of calls from England. Meanwhile, an attractive Canadian Forces Warrant Officer falls hard and fast for Pedersen.

7. Reckless

Aug 2, 2011
Under intense investigation, Rebecca doubts her decision to withhold treatment to a soldier, which may have resulted in his death. Will her brash actions come back to condemn her?

8. On the Brink

Aug 9, 2011
The relationship between the doctors and nurses is strained when Bobby makes a controversial decision to try to save a patient against all odds. Can the team put their conflict behind them, or is this the beginning of a widening rift between the doctors and nurses at the Role 3 hospital?

9. Shifting Sands

Aug 16, 2011
Vans' allegiance is questioned when one of his friends brought in after an IED blast may have been more then an innocent bystander.

10. Reason to Believe

Aug 23, 2011
Col. Marks orders an Army Chaplain questioning her faith to hold vigil with Simon during a difficult surgery.

11. Triage

Aug 30, 2011
When Col. Marks is injured in an explosion, Rebecca takes charge of triage. But as the pressure mounts, will she stand her ground, even if it means going against Colonel Marks?

12. Do No Harm

Sep 6, 2011
An attack on the Women's Clinic takes its toll as Major Samizay, Rebecca, Pedersen, Suzy and Pam fall under siege. The Role 3 Hospital must then contend with significant losses while fighting to save the life of the wounded Assailant.

13. Brothers In Arms

Apr 13, 2012
The annual friendly hockey game between allied forces turns violent when Bobby loses his cool. Simon's painful past is put on display in a prank gone wrong. Pedersen's professional & personal ethics are compromised when she's asked to question emotionally scarred children who may hold information about a suicide bomber.


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