Say Yes to the Dress
Season 11

Season 11

1. New Dress--New Beginning

Feb 21, 2014
Comedian Seth Meyers surprises a delighted fan, Shealynn, an injured army vet. Southern model Ashley wants a sexy dress that also impresses her picky father. Dana returns for a fitting before her wedding with her college sweetheart at their alma mater.

2. A Gown Worth the Trip

Feb 21, 2014
With Alaska coming up short on dress options, Liz has flown 4,000 miles and must find something. Norwegian Amanda has exhausted all options in Europe, with high hopes for the salon. After losing 18-lbs, Danielle worries her gown will not show her curves.

3. Nothing Ordinary Here

Feb 28, 2014
Erin wans a blue dress for her destination wedding, but she must first convince her skeptical entourage. Kate is in search of a unique dress that incorporates color. Heather's entourage is shocked when she proudly shows off her flower-patterned gown.

4. More Money, More Problems

Feb 28, 2014
Having recently eloped, Lauren wants an ultra-sexy dress to wear to her family reception. In search of the perfect dress, money is no object for fashionista Aleshia. Kandice is concerned her custom made gown may not be all that she hoped for!

5. No Room for Compromise

Mar 7, 2014
Petite bride, Christine is looking for a gown to match her 20's theme inspired wedding. Stefanny wants a sexy dress to wear on her big day, but her parents have other ideas. Valentina returns for her fitting to add a personal touch to her gown.

6. It Fits, She Scores!

Mar 7, 2014
Kristi is marrying a pro-baseball pitcher and is looking for a glitzy dress to compliment her luxurious lifestyle. Sports fan Jenna wants a dress that will knock it out of the park. Jennifer hopes that her boss will help her find the dress of her dreams.

7. Til Dress Do Us Part

Mar 14, 2014
After losing 100-lbs, Stephanie wants to show off her new curves in a sexy wedding dress. Christine is looking for a traditional, white gown to wear for her vow renewal ceremony. In for her fitting, Akisha is worried her dress won't impress her fiancé.

8. One of a Kind Dress Requests

Mar 14, 2014
Having tried on 100 gowns, Lisa is still looking for her dream dress.Brittany is determined to wear pink on her big day - which is only 3 months away! Lauren comes into the salon with the hopes they'll have the one dress she's been searching for.

9. If You've Got It, Flaunt It

Mar 21, 2014
Kia is a pro-basketball player embracing her height, as she looks for the perfect long dress for her six-inch heels. Comedian Christie looks for a dress to show off what her mama gave her. Queen Precious has lost 100-lbs, and hopes her dress still fits!

10. My Day, Mom's Way

Mar 28, 2014
Pageant Queen Anastagia wants to choose her own dress for once – but she needs to battle her mother's strong influence first! Christalyne must broaden her color pallet to please traditional Indian in-laws. Lisa butts heads with her mom over an ivory gown.

11. Design Intervention

Apr 4, 2014
Patti Ann travels from Chicago to find the perfect dress for her destination wedding in the Bahamas. Merav has expensive taste, but will her budget hold her back? At Stephanie's fitting, she's surprised by a very special guest!

12. A Kleinfeld Family Affair

Apr 11, 2014
Carolina is an editor for Say Yes and is seeking the Kleinfeld experience first-hand. Danielle, close family friend of Dorothy, has a very special surprise in store. Consultant Katie is delighted to turn customer for the day.


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