Brain Games
Season 3

Season 3

1. Battle of the Ages

Nov 11, 2013
Explore your brain and how it doesn’t always act its age. Through a series of games and experiments, you'll discover how your daily routines might be aging you.

2. In Living Color

Jan 13, 2014
Is an apple actually red, or a leaf really green? Think again. With a series of interactive games and fascinating experiments, the shocking truth is revealed that color is just an illusion created by your brain. Find out how!

3. Laws of Attraction

Jan 13, 2014
Journey into the secrets of long-term relationships, and play along to discover what attracts two people together beyond conscious control–including a shocking revelation of the one body part that often predicts compatibility.

4. Trust Me

Jan 20, 2014
Does it seem like you’re often guarding yourself from untrustworthy sources—and what is trust anyway? Through a series of fun and interactive games, you’ll learn to trust others a little more and your own brain a little less.

5. Stress Test

Jan 27, 2014
From traffic jams to screaming babies, angry bosses to bill payments, stress is inescapable—but it has a purpose. Through a series of interactive games and experiments, you’ll discover how stress works, why it’s a good thing, and how to manage it.

6. What's Going On?

Jan 27, 2014
Navigating this world is rough—even if it’s just finding the light switch in the morning. With these games and experiments, test your brain’s inherent sense of direction to find that you aren’t always aware of your surroundings—or even your body.

7. Retrain Your Brain

Feb 24, 2014
It’s easy to upgrade the electronics you rely on every day; can you do the same with your brain? Put your brain to the test with a series of interactive games and experiments that reveal hidden mental shortcuts, and how to give enhance it.

8. Mind Your Body

Mar 3, 2014
Your mind and body are connected in countless ways, and some are more mysterious than others. Discover how your mind and body sometimes work together like the best of friends–and how they sometimes betray each other like the worst of enemies.

9. In It To Win It

Mar 10, 2014
What's it about the human brain that makes you want to win—even at all costs? Through a series of competitions, play along as two teams duke it out. Learn what drives you to compete, why some are born competitors, and why it’s good for you.

10. Follow the Leader

Mar 17, 2014
Ever wonder why yawns are so contagious? Like it or not, much of your behavior is influence by copying others. Through a series of games and experiments, discover whether your brain is a born leader—or a born follower.


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