Ghost Adventures

9.64K reviews
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Season 25 episodes (10)

15 Henderson Hell House
Zak and the crew rush to help a Nevada family under paranormal attack.
16 Old Bullion Plaza School
The crew unlocks the dark secrets entombed in the walls of an old school.
17 Acadia Ranch Sanitorium
The crew goes off the beaten path to investigate an abandoned sanatorium.
18 Nightmare at the Roxie
The crew confronts a dark, foreboding energy at an abandoned LA theater.
19 Los Feliz Murder House Part 1
The crew gains unprecedented access to a mysterious Los Angeles mansion.
20 Los Feliz Murder House Part 2
The crew continue their pursuit of a dark presence in an abandoned mansion.
21 Lost Souls of Kingman
The crew investigates an Arizona high school haunted by a gruesome secret.
22 Lovelock Triangle
The crew visits a mysterious Nevada town plagued by paranormal activity.
23 Curse of Catalina Island
The crew sets sail for a SoCal island steeped in supernatural phenomena.
24 Vengeance in Oxnard
Unseen forces rattle the crew in a coastal California home.

About this show

Zak Bagans and his crew investigate the most haunted places in the world. During the dusk-to-dawn lockdown, key evidence is documented to uncover the truth behind paranormal activity.
9.64K reviews
Nessa P.
May 27, 2021
I get that no show is perfect but GA is horrible. I have tried several times to watch it and like it, but can't. Other shows out there try their hardest to debunk hauntings, but these guys seem to ALWAYS "find" proof that the places they visit are haunted. Not to mention they always act like it's the first time they're having these "experiences", which in turn makes them look like idiotic frat boys. And don't get me wrong, they're probably really nice guys irl but on the show.... 🙄🙄🙄
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Michael Rossi
March 3, 2020
This show has gone from the leader in paranormal shows, exploring cool historical sites, to a show with over-exaggerated everything. Flirts with exposing tragedy for ratings. Zac has somehow become psychic and if there is no physical evidence to show, EVERY TIME, without fail, he has a complete mental breakdown caused by the spirits energy which "we at home can't feel". Often times trying to fight a crew member. Oh and apparently Jay has gone from "tech guy" to the world's leading occult expert
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Kim Mcdonald
June 24, 2019
I was hoping to see if I could get help from you soon as possible...Last night my daughter and her daughter were looking threw picture's ..All the sudden they hear a crash..They went to see what it was.And my granddaughter's vanity and mirror and stool were completely thrown over ...It is a heavy vanity and the mirror was heavy too...Of course they were freaked out.The mirror was broken as well... It's not the first time that they have experienced strange things in her home.. We need help asap
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