The Venture Bros
Season 5

Season 5

1. What Color Is Your Cleansuit?

Jun 2, 2013
Dr. Venture hires an army of college interns to help with his ambitious new science project. Dean finds love among the new recruits, but class warfare and nuclear physics threaten to tear the Venture Compound apart. And if they don't, The Monarch will.

2. Venture Libre

Jun 9, 2013
One of Dr. Venture's old inventions seems to have gotten a mind of its own, so General Manhowers sends him to Central America to fix it. The Ventures must all confront their own hearts of darkness if they're to survive what's waiting for them in the jungle.

3. SPHINX Rising

Jun 16, 2013
Henchman 21's command of Team SPHINX is starting to rub the O.S.I. the wrong way, and his new recruits are rubbing them even wronger. Meanwhile, The Monarch tries on a new face to ingratiate himself with Dr. Venture.

4. Spanakopita!

Jun 23, 2013
Every year, since he was a little boy, Dr. Venture flies to the tiny island of Spanikos for a week of fun in the Grecian sun. But this year, a dangerous new enemy and a dark secret from Doc's past threaten to turn his vacation into a slay-cation.

5. O.S.I. Love You

Jun 30, 2013
Brock and the O.S.I. come under fire from the higher ups when they lose two high value super-criminal prisoners. Somebody helped them escape, and everyone aboard the hover-quarters is a suspect in this 22 minute potboiler-even the visiting Ventures.

6. Momma's Boys

Jul 7, 2013
A friendship built on lies threatens to unravel Dr. Venture's sanity. But Hank and Henchman 21 are the ones getting committed to an asylum, and Dean's growing relationship with a mystery woman is only making everyone crazier.

7. Bot Seeks Bot

Jul 14, 2013
Brock and the O.S.I. launch a bold and bizarre surveillance mission against one of the Council of 13's top members. But the mission takes a turn for the worse when Doc and Billy get caught up in the super-villain crossfire.

8. The Devil's Grip

Jul 21, 2013
Dr. Venture is missing... presumed dead. Sgt. Hatred sends Hank and Dean to live with their godfathers to keep them out of harm's way while he forges an unlikely alliance with Henchman 21 to wreak vengeance.

101. The Venture Bros. Series Recap

May 20, 2013
Reflect, refresh and prepare for Season 5 as Henchman 21 walks you through a play-by-play for four previous seasons.

102. The Venture Bros. Season 5 Sneak Peek

May 27, 2013
Check out this sneak peek of what's to come in Season 5 of the Venture Bros.


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