Season 12

Season 12

1. Rebecca Bryan

Jan 12, 2014
A suspicious shooting reveals a pretty real estate agent's scandalous secret life.

2. Kalila Taylor

Jan 19, 2014
The brutal murder of a homecoming queen shocks a NY town.

3. Alice Trappler

Jan 26, 2014
A custody battle, a shooting and a suicide on the train tracks all point to one woman.

4. Constance Clark

Mar 9, 2014
A doting husband gunned down in Atlanta reveals a wife's secret addiction.

5. Teresa Imel

Mar 16, 2014
A brutal slaying and car fire leads police to a family conspiracy.

6. Holly McFeeture

Mar 23, 2014
Did an Ohio man kill himself? Or could his fiancé be to blame?

7. Marjorie Armstrong

Mar 30, 2014
A bizarre bombing, a body in a freezer and a jilted boyfriend lead police to a woman with a notorious past.

8. Joanna Findlay

Mar 30, 2014
A college instructor dials 911, but will the police find a murder scene or a suicide?

9. Joann Helfrich

Apr 6, 2014
A woman blames mistaken identity in her boyfriend's death, but does the evidence point to something more sinister?

10. Marjorie Orbin

Apr 13, 2014
Police unravel the mystery of a former Vegas showgirl, a dismembered body and a missing husband.


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