No Ordinary Family
Season 1

Season 1

1. Pilot

Sep 28, 2010
Four family members discover new and unique superpowers.

2. No Ordinary Marriage

Oct 5, 2010
Stephanie looks into discovering the source of the family's new powers.

3. No Ordinary Ring

Oct 12, 2010
Jim and George track a group of thieves robbing high-end weddings.

4. No Ordinary Vigilante

Oct 19, 2010
Jim is mistaken for a dangerous vigilante while patrolling the park.

5. No Ordinary Quake

Oct 26, 2010
Jim tries to discover the cause of recent earthquakes.

6. No Ordinary Visitors

Nov 9, 2010
Stephanie's parents visit unexpectedly; the Powells must stop using powers.

7. No Ordinary Mobster

Nov 16, 2010
Jim tries to take down a dangerous and elusive mobster.

8. No Ordinary Accident

Nov 23, 2010
Stephanie tries to uncover why Jim has suddenly lost his powers.

9. No Ordinary Anniversary

Nov 30, 2010
Jim and Stephanie plan a romantic evening to celebrate their anniversary.

10. No Ordinary Sidekick

Dec 7, 2010
George mistakenly receives credit for thwarting a robbery that Jim stopped.

11. No Ordinary Friends

Jan 4, 2011
Jim starts to become suspicious of his new friends Dave and Michelle.

12. No Ordinary Brother

Jan 11, 2011
Jim's brother learns of the family's powers.

13. No Ordinary Detention

Jan 18, 2011
Jim's secret is put at risk when the police station is taken hostage.

14. No Ordinary Double Standard

Feb 8, 2011
Stephanie tries to solve the case of her friend's attack before Jim does.

15. No Ordinary Powell

Feb 15, 2011
Dr. King orders a shape-shifter to infiltrate the Powell house.

16. No Ordinary Proposal

Feb 22, 2011
An innocent boy is accidentally hurt when Jim diverts a bullet.

17. No Ordinary Love

Mar 1, 2011
Mrs. X tells Sophie to put Jim and George under a spell.

18. No Ordinary Animal

Mar 22, 2011
Mrs. X wants a supervillain to eliminate the Powells.

19. No Ordinary Future

Mar 26, 2011
George helps Jim find those responsible for a cop's death.

20. No Ordinary Beginning

Apr 5, 2011
Mrs. X kidnaps J.J. and forces him to solve an enigma.


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