Season 1

Season 1

1. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 1

Sep 17, 1984
A civil war rages on the planet Cybertron between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. With the planet's resources depleted, the Autobots—led by their leader, Optimus Prime—set out on a mission to scout for new energy sources. But a surprise attack from Megatron and the Decepticons will leave both sides marooned and deactivated on the distant planet Earth for 4 million years! When they finally reawaken, the battle between good and evil continues on present-day Earth.

2. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2

Sep 18, 1984
Using their robotic powers to transform, the Autobots and Decepticons disguise themselves as Earth vehicles, and a new chapter begins in their war between good and evil. Megatron and the Decepticons plan to capture Earth's energy by force to build a ship to take their newfound power back to Cybertron. It's up to the Autobots and their new human allies, Sparkplug and Spike, to defeat the Decepticons and save both worlds!

3. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3

Sep 19, 1984
The battle for Earth's resources rages on! The Decepticons' ship is complete, and the odds are stacked against Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz and the others in their battle to stop them. When an Autobot trap is foiled by the cunning Megatron, all seems lost—but will the evil Starscream's hunger for power give the Autobots the edge they need to finally defeat the Decepticons? This is the thrilling conclusion to the original miniseries that started it all!

4. Transport To Oblivion

Oct 6, 1984
Presumed to be defeated, the Decepticons have returned! After receiving a message from Shockwave on Cybertron, Megatron comes out of hiding and orders the construction of a "Space Bridge" to transport Earth's energy to Cybertron. When Bumblebee and Spike uncover his plan they are captured, and Bumblebee is "reprogrammed" to lead the Autobots straight into a trap!

5. Roll For It

Oct 13, 1984
After his accidental transportation to Cybertron, Megatron returns—and he wants to get his hands on an antimatter formula created on Earth that could mean limitless power for the Decepticons! Bumblebee and Spike race to warn the Autobots, while their new human ally Chip attempts to hide the data. When Soundwave locates Chip and steals the formula, Megatron plots to use its power on the Autobots . . .

6. Divide And Conquer

Oct 20, 1984
While protecting an Earth military plant from a Decepticon attack, Optimus Prime is severely wounded. His only hope for survival is a new Cosmotron unit. The good news is that Wheeljack's got one—the bad news is that it's in his lab back on Cybertron. Chip and an Autobot team must teleport across the Space Bridge and evade Megatron's attacks in order to restore Optimus's power before it's too late!

7. Fire In The Sky

Dec 8, 1984
The Decepticons begin to siphon the Earth's heat from the Arctic Circle. As a result, temperatures worldwide begin to drop. But unknown to the Decepticons is what . . . or who . . . they are about to release from the ice. Skyfire, a powerful jet fighter, could be the Autobots' greatest ally or worst foe in their attempt to stop the Decepticons from instigating a new ice age.

8. S.O.S. Dinobots

Oct 27, 1984
Inspired by dinosaur skeletons, Ratchet and Wheeljack create Grimlock, Slag and Sludge . . . the Dinobots! After an introductory rampage that results in the near-destruction of Teletraan-1, the powerful but less intelligent Dinobots prove to be too dangerous and are deactivated. But when Autobot forces are captured by the Decepticons, it may be up to the Dinobots to save the day.

9. Fire On The Mountain

Dec 22, 1984
Megatron scours the Andes in search of the Crystal of Power, an ancient weapon capable of mass destruction. To battle the Decepticons and prevent them from achieving their evil goals, the Autobots find and unearth the fallen Skyfire to join in the fight. But will Skyfire's power be enough to turn the tide in this battle between good and evil?

10. War Of The Dinobots

Nov 24, 1984
Optimus Prime assigns the Dinobots to guard a meteorite that contains new and unknown energy. Appealing to Grimlock's simple arrogance, Megatron convinces the Dinobots to attack Optimus Prime and betray the Autobots. When two new Dinobots join the fight and Optimus Prime bravely sacrifices himself to save Grimlock, good may just prevail.

11. The Ultimate Doom, Part 1: Brainwash

Nov 3, 1984
With the help of a human scientist, the Decepticons have enslaved mankind through mind control to fight against the Autobots and generate enough power for Megatron's most sinister plan: bringing Cybertron into Earth's orbit to steal all of its energy. Now Optimus Prime must choose between the salvation of his home world and the planet he's come to protect.

12. The Ultimate Doom, Part 2: Search

Nov 10, 1984
With Cybertron now in orbit, the Earth is being torn apart by geological forces and natural disasters. The extreme conditions are creating the energy Megatron needs to repower Cybertron, and his human slaves, controlled by the hypno-chip, provide the workforce to do it. A small Autobot team, led by Spike and Bumblebee, heads to Cybertron to stop Megatron, while the rest of the Autobots try to protect Earth. But is it already too late?

13. The Ultimate Doom, Part 3: Revival

Nov 17, 1984
Locked away in the safety of Wheeljack's laboratory on Cybertron, Spike and the small band of Autobots attempt to sabotage the Decepticon hypno-chip and free the people of Earth. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime and the remaining Autobots on Earth continue to try to save the planet.

14. Countdown To Extinction

Dec 1, 1984
With Megatron presumed dead, Starscream makes his boldest grab for power yet. Using the exponential generator device created by Dr. Arkeville, Starscream plans to destroy the Earth and use the energy from the explosion to rule the universe. But an unlikely alliance between Autobots and Decepticons may blow Starscream's plan—and Starscream himself—out of the sky.

15. A Plague Of Insecticons

Dec 29, 1984
A discovery has been made deep in the "Demon Swamp" on the island of Bali: large robotic insects are eating everything in their path and terrorizing the people of the island. Megatron soon discovers they are an ancient breed of Decepticon and forms an alliance with the powerful Insecticons—an alliance that could mean the end of the Autobots

16. Heavy Metal War

Dec 15, 1984
As Optimus Prime and Megatron prepare to face off in a duel, Megatron secretly plots to set the latest addition to his Decepticon army—the Constructicons—on a crash course for destruction! Their goal: to destroy the Autobot supercomputer Teletran-1. Their secret weapon: Devastator, a Decepticon unlike any the Autobots have ever seen before.