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Season 2 episodes (11)

1 April in the D
Cramblin Duvet hits a hot streak, and Sam and Tim help Sheila find a lawyer after she gets a DUI.
2 Jefferson Porger
Tension builds between Sam and Tim after Sam acts in one of their commercials, and Sheila's relationship with Lea becomes strained after she makes an off-color joke.
3 Duvet Family Reunion
Sam takes the reigns as grill master at the Duvet family reunion, and Tim considers whether he might be too hard on Sam's girlfriends.
4 Trevor
Tim's mom convinces him to give his difficult brother a job at Cramblin Duvet, and Sam unexpectedly bonds with Chrissy.
5 Farmer Zack
Sam re-records an old jingle he sang with his ex after it causes friction in his new relationship, and Tim finds out that he isn't well-liked on the internet.
6 Mort Crim
The guys court legendary newscaster Mort Crim to be the celebrity spokesperson for one of their clients, and Ned ramps up security in the building.
7 Lois
Sam starts acting blacker in a bid to impress his new girlfriend, Tim gets roped into spending time with a widower, and Chrissy has trouble hitting it off with a new coworker.
8 Hark Motors
Sam and Tim decide to play dirty after Doner starts stealing their clients.
9 Little Caesars
After a fortuitous accident at a fundraiser, Sam and Tim find themselves reeling in a big fish of a client: Little Caesars.
10 Royals
The future of Cramblin Duvet is in jeopardy when Sam discovers that he might be a father.
101 Season 2 Trailer
Sam and Tim are more inspired than ever to take over the advertising world, one Detroit business at a time. Detroiters returns June 21 at 10/9c.

About this show

Best friends and fledgling ad men Sam and Tim are out to build a business empire in their home city of Detroit – even if they don’t have the money, talent or connections – in this new show from executive producers Lorne Michaels and Jason Sudeikis.

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61 reviews
Brian Ambrozy
March 14, 2017
As a Detroit native, I was terrified that this would be just another in a long line of shows that use Detroit as a backdrop to fit the narrative of a down-and-out city deserving of pity. I was as cynical as you could get until I started watching. Turns out, this show paints the people of Detroit as accurately as I've ever seen on television. The comedy is absurd, goofy, and light-hearted and Detroit needed to be shown as a somewhat absurd, goofy place that it is. Turns out, I absolutely love the show. You can definitely tell that there is an intimate familiarity with the city that can only come from growing up here. This show is as real and silly a depiction of Detroit life as you can get on TV.
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Andrea Marbury
April 8, 2020
I love this show.. It is one of the most hilarious , heart felt, original shows - ever!!! I can only compare the odd ball, drag me to hell humor to unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Please come back, next season the whole world will be talking about this show
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Kim Moon
October 26, 2022
This show is, hands down, the best show ever made about/set in Detroit. But even if you don't live here, it's still hilarious. If I could give it a million stars, I would.
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