Too Cute

2011 • Animal Planet
741 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Kittens
The remarkable story of three adorable kitten litters coming of age. From unsteady first steps to daring kitty pounces, the first eights weeks of their lives will be an epic journey for these adventurous Abyssinians, brash Bengals and pefect Persians.
2 Puppies
Too Cute! PUPPIES is a lighthearted, high-end nature documentary that follows the birth and first months of three distinct puppy litters from the puppies' perspectives. Think "Planet Earth", with adorable puppies.
3 Puppies and Ducklings
Three adorable litters of puppies come of age. The first few months of these Pugs, Mini-Australian Shepherds and Rottweillers' lives will be filled with adventure, including an introduction to the agility course and a lesson in duck-herding!
4 Kittens and Pocket Pets
For these Savannahs, Siberians and Shorthairs the first few months are an epic adventure. Whether growing up in a house filled with guinea pigs, turtles and mice; or running off to explore strange new realms, these kittens keep their parents on their paws
5 Kitten Dolls
Three litters of kittens grow from helpless furballs to rambunctious young kittens in this epic story. Hairless Sphynxes who redefine 'cute', agile Burmese exploring new heights, tiny Ragdolls befriending German Shepherds - this is a new level of cute!
6 Kitten Cottonballs
Three litters of kittens pounce through the first few months of their lives. Glamorous American Curl kittens prepare for life on the catwalk, a set of Tonkinese run circles around mom, and a Maine Coon tries to show his siblings who's boss.
7 Super Fluffy Puppies
Three litters of puppies go from cute to cuter during the first few months of their lives. A trio of Rhodesian Ridgebacks run circles around mom Peanut, fluffy Chow Chows puppies bring plenty of attitude, and Havanese Lulu has her paws full with 5 pups.
8 Pool Puppies
Witness the coming-of-age story of three very special litters. Three adorable pups keep their Jack Russell mom busy. A Portuguese Water Dog discovers her litter may not be too keen on water after all. And, a Bullmastiff mom's four pups just keep growing.

About this show

Three remarkable litters, three fascinating breeds, and one amazing story: puppies and kittens coming of age. The first few months of their lives are an adorable adventure in a world where cuddly knows no bounds. These furry friends are simply too loveable, too curious, too cute!

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741 reviews
Y Martin
December 24, 2013
special place in my heart. My mom & I watched this show from the beginning. She would get big chuckles from the cuties. She died last month, but I'll never forget how the show made her beautiful laugh ring out and a smile linger on her face. Thank you Animal Planet.
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extra boring
February 15, 2018
Too cute is great! It is definitely worth the money! and if you guys hate on Too Cute just because they are charging money for it, you guys are jerks! And if you are really that much of a money saver, then just watch it on Animal Planet. I really enjoy watching it. The quizzes give you great facts too! Please stop hating on Too Cute because of the cost, because Too Cute really is a fine show!
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Mai B.
February 24, 2015
Love the visuals & the way each show is put together! . I think while kids can benefit from info, their attention is kept with how adorable the babies are & how well the show is put together. Super great for adults to watch as well; but be careful of overdosing on cuteness!!!
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