The New Electric Company
Season 1

Season 1

1. Skills

Jan 18, 2009
Keith is invited to join The Electric Company, but before he can take the oath, Francine swoops in and steals his special skill. Can The Electric Company help him get it back, or will Keith be powerless forever?

2. Scent of a Human

Jan 30, 2009
On the day he is supposed to star in his own rap video, Hector is hypnotized into thinking he's a dog. Can The Electric Company train Hector to use his human instincts, or will he have to rap with a doggie brain?

3. Lights, Camera, Beetles

Jan 20, 2009
Jessica and Hector plan to surprise their cousin with a bug zoo for his birthday party. When Francine steals the prized rhino beetle, it's up to The Electric Company to get it back in time to save the party.

4. Call Me Tiki

Feb 13, 2009
Jessica gets a job pet sitting Tiki Barber's African Gray parrot. When the parrot flies the coop it's up to The Electric Company to save the bird and Jessica's reputation.

5. Lost and Spaced

Feb 6, 2009
At the school science fair, Lisa and her Skeleckian friend Dax get shrunk down and trapped inside their project - a perfect model of the solar system!

6. Trouble Afoot

Feb 27, 2009
Hector mysteriously loses his agility right before his big basketball game. Can The Electric Company get to the bottom of Hector's sudden clumsiness before he loses to Manny Spamboni?

7. The Skeleckian Hiccups

Mar 6, 2009
Jessica is set to face Danny in a chess tournament but will she lose because of a case of the Skeleckian Hiccups?

8. Dirty Laundry

Mar 13, 2009
Manny steals a Skeleckian meteorite in order to power his letter-stealing gizmo. It's up to The Electric Company to get the meteorite back before Manny steals every letter in the neighborhood.

9. He's Not Heavy, He's Just Frozen

Mar 20, 2009
Keith gets frozen like a statue when he's zapped by one of Manny's gadgets. The Electric Company has just one hour to help Keith - or he'll be permanently frozen!

10. Scrambled Brains

Mar 27, 2009
With the help of her hypnotist uncle, Annie switches brains with Lisa. The Electric Company needs to find a way to switch them back before Annie ruins Lisa's good name with her neighborhood pranks.

11. Abracadabra Cadabra Ca-Green!

Apr 3, 2009
Danny gets his hands on a book of magic spells and transforms Jessica into a lizard. It's up to The Electric Company to get Jessica back to normal before she's stuck eating flies forever.

12. Game On

Apr 10, 2009
Manny zaps Deek the Dino Dude out of Hector's video game and into the real world. The Electric Company has to figure out how to get Deek back to his cyber home.