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239 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (19)

1 Pilot
When a key member of The Bureau Underground – a top secret government agency – goes missing, LEROY a cynical former detective, and MAX a genius “true believer” in the paranormal, are recruited to find him. The two polar opposites must work together to find the agent, while uncovering possible alien activity and chilling “unexplained” paranormal events in their own city of Los Angeles.
2 Bee-Mo
Leroy and Max take Jermaine (guest star Ethan Drake Davis) trick-or-treating, although Jermaine hopes they’ll drop him off at a party instead. The party becomes the least of their worries when Jermaine is infected with a zombie-esque virus by a demon cat. Meanwhile, Halloween is a busy night, full of paranormal activity, for LaFrey, Annie and Barry at the Bureau Underground.
3 Whispers
With the encouragement of Max, Leroy romantically pursues a female cop (guest star Megalyn Echikunwoke), while they work on-site at a local resort. As the pair search for the culprit behind a string of murders, Captain Lafrey has Annie and Barry investigate her daughter (guest star Lauren Lindsey Donzis), who may be sneaking behind her back with a boy.
4 Lockdown
LaFrey’s boss, Director Romslo (guest star John Getz), puts the whole office on lockdown when a deadly amphibious creature escapes in The Bureau Underground, giving Max and Leroy only 30 minutes to eliminate the threat. The creature’s first victim is everyone’s favorite coworker, Bob (guest star Beck Bennett). Unbeknownst to the team, the Sparkletts water boy (guest star Ryan McPartlin) is locked in the building with them, as well. Amidst the chaos, Leroy starts to suspect that Annie has a crush on Max.
5 The Machine
When Max and Leroy investigate a bizarre incident at an elite country club, they both get a little too invested in their covers and find themselves at odds. Also, Annie accompanies them on the mission, as she frequented many country clubs in her youth.
6 Sam
While Captain Lafrey is out, Annie installs a smooth-talking Artificial Intelligence, “Sam,” to manage the office, but Max and Leroy are put to the test when “Sam” turns out to be an evil and powerful force trying to take down the Bureau Underground. All the while, Max is jealous when Leroy makes a new friend.
7 Ghost Studz
When a pair of smug actors, Chaz and Jared, from the ghost-hunting show “Ghost Studz,” accidentally stumble upon real paranormal activity, Max and Leroy must go undercover on set at an abandoned mental hospital to save them. Leroy resents the “perks” the actors get with their fame, realizing he and Max will never enjoy the same benefits working in a top-secret bureau. Meanwhile, Barry demands some perks of his own.
8 Hayride
When a young girl goes missing at a haunted hayride, Max and Leroy go undercover to determine if it was a paranormal act or just a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Barry brainstorms ways to “bro-bond” with Max and Leroy.
9 Snatcher
Max and Leroy invite Annie to tag along on their next case, as she is an expert on the killer creature they are trying to find, but Max’s survival skills are put to the test when they lose their way in the woods. Back at The Bureau Underground, Barry proves himself an asset in solving Captain LaFrey’s dating struggles.
10 The Wire
When new cases become few and far between at the Bureau, Max obsesses over his multiverse theory and Leroy grows restless – until they discover a suspicious wire in the office that they think might be a secret surveillance system. They enlist the whole team to help uncover its source. Meanwhile, a customer (guest star Sam Richardson) arrives at the Bureau’s façade looking to purchase wire coat hangers and everyone must take turns distracting him from the chaos below.
11 The Demotion
Everyone, including Captain LaFrey, is surprised and alarmed when The Bureau Underground is assigned a new captain, Merv Minette (guest star Kevin Dunn). Minette doesn’t seem thrilled with his new post either, and halts Max and Leroy’s investigation of the suspicious wire.
12 The Premonition
Leroy decides to bring in a psychic to help The Bureau figure out who bugged their office. While he and the rest of the team are determined to make something of the findings so that they can reclaim the office from Merv (guest star Kevin Dunn), Max refuses to give in to the superstitions.
13 The Article
When an article is published revealing The Bureau Underground to the public, Merv asks Leroy to interrogate his coworkers to find out who may have leaked the information. Meanwhile, Max’s parents (guest stars Mindy Sterling and Robert Pine) arrive at the Bureau to express their concern about his career choice, and Ava gets closer to solving the mystery of who bugged the office.
14 Unbelievable
Leroy and Max spot a possible UFO. However, as they are looking at it, Leroy drops a big bomb on Max that steals the show. Meanwhile, Captain Lafrey digs deeper into the mystery suspect who has been targeting The Bureau Underground, and newcomer Merv (guest star Kevin Dunn) is forced to confront some office drama
15 The Airplane
The Bureau Underground struggles to be taken seriously while forced to share a case both with the FBI and the FAA. Disheartened by the lack of respect, the team turns to Merv (guest star Kevin Dunn) who offers very little support. Meanwhile, an unlikely relationship forms and Max makes a shocking discovery.
16 Hello Boys
While trying to prove their worth to Captain LaFrey and the rest of The Bureau Underground, Leroy and Max finally have a lead on the whereabouts of Agent Checker (guest star Linc Hand). Leroy finds himself in the odd position of being the believer when Max loses faith that they have what it takes.
101 Comic Con Laser Tag
Watch highlights from the Ghosted Laser Tag stunt at San Diego Comic Con. Premiering Oct. 1, Ghosted airs Sundays at 8:30/7:30c on FOX
102 Comic Con Highlights 1
Watch highlights from the Ghosted panel at San Diego Comic Con. Premiering Oct. 1, Ghosted airs Sundays at 8:30/7:30c on FOX
103 Comic Con Highlights 2
Watch highlights from the Ghosted panel at San Diego Comic Con. Premiering Oct. 1, Ghosted airs Sundays at 8:30/7:30c on FOX

About this show

Starring Craig Robinson (“The Office,” “This Is the End”) and Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation,” “Big Little Lies”), GHOSTED is a single-camera, live-action comedy about the partnership between two polar opposites – a cynical skeptic and a genius “true believer” in the paranormal – who are recruited by a secret government agency, known as the Bureau Underground, to save the human race from aliens. Also starring Ally Walker (Colony,” “Sons of Anarchy”), Adeel Akhtar (“Unforgotten,” “The Night Manager”) and Amber Stevens West (“The Carmichael Show,” “22 Jump Street), this heroic group of underdogs will look into “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles, as they attempt to uncover the truth and keep the earth rotating on its axis for at least one more day.
239 reviews
Holly Anne Chadwell
August 2, 2019
I love and adore the ambition & imagination it takes for every person who creates alien and/or otherworldly creatures or unidentified animal type monster TV series. X-files was my first favorite show depicting stories about the creatures mentioned earlier. Then Fox's "Ghosted" came along! This is still my most beloved TV sepries. I thought it was clever, scary in parts, ORIGINAL, never boring, creative and very fun watch. pareat chemistry between whole cast and love the story conte nt.
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Gator Hinojosa
October 8, 2017
I'm liking the 80' retro funk music it kinda gives me The Stranger Things Vibes. Craig Roberson and Adam Scott make a cool duo. Both are hilarious. The Ghosted just maybe my New Favorite Fall tv show. Especially because it's the month of scares. I look forward to watching how this unfolds.
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Marisol the TalesofGrimJurassicFangirl1992
October 9, 2017
Interesting.... Even though the 4 part or 2 part special episodes of your favorite shows and the miniseries take Ghost Adventures: Hauntings of Vicksburg, Hey Arnold! the Jungle Movie and Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials for example ended on a cliffhanger (parts 1, 2 and 3 before the finale part to be precise), I could count on a new paranormal comedy Ghosted to cheer me or anybody else up.
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