Ripper Street
Season 2

Season 2

1. Pure as the Driven

Oct 28, 2013
When a sergeant from K Division is found, hurled from a Whitechapel window on to the iron railings below, Reid is quick to act. An investigation leads DI Reid and the H-Division to the newly emergent Chinatown - where Jackson discovers evidence of a new and devastatingly powerful opiate. Reid fears a new kind of hell is to be released on to his streets.

2. Am I Not Monstrous?

Nov 4, 2013
Only hours after she gave birth, a nameless young woman is found murdered in a stairwell at The London Hospital. The only suggestion of her identity is the strange protrusion at the base of her spine -- a vestigial tail. This takes the team into the netherworld of circus freak shows and back to The London Hospital to seek help from its most celebrated resident, Joseph Merrick.

3. Become Man

Nov 11, 2013
Long Susan finds herself sympathising with a group of kidnappers with radical aims.

4. Dynamite and a Woman

Nov 18, 2013
Reid sends DC Flight undercover into Whitechapel's Irish community.

5. Threads of Silk and Gold

Nov 25, 2013
Investigations into the slaying of a Telegraph Boy lift the lid on a secret vice racket.

6. A Stronger Loving World

Dec 2, 2013
The domestic happiness that Drake has enjoyed is disrupted by a friend from Bella's past.

7. Part I

Dec 9, 2013
Jackson's reckless elder brother arrives in Whitechapel carrying a valuable uncut diamond.

8. Part II

Dec 16, 2013
Reid and Drake are powerless to resist a final reckoning with K Division's Jedediah Shine.

101. Season 1 Recap

Feb 17, 2014
Get up to speed on Victorian London's criminal underworld in this Ripper Street in this season 1 recap.