Panic 9-1-1

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Season 3 episodes (13)

1 I'm Dying
A Florida woman fights for her life when her estranged husband starts shooting at her through the front door. A young mother finds herself in a terrifying situation when her brakes stop working on a busy highway on a holiday weekend.
2 There is a Gun to Her Back (#301)
A middle-aged woman holds an Ohio fast-food restaurant manager hostage. In Florida, it's a race against time as first responders scramble to locate a young woman who flipped her car into a dark, flooded ditch before she drowns.
3 I Can't Get Out of The House (#304)
In Portland, Oregon, a young woman hides in a closet as an intruder enters her home. After a fire breaks out, two Oklahoma City women become trapped in their apartment's breezeway by a wall of flames.
4 That Was Your Final Warning
In Florida, a car chase transpires to rescue a hostage being held at gunpoint in her ex-boyfriend's car. After being shocked by 14,000 volts of electricity, a Georgia man's chance of survival is in the hands of his friend.
5 They Have Guns (#303)
A young Ohio woman calls 911 from under her bed while her family is held hostage by armed home invaders. A kidnapper tries to steal a mother's young children at a gas station in New Mexico.
6 I'm Dying and I Love Him (#306)
During the height of Oklahoma's tornado season, a bride-to-be is trapped in a gully inside her overturned SUV. In North Carolina, a terrified 11-year-old and her younger brother are home alone when their apartment goes up in flames.
7 They're Coming (#308)
An 11-year-old Florida boy is home alone when a group of robbers breaks into his house. Firefighters plan a dramatic water rescue when a woman's boat gets stuck at the top of a dam in Illinois.
8 Panic 9-1-1 (#311)
A Florida woman hides in her bathroom when a strange man breaks into her home in the middle of the night. In Western Michigan, a man trapped in his overturned truck calls 911 in a panic as the vehicle fills with icy water.
9 Hurry I'm Scared
Two young sisters hide in their closet in an effort to remain hidden from the men who broke into their Chicago home. In Washington, police rush to rescue a woman whose vehicle spontaneously bursts in flames.
10 I'm Scared to Death
Near Fort Bragg, a brave young husband is forced to defend his family as a crazed intruder violently breaks down the front door and threatens his life.
11 He's Standing in Front of Me
Police race across three states to catch a bus carrying a suspected gunman threatening to kill everyone onboard. On the coast of Florida, a toddler fights for her life after being found face down in a pool.
12 I'm Hanging On
Armed with a .40-caliber handgun, a woman's ex-husband forces himself into her Arkansas home. While skating on a frozen river, a man falls through the ice into freezing water.
13 He's Hitting Me Head On
A father and daughter endure a terrifying road rage incident in North Carolina. Firefighters in Texas race to rescue a man who gets impaled by a steel fence pole. In Oklahoma, an armed man walks into an office building and holds two employees hostage.

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Panic 9-1-1 features the real, urgent, unrehearsed 911 audio between emergency dispatchers and frantic callers as life and death situations unfold around them.

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