Start-Ups: Silicon Valley
Season 1

Season 1

1. Starting Up

Nov 5, 2012
Welcome to Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurialism. In their new home dubbed "The Villa," British transplants Ben and Hermione Way celebrate their new start-up venture by throwing an over-the-top Toga party. David Murray and Sarah Austin do their best to get ready by spray tanning and strategizing how Sarah will interact with her best friend turned nemesis, Hermione. Meanwhile, Dwight Crow and Kim Taylor decide to skip out on the party early and go to a fellow engineer's birthday party where Dwight proceeds to drink everything in sight while solving complex algorithms. Ben and Hermione are up early the next morning to pitch their start-up idea to one of Silicon Valley's most prominent investors and ask for a half million dollars in funding. But after a late night of drinking and partying, will they be prepared to win over a benefactor?

2. #Awkward

Nov 12, 2012
Kim discusses business strategies with her boss at Ampush Media, but when the two don't see eye-to-eye, Kim begins to realize that Ampush may not be a part of her long term plan in Silicon Valley. Coming off the heels of their failed pitch, Ben and Hermione renew their focus and head to another prominent Silicon Valley investor. Meanwhile, Sarah gets dolled up for a date with Jay, but when she shows up to his bachelor pad and sees that he's dressed down for the occasion, things get a little awkward. When Jay discovers Sarah is life-casting their date in real time, things get very awkward! Hermione and Sarah meet up to hash out their differences once and for all.

3. Connect / Disconnect

Nov 19, 2012
Kim and Dwight go out to a dinner where she schools him on the proper way to behave on a date with a girl. Not to be outdone, Dwight gives Kim some advice of his own on what it's like to be the founder of a start-up. A new love triangle arises when Hermione goes out on a date with Jay where the chemistry that was missing on his date with Sarah is plentiful. Meanwhile, Ben seeks Hermione's approval to take Sarah out on a date. David vents his frustrations about struggling to make ends meet while trying to launch his start-up, Goal Sponsors, and he decides to ask Sarah for a loan to ease the burden, but will she say, yes? And when David brings his friends together for a night of Line Dancing, Sarah finds out about Jay's date with Hermione, which puts her in an emotional tailspin.

4. Restart

Nov 26, 2012
After much soul searching and deliberation, Kim finally forces herself to make a decision about her future role at Ampush, but then the reality sets in that she is on an uncharted path. Hermione and Sarah get to work interviewing the power players of Silicon Valley. And after another failed pitch for funds, tensions erupt between Ben and Hermione as they vent their frustrations towards each other with David awkwardly caught in the middle.

5. Breaking The Code

Dec 4, 2012
Much to Hermione's chagrin, Ben takes Sarah out on a date to the fair. Dwight visits with his parents where they discuss the unpredictable future of Carsabi. Hermione celebrates her birthday in true Villa style filled with friends and even potential investors. But when she decides to chase people around with a less than appropriate sex toy, Ben becomes worried that they may have just lost $500k in potential investments.

6. Last Pitch Effort

Dec 11, 2012
Ben's on-and-off flame, Ashley, comes to town and the two immediately pick up where they left off. But when Sarah and Ashley have a run-in at a Villa party, Ben is caught in a compromising position between his two ladies. Ben and Hermione wine and dine another potential investor for Ignite, but with bills piling up and deadlines that need to be reached, they are on pins and needles waiting for the answer they've been dying to hear.

7. Face Time

Dec 18, 2012
Kim takes a trip to her fashion Mecca, New York City, to kick her new start-up into high gear. Dwight tags along for fun and meets up with a fellow engineer who sets up a special night out for him. Meanwhile, Sarah has a medical scare that lands her in Los Angeles to get a second opinion. And during his routine check-ins with Appcellerator's CEO, David realizes he has his work cut out for him with a launch party just days away.

8. Unfinished Business

Dec 18, 2012
On the season finale, David gets ready for his Goal Sponsors launch party hoping to attract enough beta users to put his product to the test. Ben and Hermione are waiting with bated breath for the $500k promised to them by their Ignite investors. Dwight finally moves to San Francisco, and reveals big news to Kim who is also feeling the pressure of taking her startup from stealth mode to reality. At the launch party, David has a run-in with Sarah that could change the nature of their relationship forever.


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