Johnny Bravo
Season 1

Season 1

1. Super Duped / Bungled In The Jungle / Bearly Enough Time

Jul 7, 1997
When Little Suzy tells her class that Johnny is a superhero, he goes along with the gag to impress her gorgeous teacher.

2. The Sensitive Male! / Bravo Dooby-Doo

Jul 14, 1997
Johnny gets a lesson on how to behave around women via a "Schoolhouse Rock"-type singer.

3. Date With An Antelope / Did You See A Bull Run By Here / Cookie Crisis

Jul 21, 1997
Johnny learns a lesson about cyberspace dating when the girl he woos over the Internet turns out to be an antelope.

4. I used To Be Funny / My Fair Dork / Twas The Night

Jul 28, 1997
Johnny gets embroiled in a battle between two clowns fighting over who's funnier. And, Johnny hates clowns.

5. Blarney Buddies / Over The Hump / Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett

Aug 4, 1997
When Johnny mistakes a leprechaun for the Blarney Stone, all kinds of trouble erupts as Johnny tries to kiss him.

6. Blanky Hanky Panky / Talk To Me Baby / Hip Hop Flop

Aug 11, 1997
A Hip Hop girl catches Johnny's eye, but the only way she'll look back is if Johnny gets all funky fresh.

7. Beach Blanket Bravo / Day The Earth Didn't Move Around Much / The Aisle of Mixed Up Toys

Aug 18, 1997
Johnny goes to the beach and finds himself in the middle of what seems like a 1960's beach movie. When a girl uses Johnny to make her boyfriend jealous, our hero gets caught up in a "King of the Beach" contest.

8. Substitute Teacher / A Wolf In Chick's Clothing / Intensive Care

Aug 25, 1997
A crook on the run convinces Johnny that he's the substitute Martial Arts teacher. The crook then gives Johnny important tests that include robbing a bank and evading the police.

9. Jumbo Johnny / The Perfect Gift / Bravo, James Bravo

Sep 1, 1997
To bulk up, Johnny drinks too much Uber Mass, and grows to monstrous proportions.

10. Going Batty / Berry the Butler / Red Faced In The White House

Sep 8, 1997
A beautiful vampire uses an oblivious Johnny to trick her nerdy boyfriend into being jealous.

11. The Man Who Cried Clown / Johnny Real Good / Little Talky Tabitha

Dec 1, 1997
Johnny wakes to find himself in the 'Zone Where Normal Things Don't Happen Very Much'- and there's a clown on the wing of his plane.

12. Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West / Under The Big Flop / Johnny Meets Donny Osmond

Dec 8, 1997
TV's "Batman" Adam West tries to help Johnny find his missing Mama./"Johnny Meets Donny Osmond" Donny's Johnny's nanny for a day!

13. Johnny Bravo / Jungleboy in "Mr. Monkeyman" / Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women

Dec 15, 1997
At the Aron City Zoo, Johnny's trying to pick up chicks. Hoping to impress a sexy zookeeper who warns him that a 900 pound gorilla is on the loose, Johnny tells her he's a superhero and tries to catch the gorilla.


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