App Focus
I love that I can see my personal tastes and personality reflected in my phone. My background, the way my apps are laid out? They are things that I chose. The shifting paper landscape flowing smoothly across my tablet screen? It makes me smile, so I put it front and centre. You may not like it, and the beauty of android is that you don't have to - customise your device. Personalise it, make it your own. This is my android. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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Personalisation App Focus

SPB Shell 3D

SPB Software
This app showcases the deep customisability of android. Step into the 3rd dimension with a 3D Home screen and widgets!

Paperland Live Wallpaper

Joko Interactive
A rolling landscape of mobile origami. The background shifts between day and night - unexpected but very cool.

HD Widgets
Lovely and useful widgets for every occasion. Great clock, date, location, weather, forecast and utilities make this a must-buy!

Season Zen

DualBoot Games
A gorgeous live wallpaper that gives you interactive backgrounds for all four seasons. Personalise each part of your desktop experience.

Fresh Leaves
A lovely live wallpaper that shows lush views of seasonal leaves. The selection is amazing and the visuals are gorgeous.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

Kittehface Software
Relaxing and highly detailed, the fish are lifelike and beautifully rendered in full 3D.

Ocean HD

DualBoot Games
Dive deep and explore the hidden depths with this underwater interactive seascape. Interact with fish and choose your theme today!

Jumpgate LWP

Kittehface Software
Join the Droid on an endless flight through space. Fun, interactive wallpaper that shows your Android Pride!


Lucas Rocha
Keep your device looking fresh and new every day. Automatically update your wallpaper every day or week.

Photo FX LWP

A beautiful photo slide-show to keep your device covered in the photos you want.

Amazing Spider-Man 3D LWP

Cellfish Studios
Celebrate Spider-Man's 50th birthday in style with this awesome live wallpaper.

NA Flags Live Wallpaper

Kittehface Software
Show your patriotic side!


Udell Enterprises, Inc
A gorgeous virtual Earth that displays in real-time. Includes widgets to track sunrise, sunset, moon phases and more!