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The SunSense app is the leading digital tool for providing forecasts and personal advice on sun protection. It helps you determining skin type and tailored max UV-dosage recommendations based upon previous exposure/achieved tan and sunscreen factor used. It features multiple user profiles, current sun exposure awareness information, weather and UV-forecast.

Our “sun watch” tool helps you plan your day, at the beach, working in the garden, going on holiday - all day every day. Get recommendation on which Sun Protection Factor sunscreen to apply, and how long you can stay outside using different SPF levels.

Use it with SunSense personal UV-trackers for real-time tracking and monitoring of your individual UV-exposure and accumulated UV-dose.

Main features of the app:
- Calculation of personal skin type
- SPF recommendations
- Plan your day: Calculate how long you can stay in the sun with a certain SPF. Plan breaks and get protection recommendations in The SunWatch interface.
- UV-tolerance corrections based on experience and sensor readings
- Multiple user profiles: Protect the entire family from one phone. Track up to 6 SunSense Pro units
- Sun advice
- Web shop
- Tutorials
- Worldwide UV-forecast provided by EUMETSAT. Options for clear sky and forecasted cloud cover
- Worldwide 7-day weather forecast

NOTE: Calculations are based on information provided by leading scientists within the field, Individual tolerances and differences in use, application of sunscreen as well as local conditions mean these recommendations are only guidelines. Caution should always be exercised when exposing your body to direct sunlight as this can cause sunburn and different long-term, harmful effects including cancer.
8. jun. 2022


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