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Additional Cities Following I deem rather of ASAP priority of importance (mainly size (e.g. top 3) or regional/state capital)! ● UK - regionified UK Wales: Cardiff Swansea Newport (Welsh main cities) UK NI: Belfast and Londonderry UK - England: Add Bristol, Bath Plymouth and Exeter (all SW) Leeds Newcastle and Sheffield (NE/E) UK - Scot: Aberdeen and Inverness Ireland: Cork France: Calais, Toulouse and Marsaille Portugal: Lisbon Italy: Rome Norway: Oslo US: split to state level or regional clustering of states


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*Better organized our city list! We've been launching destinations so fast that the list was starting to get real loooong. So we tweaked it to make it easier than ever for you to find the places where you want to go.
PS: Brrrr, right? Pro tip: We've got lots of warm locations on the app (at great rates, natch). #winterisachoice