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myMail – Manage all your email accounts at once! Whether it’s Hotmail, Google Gmail, Yahoo, Edison, Outlook, iCloud, Thunderbird mail, Webmail, or, the myMail email client supports all major providers and any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox.

myMail keeps your mail securely in one place. It’s the perfect mail drop app, making it fast, easy, and mobile-friendly to exchange email clients. Our app allows you to preview, read, reply to, and forward your messages, as well as to add and view attachments. Exchange email client with ease using myMail. All you need to do is sign in using your login and password, and the mail app is ready to use.

Mail app for all your accounts! myMail is a mail drop app that automatically sets up IMAP, POP, and SMTP settings for most host domains and email clients (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Edison, Outlook, iCloud, Thunderbird, Webmail, or Fastmail) and has support for the majority of corporate servers, such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, on which IMAP and SMTP are enabled. Mail app for all your accounts.

Key features:
✻ Real-time push notifications for your mail account (regardless of what email client you’re using, be it Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Edison, Outlook, iCloud, Thunderbird, Webmail, or Fastmail) that can be customized to better fit your work-life schedule (mail app that adapts to you)
✻ Navigate easily through your mailbox with menu icons and contacts’ avatars as part of your conversation, making it easy to exchange email
✻ Search through local and server contacts (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Edison, Outlook, iCloud mail, Thunderbird, Webmail, or Fastmail) with search suggestions as you type
✻ Browse files that you want to attach directly from the mail app
✻ Create a unique signature in the unique mail app
✻ Keep a clean mailbox by flagging or deleting your messages, or by moving them to your spam folder
✻ Filter your mailbox by unread messages with attachments
✻ A clear layout and user-friendly mailbox design
✻ Support for the ActiveSync
✻ View an entire conversation on one screen with threads

And that’s not all! Sign up at for a short new email address and access these exclusive features:
✻ Add, delete, label, and manage folders in your mailbox
✻ Create filters to organize your messages, e.g. by mail sender
✻ Activate our dark theme to allow you to work comfortably at night

Our mail drop application is optimized for your smartphone and tablet to make it easy to exchange email client.

Secure mail app! Security is our key priority. Our app uses OAuth authentication to sign in to such email clients as Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Gmail, Edison email, Outlook, iCloud, Thunderbird, Webmail, Exchange, or Fastmail and does not request users’ credentials. Instead, access to users’ data is required directly from Microsoft and Google websites, which ensures a secure login to the email client.

EWS protocol is not yet supported, but keep an eye out for future updates.

If a sign-in problem occurs on your device, be it Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Edison, Outlook, iCloud, Thunderbird, Webmail, or Fastmail, please send details to, including your email address, IMAP, POP, or SMTP email client settings, and we will resolve the issue.

Follow myMail to find out all about the upcoming updates and cool features at:
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11 jul 2024

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Valoraciones y reseñas

424 mil reseñas
pedro M. R.
11 de julio de 2024
Una pena, funcionaba muy bien y ahora no se abre en ningúno de los dispositivos que lo tengo instalado, espero lo solucionen.
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11 de julio de 2024
Hello! Thanks for your feedback. You can learn more about how the application works on our help page:
waterpolist 86
2 de abril de 2024
Puedo pasar que no funcione el correo @gmail, pero ahora mismo no me notifica de nada en absoluto, las notificaciones sonoras dejaron de funcionar por arte de magia, revisé una y otra vez los permisos, las notificaciones dentro de la apk, las notificaciones sonoras del propio smartphone, y siguen sin funcionar las notificaciones sonoras.... Reinicié, incluso desinstalé la aplicación y la volví a instalar.... Y nada funciona.... Alguien me podria dar la solución porfavor? Porque es desesperante.
2 personas han valorado esta reseña como útil
¿Te ha parecido útil?
2 de abril de 2024
Hello! Thanks for your comment. The answer to your question can be found on our help page:
Aarón Lara Pérez