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Serouno is an all in one sport fan experience. It gathers the world of sports, bringing together sport fans and future professional athletes to connect, live, create, share their fandom, talent, earn and access all sport related content, news, services and products in one place.

If you’re a true sports fan or want to be a future professional athlete, this is the place for you. A place where as a sport fan you have all the tools to express your knowledge in different ways and create true sports content by a true fan. On the other hand if you are an athlete who wants to become a future professional star, here’s where you shine and can be discovered by professional teams.

Your profile has two modes, the fan mode, which is by default, and the athlete mode, for sport fans that are also athletes and want to become a professional athlete. Each mode has specific tools to help you create unique content.

SPORT FAN: As a sports fan, you´ll be able to:
Create your own live radio podcast in Serouno.
Write your own sports articles for other fans to read in the fans content section.
Upload your videos and photos.
Follow your favorite sports, teams and players in order to have news from different official sources aggregated in the news section.
(more to come)

AMATEUR ATHLETE: As an athlete, you’ll be able to:
Create your own athlete profile with your own personal information, such as what sport you play, where are you from, what’s your age, your height, are you a man or a woman. This will put you in the biggest athletes database in order for professional teams and scouts to find you.
Add your experience as an athlete, your athlete cv basically.
Add your best videos, your best moments, your pictures.
Professional Teams and scouts have the ability to search for athletes in the Street Talent section, using specific filters which allow them to discover new talent all around the world, which otherwise would be impossible to do. Here’s where they’ll see your videos!
(more to come)

Serouno is continually adding more features and services having the sport fan and athlete in mind. We want you to have the world of sports in the palm of your hand, in one place, to be able to live it, all connected.
Última actualización
16 feb 2024

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La seguridad empieza por entender cómo los desarrolladores recogen y comparten tus datos. Las prácticas de privacidad y seguridad de los datos pueden variar en función del modo en que utilices la aplicación, la región donde vayas a usarla y tu edad. El desarrollador ha proporcionado esta información y es posible que la actualice a lo largo del tiempo.
No se comparten datos con terceros
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