Whale Trail Frenzy
Offers in-app purchases
Review from Mincu Rares
Expensive If the things i buy with krill would be a little cheaper than yeah, 5 stars, but you have to spend a lot to upgrade a quality to the max and the cloud rezistance thing... after 3 boxes bought, it's the same thing as if it were maximum. Also... put more blubles after the red goody. It's a very huge difference. Before the red goody you have a lot and afyer it... you just have tonuse trail fill at least once!


What's New
* Improved experience around purchasing Wallpapers for Krill. Once purchased, Wallpapers can be found in the Gallery app.
* Workaround applied to more devices that suffer from graphics glitches on Jelly Bean with a landscape surface (primary Motorola devices).
* If a 30 second video ad is shown, it will be longer until the next video ad is displayed.
* Performance optimisations and other improvements.


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