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Do you want to become a student-athlete in the US?

This is a very important and life-changing decision. You can become a student-athlete only once in your life and your career in the States will be the stepping stone for anything you decide to do after college. Therefore, we believe that an excellent preparation is absolutely necessary. The process to become a student-athlete is complicated, takes time and most of all is an important aspect of your final choice for a university.

Slamstox designed this app specifically to help future student-athletes manage their recruiting process. The app is free of charge for every Slamstox athlete and can be used for 35 different sports.

Here is how it works:
- Sign up with Slamstox for your personal account
- Set your goals in terms of athletic and academic achievements
- The app will help you with the process and all administrative paperwork that comes up along the way
- Make sure you are well prepared for your next adventure and start living the dream!

Features of the app include but are not limited to:
- Real time updates and recruiting advice from your personal Slamstox advisor
- Transparent and efficient overview of all outstanding tasks
- Study material for SAT tests, TOEFL tests and more
- Tips & tricks for college admissions, including example essays and statements
- Set your preferences for your dream university and let Slamstox do the work
- Build your profile to impress college coaches and secure your scholarship
- Save time on administrative work and put more focus on your athletic career
- 24/7 access for parents and coaches

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27 jul. 2022

Veiligheid van gegevens

Veiligheid van gegevens begint met inzicht in de manier waarop ontwikkelaars je gegevens verzamelen en delen. Procedures voor gegevensprivacy en beveiliging kunnen variëren op basis van je gebruik, regio en leeftijd. De ontwikkelaar heeft deze informatie aangeleverd en kan die in de loop van de tijd updaten.
Deze app kan deze typen gegevens delen met derden
App-gegevens en -prestaties en Apparaat- of andere ID's
Deze app kan deze typen gegevens verzamelen
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