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The Guardian Android app delivers all the latest content from the Guardian to your phone or tablet. Read today's news, sport, comment and reviews.
Explore our award-winning multimedia content with videos, podcasts and stunning picture galleries.
Join the conversation: view, recommend, share and submit comments.
Upgrade to the Premium Tier (69p a month) for access to Crosswords, an advert-free experience, and future exclusive features and content.

Full feature list:
- download your homepage and favourites for offline reading with the touch of a button, or schedule a daily download for a time that suits you
- take part with comments and debate
- subscribe to the premium tier for:
- the cryptic and quick crosswords delivered every day direct to your phone
- no adverts
- exclusive future features and content
- live football scores, results and tables for hundreds of English, Scottish, European and international games
- receive alerts for big news stories, exclusives, and goals from your favourite football teams
- navigate by section, topic or contributor and discover related stories in an article
- browse our award-winning audio and video content
- save contributors, topics and sections to your favourites
- add favourites to your homescreen with an expanded view or link
- live, updating coverage of news and sport events
- swipe through stunning full-screen picture galleries
- share articles and galleries using the Android share menu

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The Guardian daily edition

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The Guardian and Observer tablet edition beautifully re-imagines the newspaper for Android tablets. Each issue showcases our comprehensive international reporting, thoughtful commentary, award-winning sports journalism and unique approach to culture, science, the environment, media and technology coverage.

Full feature list
- 14 day free trial period (initial subscription required)
- editions every day of the week including all content from the main sections of the Guardian and Observer newspapers
- on Saturday, Weekend magazine, the Guide and the Sport, Cultural Review, Travel, Family, Money and Work sections are all included along with the main section of the paper
- on Sunday, the Observer's news sections, Sport, New Review and Magazine all appear weekly, with Observer Food and Tech Monthly magazines included once each month
- crosswords: Quick and Cryptic puzzles every weekday
- editions from the last month available in the archive
- all article and picture content downloaded for reading offline
- stunning photojournalism and full screen cartoons
- in-article image galleries
- video embedded in articles viewable when online
- share stories via Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Google+ and email
- swipe to navigate between sections or stories
- related articles within the edition highlighted
- related online articles


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GuardianWitness is the home of user-generated content on the Guardian. Contribute to live news stories and help us to report the day's events, take part in exclusive competitions and assignments, and even send in your own ideas for stories and features. GuardianWitness is the best way to be part of the Guardian's award-winning journalism, comment, and reporting.

Full feature list:
- Browse open assignments
- View other people's contributions to see what everyone's saying and find inspiration
- Sign-in to submit video, photos, or text to assignments
- Access exclusive GuardianWitness competitions and assignments
- Send us ideas for stories and features
- Sign-in with Facebook, Twitter, or your existing Guardian ID
- View your list of contributions and their statuses

GuardianWitness is supported by EE, the first providers of 4G in Britain, who are transforming the way people share news, information and entertainment. 4G works up to five times faster than 3G so you can upload and download photos, videos and stories much more quickly than on traditional mobile networks.

Please note:

To contribute, you need to login

To ensure that GuardianWitness is a safe place for everyone, every submission will be checked by our editorial team before it is made public. We reserve the right to reject any submission.

You still own everything you send us, but by using GuardianWitness you're allowing us to use your content. You can find out more about this in our terms of service: and privacy policy:

King's Cross Streetstories

Guardian News & Media Ltd
King’s Cross, London - Streetstories is an immersive audio walking guide with a difference.

As you walk through the streets of King’s Cross, London, the app will automatically activate stories relevant to your GPS location. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a local resident, walk with fresh ears and eyes as you hear tales - old and new - from this part of London.

Streetstories is perfect if you have half an hour to spare to explore the area. Listen to 10 stories, from the sublime architecture of Gilbert Scott’s St Pancras to the Guardian’s home Kings Place, a cutting edge new arts complex.

Alternatively if you’d rather listen off-location, use the app in manual mode to access all the stories.

The app covers a section of King’s Cross and St Pancras.

Produced by the Guardian, whose UK offices are in the landmark Kings Place development in King’s Cross, the app provides an entertaining and atmospheric experience of the ‘Railwaylands’ area - rich in history, and rapidly regenerating.

Full feature list:

• Multi-layered audio with sounds, music and stories

• This version features a selection of 10 stories, including interviews with local historians, experts and local people. Stories include:
- Readings from Charles Dickens, set in the area
- The sublime architecture of Gilbert Scott’s St Pancras
- The area’s seedy past - including interviews with former street workers
- The Guardian’s home Kings Place, a cutting edge new arts complex
- Custom map view: Stories are mapped with dots - use pinch and zoom to help navigate
- Dual playback modes for on-location or off-location use. Autoplay uses GPS to keep track of your location, and auto-activate stories. Manual mode allows you to activate stories and listen from off-location by tapping on story dots
- Locate me button: Pinpoint your position in autoplay mode

NOTE: We’d appreciate feedback on your experience, and suggestions for how we might improve any future versions. Please leave feedback in Google Play or contact The app is developed in partnership with Calvium, Ltd.

Terms of use: All content on the King’s Cross, London - Streetstories Lite app is © Guardian News & Media Limited. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply when accessing content through the app. For full details, please see or

Following your download of the app, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found in the "Information" area.