Mobile Payroll by SurePayroll

From the developers of the first payroll application, Mobile Payroll for Android devices is free and available for existing SurePayroll customers.*

EASY, SECURE, and FREE! Enjoy true payroll freedom with 24/7 access at your fingertips to calculate wages, deductions, benefits, and pay employees with free direct deposit or paper check.

- Submit payroll for hourly, salary and 1099 contractors
- Enter wages and hours for payroll, vacation, sick and personal time
- Preview payroll totals and payment method to ensure accuracy
- Approve and run your payroll wherever you are in seconds
- We deposit and file your federal, state, and local payroll taxes with guaranteed accuracy
- Run your payroll even faster using SurePayroll’s One-Click™ Payroll technology**
- Calendar view of payroll deadlines, bank holidays, birthdays, and compliance updates
- Seamless integration with your existing SurePayroll online payroll account
- View detailed reports of employee and company earnings, taxes, deductions, and YTD totals
- Access employee contact information
- Free, award-winning customer service

*Not a SurePayroll Customer? Contact us:
**You must have the One-Click™ Payroll option turned on in your account.

- We are committed to protecting the privacy of your payroll information.
- All communications are protected by encryption.
- Your login session times out from inactivity.
- We never transmit account number information.
- No private information is ever stored on the device.

- Currently only supports Android OS versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2
- Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection. Existing SurePayroll customer User ID and password are required to access the payroll functions. For use by SurePayroll customers only.

Are you a SurePayroll customer? Simply download the Mobile Payroll app for Android devices to utilize mobile capabilities. No setup is required.

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Mobile Paycheck by SurePayroll

SurePayroll, developers of the first payroll application, introduce Mobile Paycheck for Android devices. This app is exclusively for active, paid employees of existing SurePayroll customers. Employees can view their paycheck anywhere, anytime.*

Mobile Paycheck enables you to securely access your paycheck information from your Android device.

EASY, SECURE, and FREE! Convenient, 24/7 access to your wages, deductions, and benefits information whether you’re paid by direct deposit or paper check. No waiting for a copy of your paystub or contacting your employer for your available vacation time.

Accuracy ensured and completely secure—Social Security Numbers and account numbers are not stored on your device. Mobile Paycheck is available to employees of SurePayroll customers that have processed at least one payroll.

Download SurePayroll’s Mobile Paycheck app optimized for your Android device and log in to access your paycheck information within seconds.**

-View paycheck details, including earnings, taxes, deductions, and YTD totals
-See used, available, and earned vacation, sick, and personal time
-Access past paycheck stubs
-Check wage rate and retirement deduction contribution rates
-View contact, state and federal tax information including marital status, dependents and extra withholding
-View multiple paychecks distributed in a single pay period
-App is available to hourly, salary, and 1099 employees

-Committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information
-All communications are protected by encryption
-Login session times out from inactivity
-Account number information is never transmitted
-Private information is never stored on your device

-Currently supports Android OS versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.
-Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection.

Are you an employer interested in SurePayroll’s Mobile Payroll app? Visit

*Available to employees of SurePayroll customers. Employers are not required to use the employer Mobile Payroll app.

**Log in with the same username and password you use to access your MyPayday account on