Between - app for couples

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Between is a private and secure way for couples to store and share their memories, providing an exclusive communication channel just between two special people. Join over 5 million global users who are enriching their relationships with the best app for couples.

- Chat: Fast, secure, and private 1-to-1 chat with specially designed stickers and stamps to help you communicate your feelings better. Never miss that important message again.

- Moments: Private photo album allows couples to store and share their intimate moments with each other. Enjoy and remember more of your favorite memories better in a timeline just for two.

- Weather Updates: Living together or apart, new weather update feature will bring couples closer together by visually showing the weather they are experiencing.

- Shared Calendar: Easy-to-use calendar to plan dates, notify partner about key appointments or travel schedules and to keep track of special days like anniversaries and birthdays.

Other features include:
- Privacy setting: Set a lock on Between app to keep it safe when phone is lost.
- Wallpapers: Customize chat background with a favorite photo and.
- Sticker Store: Check out Sticker Store to find more ways to have fun on Between.
- Memory Box: See all your favorite photos collected together with one click.
- Event Box: Find the best deals and resources to spice up your relationship

Collect every moment in a private space just for two. Whether together or apart, you will always be connected with Between. With more updates and improvements coming, it can only get better. Get started now!

To learn more about Between, see our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or visit our website using buttons located at the bottom of App Store description.

연애심리진단 by 비트윈&이음신

누구나 멋진 연애, 아름다운 사랑을 꿈꾸지만, 현실은 말처럼 쉽지 않으시죠?
이음과 비트윈에서 여러분의 연애심리를 진단해드립니다.

사랑의 낭만에 사로 잡힌 그대,
연애 쓴 맛에 지쳐 버린 그대,
혹은 연애감정이 실종 되어버린 그대.

매력적인 내가 왜 솔로일까?
왜 우린 항상 어긋나기만 할까?

고민할 시간이 없습니다.

지피지기면 백전백승!
내가 뭘 원하는 지, 내가 어떤 사랑을 꿈꾸는지,
간단한 테스트로 나의 속 마음부터 점검 해봅시다.

-연애심리진단 test 정보-
1. 솔로유형 테스트 : 매력적인 내가 솔로인 이유가 궁금하다면?
2. 연애유형 테스트 : 나에게 맞는 연애 스타일이 궁금하다면?
3. 커플유형 테스트 : 내가 하고 있는 사랑의 형태가 궁금하다면?
개발자 연락처 :
서울시 강남구 역삼동 719-35 IS 빌딩 5층 VCNC

Color Calendar

Track your feelings and mood everyday
Color Calendar helps you record how you are feeling with your favorite colors

*Key features
- Choose a color that matches your feelings
- See all of your entries in one place at a weekly, monthly and yearly level
- Record notes and view them in a diary format
- View stats on your feelings
- Make your own calendar with your favorite color theme!