The Sower, The Seed and The Hearts of Men

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Narrated by Gerald Zimmerman

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The parable of the sower was the first recorded parable that the Lord spoke. It must have been on His heart in a special way. Three of the gospel writers - Matthew, Mark and Luke - recorded it in detail. I think that its message was one that the Lord very much wanted to communicate to those who came after Him, and also to us today.

The parable talks of a sower who went out to sow. The sower was one person. In fact, the Sower is God. The seed is the gospel. We can at once see that the Sower did not vary and the seed did not vary. Only one thing varied, and that was the type of soil that received the perfect seed that was sown by the Lord.

Because there is one Sower and He sowed the same seed on all the four grounds, all differences as to what happened to the seed that was sown must be attributed to one thing only, and that one thing is the condition of the soil that received the Word.

The different soils represent different conditions of the heart. There are therefore, four conditions of the heart among the sons of men. These are:

The wayside heart,

The stony heart,

The thorny heart,

The good heart.

Whether a person’s heart is wayside, stony, thorny or good, is not decided by the Lord but by each one. God has given each one a heart that can be good, if the person so desires. However, if people prefer to have the other conditions of the heart, God, in His sovereignty, gives them the right to self-determination. God, in His love for man, has decided that He will let man exercise his sovereign right as a morally responsible being, to choose the type of heart that he wants. This is one of the greatest manifestations of God’s love for man; for true love can never impose or force an undesired thing on the object of love.

As we study the different heart conditions, bear in mind that your heart is what it is because you have made it so. However, you can alter it. You can make your heart into a condition that is different from what it is today. If the condition of your heart is what you do not want it to be, do something about it today and things will be different!

God bless you!

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Dec 24, 2018
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Time is one of the most precious gifts that the Lord has given man. In giving people the gift of time, the Lord has ensured that no one may consider himself specially favoured or disfavoured. In His wondrous love, God has given the President of a populous nation and a simple street sweeper in that nation, the same number of hours per day : twenty-four. The President has not been given a forty-eight hour day while the street sweeper has been given a twenty-four hour day. God expects the President to faithfully use the twenty-four hour day given to him, to discharge his presidential duties. He also expects the street sweeper to use the twenty-four hour day given to him, to faithfully discharge his duties as a street sweeper.

If God has given people the same length of each passing day, then how do we account for the fact that some people seem to accomplish so much and others so little?

The difference comes in the way people use the twenty-four hours of each day that the Lord has given them. Some sleep for four hours and then carefully invest the remaining twenty hours on the priority issues of their lives, and thus make impact on the world. Others sleep for eight hours everyday, then spend another eight hours doing nothing, because they are plagued with indecision, and the last eight hours are invested in non-essentials. These two groups of people, with twenty-four hour days, are investing them differently and will, consequently, reap different products from their lives.

I had the privilege of being brought up by a father who knew the importance of time and, consequently, used it wisely. When I handed the master key of my life to the Lord Jesus on 1st October 1966, the Word of God came alive in me and the godly principles in which I had been brought up (including the use of time) came alive in me and the Lord has helped me to begin to learn how to use time. At the moment, I am investing an average of 16 hours a day into the service of the Lord and as a University teacher. My goal is that one day, I shall render 18 hours of full service to God and man. I am, consequently, only a student in the School of Using Time. Some of the principles shared with you in this book have been applied and are being applied in my life for profit. My prayer is that they should be a source of blessing to you.

In writing this book, I have endeavoured not just to give you some formulae or some techniques to apply in your life. Time is a gift from the Lord and its correct use cannot be separated from a deep and increasing knowledge of Him.

The extent to which this book helps you to draw near to the Lord, know Him and use time to accomplish His will, will be the extent to which I consider that writing it has served the Father's interest, and that, to me, is wonderful.

God bless you exceedingly!

These messages that constitute the book, "The Way of Spiritual Encouragement," were written while l was away from Cameroon to seek God's face and sort out many things with Him. They have been a great blessing to me. l was shocked by what the Lord was saying to me and, by His grace, will say to those He will allow to read these messages. My own faith in Him grew as l wrote them. l have been deeply comforted to know that God is so good, so loving and so gracious. My desire is to love Him more and more.
l have received answers to many of my questions, and my problems have found solutions in Him. Somehow, in a way l cannot explain, love has welled up in my heart for all His children - my beloved brothers and sisters in Him - irrespective of whatever differences we have had. He has been good to me.
Because these messages were written over a period of ten days, l have not done very much thinking about them. l have just allowed what God has put on my heart to flow out, and sometimes He has been gracious to allow things to flow out which l had never seen.
If you approach them as the sharing of something from my heart to yours, you will, by God's grace, be blessed. If you approach them as talks on doctrine, you may have problems. l suggest that you just open your heart to God and receive what He has for you.
l pray that you should read all the messages, for it may be that what God has for your need may not be in the first message nor in the second, but somewhere else.
If you receive a little encouragement and assurance in the Lord as you read this book, l will consider that as a bonus. The blessing to my own spiritual life, received as l wrote, more than compensates me.
May the Lord God, the Author and Finisher of our faith, be magnified for all the grace that He has shown to me, who am but one of His most undeserving servants.

All the people who have made impact on history varied in many things, but they all had one thing in common - they worked hard. It is only true that “The heights by which great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but while their companions slept, they kept toiling upwards into the sky.”

The Lord has given us work to do. He desires it accomplished. If we are to accomplish that work, we must put all that we are and all that we have into it. As far as this book is concerned, we must work with all our might. Only then can we satisfy His heart.

This book is written on working hard. We acknowledge that there are other important things in the whole matter of satisfying the heart of God. In this book, we have tried to concentrate on working hard. The other aspects of satisfying God’s heart have been covered or will be covered in our other books.

You can work hard and satisfy the heart of God.

You can work hard and win an eternal reward.

You can work hard in preparation for a high rank in the Kingdom of God.

You can work hard and improve your position on earth spiritually.

You can work hard and improve your situation on earth in all ways.

What you can do, you should do.

What you should do, you must do.

What you must do, you must do it with all your might.

What you must do with all your might, you should do at once.

The Lord God worked hard and works hard.

The Lord Jesus worked hard and works hard.

The Holy Spirit is working hard.

You go and do likewise.

We have written a companion volume to this book entitled, “Deliverance from the Sin of Laziness.” Those who are lazy should read that book first and be delivered from laziness, and then, as they become free, they should read this one and master the art of working hard.

We write the book, not from a position of people who have “arrived”, but as people who are at work, mastering and applying the principles that are written here.

If you have been blessed by this book and been enabled to make more progress in working hard, please let us know and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

"BROKENNESS" by Professor Fomum, is a real classic for walking the Christian life with total abandonment to the Lord.

After the new birth, a man's spirituality is not measured by his capacity to preach great sermons, to cast out demons, or to heal the sick. Such capacities could be the manifestation of spiritual gifts, which are received from God, regardless of who the person is. Such a person may

be totally unrecognizable at the slightest provocation,be selfish and self-centred,love sin,hide or blame others for his mistakes and failures,get worried when faced with the least problem, and act before he has prayed about it,etc.

This talks of an unbroken life in which, unfortunately, most believers who truly confess the name of the Lord, find themselves several years after conversion.

The purpose of God in the new creation is to produce people who attain spiritual maturity, by quickly attaining the stature of broken men and women. God does it through the cross, to break and destroy the natural man and, by the work of the Holy Spirit, to build the character of Christ in the believer. Brokenness therefore depends on the degree to which a person has allowed the cross and the Holy Spirit to work in him.

Taking Jacob's life as a basis, the author shows how one can go from the state of the natural man (unconverted) to that of a carnal believer (unbroken), then to that of a spiritual believer (broken); that is, a life in which the believer belongs totally to the Lord,

allows free access to God in the minutest details of his life, no longer presents any obstacle to God.

Listen to this book. It will challenge you and help you to make progress on the pathway of brokenness, to such an extent that you will soon be able to confess with apostle Paul, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me."

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