Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and contain intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, spanking, whips, bondage, humiliation, discipline, punishment, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Rewards and Punishments contains three BDSM-themed stories of intense eroticism, dominance and submission, discipline, spanking, and humiliation in all forms.

The Dinner Party Centerpiece
Erica's dominant, Jonathon, has come up with an interesting way to involve her in a dinner party he intends to throw for some of his old law school friends. Although she is self-conscious around the high society that Jonathon moves in, he is going to have her serve the food over the course of the evening and has designed a very special outfit for her to wear for the occasion. The guests of the party will be given buttons to trigger a vibrating harness underneath Erica's dress and are encouraged to use it as a way of thanking her for her prompt service. If that weren't enough, an already horrified Erica is told that the penalty of spill or misstep will be to serve dessert without the harness, or the dress. As the night unfolds, her attempts to avoid this terrifying prospect may accomplish nothing but to place her at the center of a spectacle more provocative than anything originally planned.

Awakening of a Submissive
When Annie agrees to accompany her dom to visit an old friend of his in the BDSM scene, she does so to make him happy, but the prospect of engaging in role-play with a strange man terrifies her. Her introduction to Christian Fortier and a glimpse of his treatment of the women that live with him in his Cambridge townhouse only intensify her apprehension, although other, more confusing emotions begin to make themselves known within her as well. If she can only open herself to his experienced and almost invasively perceptive control, this mysterious figure offers to banish her confusion and show her the depths and rewards of submission beyond anything she has encountered before.

Over My Boss's Knee
Emma's young and handsome boss has always taken a special interest in her, ever since she first came to work for him at the age of sixteen. After Emma loses the order form of a very important client, he punishes her as he often has before: with a sound spanking. But on this occasion, she settles onto his lap to savor her punishment under his strong hands only soon to find herself in the throes of a very loud orgasm. When questioned, she is forced to admit that she has always been hopelessly aroused by the discipline her boss administers. Now that all feelings are out in the open, will this day prove a nightmare or fulfill the fantasy she has never allowed herself to believe was possible?

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Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, billionaires, spanking, humiliation, forced exhibitionism, discipline, punishment, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Twenty-three year old Joanna Crawford is not happy to drop out of culinary school and take a job at the Armistead Mansion, but sacrificing her own desires to help those in need around her has always been her most basic instinct. Little can she know that this apparent setback will blossom into a life-changing sexual and emotional journey. 'A Series of Misdeeds' follows Joanna as she begins her employment only to find herself transgressing boundaries that bring her to the attentions of the Armistead family's mysterious heir. Once subjected to his increasingly personalized discipline regimen for her, her initial resistance is not enough to escape the wealth of emotions and desires that the games of this enigmatic aristocrat excite in her.

Once again, he ended contact. I heard his footsteps take him a few feet away. "What to do with you," he was musing to himself. "That is the question now. What do you fear? What are your insecurities? That is the question indeed. I would be a poor specimen if I could not answer those questions by now." He continued to pace. "If our last two meetings have shown me anything it is that pain excites you."
"What?" I protested. "No, it doesn't."
"Of course it does, Joanna. Eventually you will give up lying to me, but so be it. Deny it for now, if that is your instinct. What is important is that pain is not a suitable demonstration." I could hear him his steps quickening, a sadistic enthusiasm in his voice. My only recourse was to feign unconcern as I listened to him trying to guess my deepest fears in order to realize them upon me. "You are easily embarrassed. I have noticed that about you. Perhaps some form of humiliation would be appropriate. Does that sound interesting? Would that have an impact on you?"
I fixed my face into what I hoped was a display of apathy. "Not really."
But he must have caught something in my voice. "Are you sure?"
"Perhaps. Perhaps if I made it a little less abstract, you would have a better idea of what we are talking about. Are you ashamed of your body?"
"Of course not. It is not, on the whole, something to be that embarrassed by, I suppose. But that does not mean that you are comfortable naked, does it? They are hardly the same thing. I remember when you were last here, you fought against being stripped of your clothes. It was a surprisingly fierce display, I must say. The look of horror on your face when you first felt your blouse being undone was quite exquisite. The memory has brought a smile to my lips on several occasions. And then, when Margaret had taken off your skirt and bra and was coming back for your panties, the way you seized at the wasteband and tugged at them. You were a pitiful sight at that moment. It was as though your last shred of dignity was woven into that little garment and you were holding on as though your life depended on it."
I found myself unconsciously clenching my legs together as he described it, even as I felt a little liquid leak out of me. I was simultaneously mortified and aroused, but I didn't dare let either of those emotions show.
"Yes, I think it had a rather strong affect on you," he went on. "I am quite sure of it. But is it really that embarrassing to be naked in private? I would think it would be much more impactful if it all happened in a more public setting, don't you think?"
I caught my breath a little as I realized what he was saying. Ah, he would have seen my reaction. I clamped my jaw shut, but it was too late. I had given him everything he needed.
"Yes, the more I think about it, the more appropriate it sounds. Do you think that would have an impact on you, Joanna? To be paraded around naked in front of the staff? It would not be so many. I only have about fifteen people on hand. Perhaps if I had you showed off, that might be a memorable experience for you, wouldn't it?"
"No, it wouldn't." I couldn't even sound casual now. My only layer of deception lay in the literal words themselves.
Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, taboo teacher/student relations, discipline, spanking, humiliation, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older

School Discipline contains three stories of discipline, submission, dominance, and humiliation in the classroom.

Disciplining the Teacher
If she's being honest, Sandra Rogers sometimes enjoys jerking around the male college students in her classes … but when she goes too far with her bad marks, she finds out there's someone in her class who won't get pushed too far. Jackson, an undergraduate after completing his military service, has discovered a dirty little secret that Sandra will do anything to keep from getting out into the open. He's willing to keep this secret between them, but he wants to be sure that still gets the punishment she so very much deserves.

Caught By My Professor
Rachel Stanton has always found ways of using her good looks to get ahead, and when she arrives in college it doesn't look like that's going to have to change. But her easy ride runs out when her professor Alex Cossaign notices her flirting with a classmate only to copy his course work. The handsome professor decides it's time to teach her a little personal responsibility and maybe show the flirtatious young woman just what a man who actually knows how to handle her charms looks like.

Naughty Rumors
Annie doesn't know why she started the rumor about Professor Richardson, her handsome and popular literature professor. Maybe it was just a plea for attention, or maybe it was just a way of making a long-hidden fantasy become slightly real. But whatever the reason, the rumors have made their way to the Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Clay himself, and when Annie is called down to the office on a Friday afternoon, she finds out he's heard a lot more. Once past the initial mortification, she can admit she's probably earned the spanking she'll get, but did he really have to tell Professor Richardson about the whole thing, too?


"I'm going to punish you, Sandra," he explained, his hand undoing the zipper and allowing the skirt to open and fall to the floor. I clutched a hand over my panties. "You don't seem to be grasping that reality. It's either me or the Chair of your Department. Which one do you want it to be?"

I stared at him, caught in an impossible place. I had no one to blame but myself. Why had I done it? And now I was completely at his mercy.


"You," I whispered.

"Me? You want me to punish you?"

I grimaced, trying to think of some other option.

"Sandra? What's it going to be?"

"... Yes."

The smile returned to his face. "That's a good girl. I thought you'd see it my way. It just took a little explaining. Now bend down and pick up your skirt and hand it to me. I'd hate to let it wrinkle down there."

The deep crimson blush of humiliation was rising in my face as I stared at him, paralyzed.

"Sandra," he repeated, pointing at my fallen garment.

I slid my back down the wall until I felt the rumpled fabric in my hand. I stepped out of it and rose with it draped from my limp fingers.

Jackson held out his hand for it and I gave it to him. He folded it with care, placed it on the desk behind him, and then turned back to me. He eyed me up and down, evaluating the woman standing before him. I was supposed to be the authority figure, but how fast the tables had turned. I felt the blush in my cheeks burning hotter than ever as I felt his eyes roving my trembling body. Other, more conflicted and confusing emotions were playing about inside me as well as I noticed the slight quickening of his breath and the desire in his eyes.
Short on cash, Megan decides to prove to her disbelieving friends that volunteering as a model patient for medical school classes is an easy way to make some quick money. How hard can it be? But before she knows what's happening, there she is up on an exam table with a whole class watching as the demonstration exam starts to expose parts of her she planned on keeping covered. At first she might not be sure whether she's mortified or turned on, but soon enough it's clear to everyone just exactly how it's all affecting her ... and what the doctor's going to do about it.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a medical exam, exhibition and public nudity, multiple partners and rough group sex, a handsome older doctor and a fertile younger patient, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

But it was hard to keep that attitude as I started to change. Even having kept my panties and bra on, the medical gown felt like it was much too thin and much too short. It was like wearing a sheet of paper, and there was going to be a group of med students coming in here any minute. I looked down at myself in consternation. This might end up being more than I bargained for, but was that the end of the world? It was still thirty bucks. What did I care if they wanted to put a stethoscope on my chest or ... I didn't know, hit my knee with one of those little rubber hammers. The medical gown was probably just a formality. They were training to be doctors, after all, and doctors were supposed to look at the human body as just an interesting science object or something.

It was only another minute into my slightly worried internal monologue when the door to the large room clicked open again.

I turned to see a group of people filing in. There were about ten, and they all looked like they were maybe 25 to 30. I felt myself blush slightly as my eyes passed over a couple of very cute guys maybe a little bit closer to my age. At least I had taken the precaution of wearing my cutest panties, if worst came to worst.

A slightly older man appeared behind them, ushering them in. He looked like he was in his late thirties, with just a hint of salt and pepper in his stubble contrasting with his short, dark hair. His face was strong and he moved through the others with the easy authority that left no doubt he was the man in charge.
Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, humiliation, discipline, punishment, forced exhibition, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Her submission is personal, but her humiliation will be public ?
His to Expose contains three stories of submission and dominance, forced exhibition, humiliation, and discipline.

The See-Through Outfit
Since coming to live with her dominant Robert, neglect and boredom have become things of Jen's past. When she finishes her to do list and goes to him for a little excitement and attention, little does she know that he has in mind will bring her as much excitement and attention as she will be able to handle. Although Robert begins their outing by bribing Jen with a gift from a sex shop, he is well aware that she secretly enjoys his hobby of putting her in compromising and often humiliating public situations. Her secret's safe with him, of course, but as for the rest of what she might try to keep covered up ? it's all fair game.

Robert has found a new toy, and he believes he has a way to program it so that it will measure a woman's arousal. When he catches Jen ogling a group of male models across the street from where they are having dinner, he decides to bring her in on his little experiment. If she can control herself and her body's responses while sitting through a male underwear fashion show, she'll be free to spend the rest of her vacation exactly how she wants. Eager to please and a little tipsy, Jen boasts that the challenge will be easy, but Robert knows her too well. For each threshold you pass on the thermometer, he adds, you take off a piece of clothing right there and then. Jen agrees, secretly turned on by such high stakes, but she knows that if she isn't careful, arousal and humiliation will form a compounding feedback loop that will leave her the center of an impromptu exhibition more than sufficient to steal the show.

Unfair Comparisons
Jen's partner Robert has always been a gentle and forgiving dominant, often indulging her whims and preferring to let her play her part rather than resort to harsh discipline or exploit her naturally trusting ways. But Jen's obedience has begun to slip, and Robert is forced to accept that a change is needed. To begin anew, he invites a fellow dominant and his submissive to dinner, thinking that their much stricter relationship might provide the eye opener he is loathe to inflict directly on his supposedly fragile submissive. Jen is excited at the prospect, but soon realizes that the evening will be far more intense than she is prepared for. As the night escalates, she will find herself torn between her natural reservations and the need to prove herself an equal of the visiting submissive in the eyes of their men. In shockingly little time, the drive to prove her devotion and obedience will have her doing things she never thought she could do ? and still falling short.

"Jen?" I heard his voice call out softly.
"Here, sir," I said through the crack.
"Pass me out your clothes, please."
I squirmed as conflicting emotions of dismay and excitement fought within me. He didn't want to give me any choice. He didn't want me to see what he had picked out for me until I had already committed and until I couldn't say no.
Reluctantly, I folded my skirt and blouse and passed them under the door.
"Panties and bra, too, Jen," he insisted.
A knee-jerk objection caught in my throat and I stared helplessly at myself in the little changing room mirror. I didn't know if I was ready for this, and yet ... I trusted him. It was so much easier to just be his, do what he wanted and lose myself in the aftermath, good and bad, without any of the responsibility. It felt so good, being his, that it almost didn't matter. What happened happened.
"Yes, sir," I said, not trying to hide the quaver in my voice. In the end, I always did as he asked, but I wanted him to know that this prospect frightened me more than a little.
I stepped out of my panties and unclasped my bra, trying to imagine myself in the comfort of our home and not in the back of an unfamiliar department store with nothing to cover myself.
"Thank you," he said as he took the precious garments from my proffered hand. There was a rustling, and then a little bundle replaced them under the door frame.
I picked it up and waited for more. Perhaps it just looked small. I unrolled the cloth and spread it on the bench. My heart sank. What I had at first taken for one garment was in fact two. The tank top was simple, unadorned, and very thin. When I rolled the cloth in my hand, I could see my fingers on the other side. Folded inside the top was a skirt. The fabric was a bit thicker, but it was so short that it did not stretch more than halfway from my wrist to my elbow. I looked at them in dismay, and turned back to the door.
Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, humiliation, discipline, multiple partners, forced exhibition, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Jennifer's dominant, Robert, has applied for the two of them to become members in the highly exclusive Tremboix Society, a BDSM network of the city's most powerful and influential. Though Robert Daniels surely falls within that category, he agrees that they must go through the Tremboix's rigorous screening process. Rather than questionnaires or resumes, the Tremboix uses only one metric to assess potential couples: the worthiness of the submissive. So it is that Jennifer finds herself standing alone before a gathering of the city's most powerful and sexually dominant men with only one task: obey.

"Any woman can give in to a little rough sex," he went on. "A firm hand or even a couple tight knots and most women think they've learned what it is to give in and submit."
His hand brushed upwards from my hip, caressing the side of my breast almost imperceptibly, and then ran back down and out over my sensitive stomach. He felt me trembling in his hands - felt each little, automatic response to every contact he made with me. The hand rose again and cupped my right breast, teasing at the nipple ever so lightly. I felt myself thrusting my chest into his hand, begging for more substantial stimulation, but his hand withdrew in just far enough to maintain its infuriating lightness.
All the while, the other hand worked its delicate touch up my thigh, claiming my body as his one inch at a time.
As he continued to speak, his tone became quieter and more seductive, almost hypnotic. "But me, I can tell when a woman is truly, utterly powerless. It doesn't have anything at all to do with ropes." The tips of his fingers brushed the lace of my panties.
"Do you know what I mean, Jennifer?"
"Yes," I gasped. I felt paralyzed by need, not just his touch but his orchestration. He was playing my body, and every note seemed to match a perfect harmony I had never listened for before. All the while it seemed that the air I breathed was of nothing but his scent, issuing me deeper into his world of physical bliss.
"Yes, sir," I repeated slightly less breathlessly in an attempt to hide my state from the onlookers. Jack, of course, knew precisely what he was doing to me. There was no concealing this experience from him. I would be safe in his arms, his touch told me. I could let myself go.
Is there anything hotter than an inexperienced, fertile patient falling into the grasp of handsome alpha doctors who know exactly what they want and how to get it?

The women in these stories won't be able to hide anything - not even how much they like it - as the hands-on exams get hot and heavy very fast, and no one's going to be pulling out.

Reader Advisory: These stores are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, medical exams, handsome older doctors and fertile younger patients, multiple partners and rough group sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

But his hands were still on me, so that was close enough for the moment. They moved down my torso in exploratory motions.

He pressed against my chest, slow but firm. His hands cupped by breasts, his thumbs pushing and caressing. A slight breath escaped my lips. My eyes were closed as I lay back, giving him access in spite of myself.

I stiffened as I felt his hand move to my thigh, but my eyes remained shut. He was touching me where no one had ever touched me before. Was this allowed? Was this wrong? Was this supposed to be happening?

It felt wrong and forbidden and yet I had been told to be a good girl and be obedient. This must be right. This must be what was supposed to happen, and I just didn't know how the world worked. There was so much I didn't know, and so much that Dr. Clayton could teach me.

His touches seemed to be less and less evaluatory and more and more appreciative. This didn't feel like an exam any more. It felt like ... I opened my eyes.
Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, humiliation, discipline, punishment, forced exhibition, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Jennifer's first hours in her new master's house have been intense ones, but she knows they have only scratched the surface. Before she has done little more than catch her breath, it's time to meet the other submissives in the master's household and learn just exactly what she has gotten herself into. Far from being allowed to wade in slowly, Jennifer's initiation into this tight little community will mean getting tossed directly into the center of its many different flavors of discipline and power play. By the time her first morning has come to a close, she will have a lot more to think about than why there isn't a number on the mailbox.

"Yes, Master," several of them agreed and the others nodded obediently.
"Her shorter time here makes it all the more important that her experience is a positive one."
Again they agreed, smiles breaking onto some of their faces. I could feel excitement rising in the room.
There was a slight teasing note in Master's voice. It was as though he and the women at the table were in on an inside joke, as though they all knew what was coming and Master was being deliberately slow in getting to it: tantalizing them under the guise of introducing me.
Slowly, Master strode to the head of the table, a hand stroking his chin and that infectiously mischievous smile on his lips.
"For those of you who haven't heard," he went on, "Jennifer and I encountered eachother at her audition for the Tremboix Society. Isn't that right?"
"Yes, Master," I agreed.
He nodded, his hands splayed lazily on the wooden table and his eyes closed. "Quite a performance."
A slight rustling passed through his audience.
When he reopened his eyes, they fell as though by coincidence upon a small spiral-bound notebook lying in the center of the table which I had not noticed.
"And what's that? The Log?" he said as though surprised.
He reached out one hand and drew it towards him. A collective shiver along the table confirmed that whatever had everyone so on edge had a great deal to do with that unremarkable little book. He licked a finger, drew it open, and flicked through several pages.
"My goodness," he said. "Look at this. Would you look at this. Four days I'm away and you ladies acquire a rap-sheet like this?" He tutted softly, turning a page back and then forward again. "Now I understand the nervousness. We have some serious accounts that need settling, don't we?"
The sighs and shivering had stopped. He now commanded the room in utter silence.
"Who was my record keeper this week?" he asked.
"Me, Master," a blonde woman seated two down from the end answered him. She had long, elegant limbs and a delicate face that was fixed in an expression of nervous expectation: a strange mixture of dread and excitement. Even sitting down she was two inches taller than the women to either side of her, and her pale skin was flushed.
Master shook his head and tutted again. "Naomi, Naomi, Naomi. All this happens when I leave you in charge?"
Naomi seemed to be holding her breath.
Master looked at her paralyzed, blushing form. "That's ten spanks, isn't it? For a house poorly run?"
Around the table the women nodded in confirmation.
"Would you come up here, please, where everyone can see you?"
Naomi rose carefully from her chair and made her way around the table. Master took his own chair and turned it around so that the back of it faced the room.
Naomi stopped beside him and stood waiting with nervous hands clasped over her bare stomach.
"Apologize to everybody, please. They are going to be punished because you couldn't keep them in line. If you had done your job, none of this would be necessary."
She turned and faced the onlookers. "I'm sorry," she said in a weak voice. "I should have been better."
She seemed to include me in her apology. Not yet understanding what that meant, I took it to be flattering. Already I was a part of something.
When nurse Jane Lewis is transferred to a new department, she's told very little about the powerful but unconventional doctor she'll be working under. Dr. Rowley is certainly good at treating patients, but it's also rumored he runs a restricted research facility adjoining the hospital. When Jane decides to discover these secrets for herself, she has no idea what's in store - or that her naive eagerness might land her the position of his newest test subject.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a handsome and dominating older doctor and a receptive younger nurse, bondage, denial, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

As I approached, more and more of the room became visible. Several medical instruments were pushed back near the windows, partially obscuring the view. The walls were painted in that same crisp medical white as the rest of the building. A slight beeping was coming from inside. I drew up against them and peered in through the gap between two of the machines.

Stifling a gasp, I ducked below the bottom of the glass and crouched there, my heart hammering in my chest. I had seen movement. Someone was in there, being very still but whoever it was had moved. I had seen someone sitting in a chair of some sort.

Very, very slowly, I rose up to peek through the bottom of the window. Recognition of what I was seeing worked its way into my brain and again I had to stifle a gasp, although this time I did not turn away.
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