Submission (Curves Boxed Set) (BBW Erotica Romance)

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‘SUBMISSION’ is the latest boxed
set release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those
who love short stories where full-figured women, not only get their gorgeous
guys, but enjoy a little BDSM on the side.


35000 words


*Please note that this story contains very explicit
descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for extreme genital
arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.


Matched with the Sheikh:

Carla Westmoreland was the best
at finding others their soul mate. But when she gets a request to find a match
for a mysterious sheikh, she’s surprised. Wanting to know what the companion
would have to do for the powerful prince, Carla enters into a sexual adventure
of wealth and lust beyond her wildest dreams. The question is, will Carla find
her own soul mate in the process or be consumed by the libidinous passions of
the alpha male sheikh.


Spanking Her Curves:

Bella Jacobs thought that her
curvy body prevented her from finding a great guy. Dylan Cole, her best friend
with the lean body, rippling abs and stunning eyes didn’t think so. And
whenever Bella disagreed, he put her over his knees and gave her a friendly
spanking as punishment. But when his hand stopped spanking and starts
seductively caressing Bella’s bare bottom, it ignites Bella’s deeply suppressed
passion for Dylan, and she must decide if she will let her passion change their
lives forever.


Dominating Her Curves:

Renee Wheatley thought that her
full figured curves would stop her from capturing the attention of her
billionaire boss’s gorgeous son. She was wrong. Time stood still when their
eyes met. Risking her career to see him again, Renee finds him steely-eyed and
shirtless in his hotel room. And staring at his rippling abs and bulging jeans,
she must decide if she can escape her inner ‘good girl’ long enough to have
everything she ever wanted with the powerful man of her dreams.


He Makes Me:

Plus-sized beauty Keisha Wallace is
in complete control of her life. She has the career, the respect and the money.
From the outside her life looks perfect. But spending her nights alone she
knows that a woman can’t feel like a woman without a good man. Kevin fits the
bill. Built, toned and successful he was everything she ever wanted. But
between the most sensual sex of her life, can Keisha get out of her own way
long enough to have him? Perhaps, if he makes her.



“The companion we seek must be
perfect.  She will be retained for six
months, and must be willing to sign a contract.”


Carla cleared her throat
softly.  “Six months… I’m not sure you
understand the nature of my services, Mr., ah…” 
She trailed off awkwardly, realizing he had never given her his name.


“Sands,” he supplied.  “We are quite aware of your typical services,
Miss Westmoreland.  This is a special
request.”  Carla detected a mild rebuke
in his tone, as if she was being chastised for not paying attention.


“Yes, you did say that,” she
replied, willing to accept a chiding but unwilling to let him bully her into
providing something that seemed wrong. 
“But, Mr. Sands, I can’t very well ask the women who trust me to help
them find a long-term relationship to sign up for a six-month fling.”


“It is not a fling,” Mr. Sands


“I see,” Carla said, feeling a
bit of a thrill.  ‘How mysterious and
interesting,’ she thought. “You should know that I wouldn’t be of any
assistance without meeting your employer myself.”


“That is out of the question,”
Mr. Sands replied.  “As I explained –”


The sharp trill of the phone in
front of him cut off his words.  With
some uneasy surprise, she realized that although he was hiding it pretty well,
his wide-eyed look was one of fear. 
After a moment he lifted the receiver. 
He did not speak into it right away, and Carla could hear a masculine
voice although she couldn’t make out any of the words. 


Mr. Sands listened tensely. “Of
course,” he said before carefully lowering the handset. Handing Carla a card, “He
will be expecting you at ten.  Do not be


“I won’t be,” she assured him. She didn’t know what she was
getting herself into, but her body tingled excitement.

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A girl in search of her first love meets, an untamable wolf shifter, and a hunter who has pledged to rid the forest of wolves. Enemies will become lovers in a sexy love triangle based on the classic fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.


Redina’s mother has one rule; Red can never be with any of the boys from her village. Luckily, the gorgeous naked stranger she meets on the path to her grandmother’s house isn’t from her village. Red doesn’t know where he’s from. All she knows is that he is the most beautifully broken boy she has ever seen, and she can’t help but fall for him.

It’s too bad that after giving him her riding hood to cover himself, he runs into the woods with it. And it is also too bad that Red’s riding hood is a priceless family heirloom at the center of her mother’s plot to change their family’s destiny.

Unable to return home without it, Red ventures out during a full moon to find it. What she finds instead is forbidden love, wild sex and, a secret that will not only change her future, but the direction of her kingdom.


Out of all of the pack rules that Tem breaks, entering the forbidden territory was the worst. He couldn’t help it. With the full moon approaching, a scent on the wind had aroused his wolf. The scent had been intoxicating, and the woman it was attached too was even more so.

He could never bring anyone like her home to the pack, however. His kind was wild and she was delicate. But, maybe there was another way he could be with her. That is as long as the lone wolf can stay away the hunter who threatened to kill him and wipe out his kind.


Hunter hasn’t had an easy life. His first master cared so little about him that he never even gave him a name. So, when Hunter later meets a boy and falls in love for the first time, his life is reborn… making it even worse when that boy is brutally killed by wolves once again leaving him alone.

Devastated and wrought with pain, Hunter vowed to kill every wolf in the kingdom as revenge. Ten years later, he has almost done that. But, how could he have known that one day he would meet a wolf like Tem? Hating him when they first meet, Hunter quickly learns that there is more to Tem than meets the eye. And with Red, the only woman he has ever loved, begging Hunter to give Tem a chance, their love triangle could change the direction of the kingdom.

With wild days and very steamy nights, ‘Her Red Hood’ is an ultra-high heat, bisexual menage, wolf shifter romance. With explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes, this standalone story will take you through endless twists and turns before arriving at its not-to-be-missed HEA ending!

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Dec 5, 2013
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Fiction / Romance / Erotica
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SHEIKH’S HEIR 2’ is the sequel to the #1 international bestseller ‘Bred
for the Sheikh’s Heir’ by Alex Anders. It is for readers who love short
stories where innocent virgins are swept away by powerful alpha males
who demand submission and enjoy BDSM.

Emma Cole returned home
from Dubai thinking only of Nadeem, her powerful Sheikh. But when her
name is announced over the plane’s speakers, her return is detoured. A
royal plane and the Sheikh are waiting for her. Is it Nadeem, or is it
the gorgeous and mysterious man of her dreams? And if it isn’t Nadeem,
then what will this new alpha male do to overpower Emma’s loyalty to her
royal master? How will he command her submission? And why is he doing

*Please note that this story contains erotic and sexual situations tastefully written for mature readers only.

of this as your new home, your nursery. Living here, you will bloom
into a princess like you have never imagined,” the Sheikh said.

those warm words he took a step toward her. Emma recoiled toward the
headboard. The Sheikh tensed and his brow furrowed in thought.

“You know, Emma? I don’t have to ask for what is mine.”

inhaled sharply. Her pulse raced with fear and surprising arousal. She
waited for him to step toward her again. “If you come any closer I’ll
scream,” she cried in desperation.

The Sheikh stared at her
impassively. He gave nothing away on his handsome face. “And what do you
think that will achieve? Everyone here knows who owns you. It’s me
Emma. I own you.”

Emma’s heart raced at his words and her traitorous loins contracted achingly.

will stay in this room until you are ready to bloom,” he announced as
he turned. Turning back toward her, his eyes burned. “But you should
know, I am not infinitely patient.”

A chill ran down Emma’s spine. His words almost sounded like a threat. What would he do to her?

him leave, she fell onto the bed with tears threatening to spill down
her cheeks. What would she do next? She couldn’t be sure.

‘WHAT THE BILLIONAIRE WANTS’ is the latest boxed set release
from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love
short stories where innocent young women are swept away by powerful alpha male
billionaires who demand submission and enjoy BDSM.


Includes: The #1 EROTIC BESTSELLER in France


31000 words


*Please note that this story contains very explicit
descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for extreme genital
arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.


To Please The Billionaire:

Annie Hill was never appreciated by boys. She was hard
working, self-reliant and didn’t need a man. But lonely and venerable one
night, she is approached by Jarvis. His wealthy employer wants to hire her as a
dinner companion in exchange for a penthouse, a salary and a 5 figure wardrobe
stipend. It’s an opportunity Annie can’t pass. But when Annie’s handsome,
powerful benefactor offers her everything she could ever desire in exchange for
her acceptance of a mysteriously gift, Annie finds herself in a secret world of
unimaginable sexual pleasures, that changes her life forever.


Serving the Billionaire:

Rachel’s heart stopped when he entered the restaurant. He
was rugged and sexy. His smile lit the room, but the darkness in his eyes
hinted to more. Drawn her into his sports car, he sped her away to a world of
luxury and privilege leaving all of her troubles behind. Rachel breathed in his
passion like a drug. To leave him was like death; but to be with him was to
dance with the demons.


As He Desires:

Rebecca Prichard wasn’t looking for love. She wasn’t looking
for a good time. What she wanted more than anything was a job. But nearly
broken by her difficulties, she made a deal with herself; at her friend’s
wedding, she would become someone else. It was her uninhibited alter ego that
first saw HIM. His sensual green eyes and the dark mystery that surrounded him
tore open a crack in her. Craving his touch like a drug, she followed him into
his limousine. And entering a world of dangerous sex, wealth and privilege,
Rebecca’s life would change forever.


Rescued by the Billionaire:

Raven knows two things for sure: She stands in the dark,
naked and bound by the wrists; and there is a powerful naked man with her
seducing her mind as much as her body. Needing to know how she got there, Raven
relives her life and death journey as a mysterious man from her past rescued
her from a car crash off of a mountain cliff during the worst snow storm in 100
years. Unsure of who is now seducing her will, she must piece together her
journey there in order to discover who she should run towards and who she must



Annie continued to stare at the
illuminated nighttime city skyline as she felt the man's warm hand touch her
leg. He was standing behind her exploring her body and she didn't know what to
do. Freezing as she did in the doorway, she followed his touch as it separated
into 5 fingertips that massaged even further between her legs.


Annie's face flushed as she
explored her feelings. No man had touched her there since her awkward
16-year-old boyfriend had accidently taken her virginity from her. She hadn't
meant to have sex with him, but in the confusion of fingers and touches, she
had lost her innocence regretting every moment once she had.


This man's touch wasn't like the
16-year-old's, though. This one's seemed to know what he was doing. It was like
he was strumming a cord that led deep into her nether region. And every time he
plucked it, she fell further under his spell.


As the man's large hands touched
the delicate cotton of her panties, Annie could barely breathe. Fighting for
breath words tumbled out of her mouth. “I was told that sex wouldn't be


“Sex isn't required,” he
casually replied. “You may go if you'd like.”


Though allowing her to leave
with his words, his hands were another story. His fingers, with their gentle
exploration, demanded her to stay. Before she knew it, her pelvis rocked under
his touch like a building swaying in the wind. And as his fingers found her
engorged nub, Annie gave in.


Annie swallowed as her head
rocked from side to side. Again feeling her mind float away she lost herself in
the undulations of his rubbing. Her panties were becoming wet and she knew it.
She didn't know what she would unleash if she let herself go in his hands but
unable to move, she knew she had no choice but to find out.


Annie's teeth chattered as a
powerful feeling worked its way into her loins. As a rule, she never touched
herself and now possessed with lust, she felt unprepared. She wanted to scream
but couldn't. She wanted to fall to the ground but couldn't. All she could do
was quiver and shake as the pleasure that he gave her overwhelmed her thoughts.
And as if in a waking dream, she was overcome by a tidal wave of emotions that
painted imagines under her eyelids in shimmering shades of red and pink. She
had never felt so alive, and when her loins pulsed, every muscle in her body
clamped and released in pleasure.

 What if you had to choose between a guy who gives you
everything you want, and a guy who gives you everything you need?

The curvy, former wallflower, Sakina Lightbourn, never imagined
what her life would become when she met Dax, the super-sexy boy from her class.
She couldn’t have imagined being caught in the middle of a werewolf pack war;
nor could she guess whose side she would be on. Certainly the dark and bruting
Lane Lafleur made her body quiver with his rippling hotness, but how could she
turn down a guy with his own island… especially when being caged during her
last turn almost drove her insane?

But as the next full moon approaches like a thousand
marching footsteps, will this be when she gives up on her love? Or, will she do
the unexpected and fight for him? How far will she go to get the guy she loves
in the place she needs him? And who will she sacrifice to get it?

With the full moon rising and the tension reaching climax,
will Sakina finally become the person she needs to be in order to save everyone
she loves? Or will this be the moment when the wallflower returns and she is
claimed by her alpha?

‘CLAIMED BY HER ALPHA’ is book 3 of the Packed series from
international bestselling author Alex Anders. This hot new adult adventure is
for those who love continuous stories where full-figured young women are swept
away by a hot alpha male werewolf, while dealing with their family drama, and
the conflict that comes with being claimed by 2 warring wolf packs.

45,000 words

* This romantic, new adult adventure contains graphic
descriptions of sex written to create extreme arousal in the reader. 

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