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 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "An action-packed, fun and intelligent adventure into the unknown." -


Enemy activity had fallen into an eerie calm, but everyone felt the coming storm—a terrible storm, poised to unleash its fury upon the galaxy. It seemed as though the entire universe was holding its breath. Waiting. Whether waiting for the salvation of mankind or its demise was yet unclear.

He set out to prove a theory. Now he’s racing to save the galaxy from his mistake.

Along with his newly found, rag-tag band of alien friends, Nick Bannon battles to keep his devastating technology out of the hands of the biomechanoid race known as the Mok’tu.

Nick is flung to a distant world when his hyperspace experiment goes awry. Technology can always be used for good or evil and now his peaceful experiment could become a horrific weapon of a malicious alien race. Every species in the galaxy is in danger of total annihilation and it may take one man’s greatest sacrifice to stop it.

Full 86,000 word space opera novel! 

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Sci-fi, Space Opera, Nanites, Hyperspace, Aliens, First Contact, Action, Adventure, Fun, Series, scifi, robot, mechanoid, prophecy, queen, battle, stargate, red shirts, takei, battle

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  I found "The Hyperspace Project" to be an immensely enjoyable read. I kept picturing Harrison Ford, but with the Indiana Jones personality, but in a Blade Runner world as Nick Bannon. The pacing was great, Swan did an awesome job giving just enough desription of the new technology and alien races without dragging the story into a grinding halt. The story had a feel good sense that I got from watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" - where you get to know the characters to the point where you actually want to meet themand have a few drinks at a dive bar to hear more stories.

The dialogue and writing were top notch - and it was clear that this story was thought out before Swan committed it to paper. With all of the rehashes (really - can we do a Spiderman reboot just one more time please.....) it is nice to meet some new characters in a new adventure - and it doesn't have to end here, since Swan already has book two on the shelves.

Highly recommend this book for lovers of sci fi!!!" - Nathan Merceron

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "5 star sci-fi adventure - this book is FUN. The start of a new series, Book 1 : Awakenings does not disappoint. It has all the elements I desire in a good space adventure story - a reluctant hero fumbling his/her way through new alien space, interesting and unique aliens, exciting twists and turns, a good overall plot and a whole lot of fun. I am right on board the Hyperspace wagon, eagerly awaiting book 2, which means book 1 gets the OMGMOAR 5 star award from Tracing The Stars."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A lost Queen. An ancient prophecy. Worlds caught in an interstellar war between two malevolent alien races. Hyperspace, Nanites, Biomechanoids with a mysterious past. The Hyperspace Project is non-stop action and lots of fun." -John S.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I really enjoyed this book. There is a lot of action, but it's well balanced. If you like Star Trek or shows like Stargate, then I think you'll like this book. Fun characters and a story that flows well. Some good futuristic science too. (Nanites, hyperspace, gadgets etc.) I only wish that the second book was already available. There is also an interesting extra chapter that can be unlocked with clues from the book. That added an extra bit of fun to it as well." -Sara,



Karg woke to the sound of explosions rocking the ship. "Karg! Get to Bay One, we're about to have company!" Arya's voice demanded over his com-badge.
Karg fell out of bed onto his knees. The rumble of multiple blasts to the hull rang through his room. "What...what's going on? Arya?"
"Karg! Get your arsk to Bay One! Now!" The sounds of explosions on the bridge almost drowned out Arya's voice. "Raiders!"
"Frek!" Karg grumbled. He flew out of the door into the corridor, driving a passing Meth into the wall as they collided. The Meth crewmember stumbled to his feet in his cumbersome environmental suit and continued on his way. Karg was too distracted to apologize. He hopped down the hallway attempting to get a foot into his boot and still shaking off his grogginess. He finally got his feet stuffed into his boots before rounding the corner into Bay One. The fury of plasma blasts hitting the hull reverberated through the hangar like a giant drum. "I'm in Bay One. What the hetek is going on out there?"
Karg waited for what seemed like forever for an answer. The silence on the com had him worried. Finally, Arya replied. "Raiders. Everywhere. Too small and fast. Can't get a clear shot. Can't outrun them."
Suddenly Karg's com-badge screeched and whined. Then a strange voice broke in. "Captain of the Ashok, surrender and I may let your crew live."
Karg waited tensely through the long pause. Arya didn't appear to be responding to the raider's demands.
"Let me talk to Arnon," the voice demanded.
On the bridge, Arya sat tall and straight in the Captain's chair, glaring at the main view screen. An unkempt, scarred face stared back at her. Typical raider scum, in need of a good bath and some manners. At least over the vid-link she was spared from his stench.
All her training and time spent watching Argos command the ship had prepared her for this moment. "Raider baskurt. This is Captain Arya of the Ashok. I have been lenient with you so far, but do not try my patience. Perhaps you have heard about how we recently destroyed a Mok'tu Star-Killer. Leave now or suffer the same fate."
The commander of the raiders smirked. "Yeah I've heard of you alright. And I've heard about that weapon of yours. A weapon of that power would be worth a lot of credits. Way I hear it, that weapon could probably rip apart a whole planet. The fact that a craft that small can unleash that kind of power has me shakin' in my boots." The commander gave a sarcastic laugh. "The thing is...that weapon may be scary powerful when it's launched, but right now it's sitting safely aboard your ship. Now surrender before I take your ship apart, piece by piece!"
Arya's mind raced. They knew about the hyperspace ship, but they thought it was still aboard the Ashok. How could she use that to her advantage? And Arnon? How did they know Arnon?
"I've called your bluff, missy," the commander chided.  "Time to pay up."
"Commander Scumbag," she began, taunting him with insults. "I do not negotiate with raiders and especially not with the likes of you. You have ballusks, I'll give you that. I can't believe you would threaten the ship carrying the biggest, baddest weapon around.  What the hetek were you thinking?  You're such a patuke. I have nothing more to say to you. You're not even worth the effort of killing. Get out of my way, and I will let you live. And before you go making another brilliant decision in your colorful, yet undoubtedly short career, I ask you, how sure are you that this weapon can't be fired from within the walls of this vessel? Are you willing to bet your life on it?"
The commander's reply was long in coming. The smaller raider vessels zipped around the Ashok like betiks on a syrup tree, continuing to fly hit and run maneuvers. The constant plasma blasts were beginning to weaken the Ashok's defenses.
Finally the commander's voice broke the silence. "I understand. You have principles. You don't negotiate with raiders. That's one of your principles. But, you see, I don't have any of them principles. Life's much simpler that way. Know what I'm say'n'?" The commander grinned, one gold tooth shining amidst his decaying, food encrusted teeth. "It's a shame that a pretty thing like you is going to have to die, but now you're trying my patience!"
Sirok sent a message to Arya's console with his wireless neural interface. The raiders had made it through the Ashok's collapsing shields and had blown off the outer door to Bay One. With the shields failing and the hull breached, there was nothing to stop them from entering the ship.
Arya severed communications with the raiders, and the view screen went blank. The time for posturing was over. The raiders in this sector were notoriously dangerous and most likely one of the main reasons so few ever returned from Demented Space. "Sirok, you have the con. Patch everything through to my PDU." Arya held up her personal data unit, a handy, do about anything, reconfigurable on the fly, mobile gadget that she seldom left behind. "Tell Karg I'm headed down there, and get everyone you can to Bay One. We need to stop them from getting into the rest of the ship!"
"Aye, Captain." Sirok busily typed on his console. His holo-display showed a diagram of the ship alongside a roster of the crew and their current locations.
Arya turned as she entered the transport tube. "Lock down the bridge." The tube doors slid shut with a whoosh, and the tube sped down to the bay level.
Sirok broadcasted a message to all hands, ordering them to defend the hangar bay. The bridge grew quiet. The bombardment had ceased. The raiders were now focused on taking the ship. Sirok put a priority-one lockdown in place, sealing off the bridge. Arya would be able to command the ship through her encrypted mobile data unit, but if all else failed, Sirok would have to take over command from the bridge. The protective mucus covering Sirok's body oozed faster. It was a natural bodily function for a Kymirian under stress, a vestige of his ancestry that allowed them to move quickly and replace the antibacterial covering at a more rapid rate. His nerves were beginning to get the best of him, and he could feel it in the thinning mucus running down his face. He knew that even with the bridge locked out the raiders could disable the engines and other systems if they infiltrated the ship.
Arya slid to a stop next to Karg in Bay One. The force field in the bay was holding, but through the translucent wall of static, the ominous presence of the raiders was apparent. A boarding party was nearing the field, spreading into several groups.
A handful of crewmembers ran into the bay behind Arya. Two Meths, a couple of Arisian ensigns, and Kyrk. Arya frowned. "That's it?  That's all of you?" 
"Hull breach in the aft section," Kyrk responded "Five of the crew were there when it happened. Three didn't make it. The other two are trapped." 
Arya was all business. "Sket. It will have to do. Take cover. We draw the line here! Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir!" the crew replied in true military fashion.
In front of them, the glove of an armored space suit pierced through the force field.
"Karg! They're coming through! They must be using a field modulator."
Another hand came through the force field, a pistol aimed and at the ready.  Plasma blasts ricocheted off the metal crate in front of them as they ducked. "Open fire!" Arya commanded, as she popped up and fired several rounds at the raiders.
A barrage of plasma bolts streaked back and forth across the bay. Puffs of smoke rose from the impacting balls of plasma, creating an early morning fog-like haze throughout the bay. 


First Contact, Space Fleet, Hard Science Fiction, Alien Invasion, Technothrillers, Genetic Engineering, Paranormal & Urban, Metaphysical & Visionary, Cyberpunk, Adventure, Alien, Artificial Intelligence, Aliens, Mutants, Psychics, Robots, Mystery, Romance, Metaphysical, Thor, Superhero, Sword, Invasion, Contact, Empire, Genes, Fleet, Extraterrestrial, Action.

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540 reviews
A Google user
October 23, 2017
As much corn as Iowa. It's a fun kinda intergalactic space war romp, with all the usual suspects. Reluctant hero, humanish female co-star turns out to be queen of the resistance and falls in love with hero, all aliens breathe earth air, pressure and use earth gravity. Spaceships have wings. Science is non-existent, fiction is predictable. I wanted to dislike it, but it was fun. I'm afraid I won't be buying the rest of the series, however.
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Michael Smith
October 16, 2017
The book reads as if it was written by a 12 year old with limited or no experience with actual human behavior. Dialogue is ridiculous, the descriptions of emotions are ludicrous. It feels more like one of those aliens wrote it than an actual human being who knows what people do. The stories are rather predictable, and overall it's like reading a junior high schoolers idea of what writing is about.
51 people found this review helpful
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David Gordon
November 3, 2017
The crew goes from one disjointed story plot to the next. It was like Donald crammed in every TV scripted, he could get his hands on, into this book. Smoke monsters, pirates, two warring races, two different spy plots, ton of other races, time travel, and some means of transport that is faster than light, but not Hyperspace.
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About the author

Hi, I'm science fiction author Donald Swan.

I spent my life cruising around the galaxy fighting against vastly superior alien forces that were hell-bent on destroying Earth. In my mind anyway. ;)

I really grew up on the Space Coast of Florida where I watched my fair share of rocket launches and built my share of model rockets and spaceships. Big Sci-fi fan. I Love Star Trek and I was in awe of Star Wars when it came out. Even won contests with handmade Darth Vader outfit. (Before you could buy any of that stuff.) I Enjoy SG-1 and most any good sci-fi.

It is no wonder then that I imagine flying around distant worlds and interacting with alien creatures. I wrote my first story in the fourth grade. (About an alien monster of course.) I live in a modest home with my wonderful wife, soulmate and best friend and two furry, four-legged "children."

The Hyperspace Project is my first serious Science Fiction work. Book One (The Awakening) is the first book in the Trilogy.

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