AI Unraveled - Master GPT-4, Gemini, Generative AI, LLMs, Prompt Engineering: A simplified Guide For Everyday Users: OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), Palm, Llama, Gemini, Deepmind, Explainable AI (XAI), Discriminative AI, AI Ethics, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Neural networks, Intelligent agents, GPUs, Q*, Master Prompt Engineering, Pass AI Certifications

Etienne Noumen
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About this ebook

Dive into the revolutionary world of Artificial Intelligence with 'AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence'. This comprehensive guide is your portal to understanding AI's most intricate concepts and cutting-edge developments. Whether you're a curious beginner or an AI enthusiast, this book is tailored to unveil the complexities of AI in a simple, accessible manner.

What's Inside:

Fundamental AI Concepts: Journey through the basics of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

AI in Action: Explore how AI is reshaping industries and society, diving into its applications in computer vision, natural language processing, and beyond.

Ethical AI: Tackle critical issues like AI ethics and bias, understanding the moral implications of AI advancements.

Industry Insights: Gain insights into how AI is revolutionizing industries and impacting our daily lives.

The Future of AI: Forecast the exciting possibilities and challenges that lie ahead in the AI landscape.

Special Focus on Generative AI & LLMs:

Latest AI Trends: Stay updated with the latest in AI, including ChatGPT, Google Bard, GPT-4, Gemini, and more.

Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge with engaging quizzes on Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs).

Practical Guides: Master GPT-4 with a simplified guide, delve into advanced prompt engineering, and explore the nuances of temperature settings in AI.

Real-World Applications: Learn how to leverage AI in various sectors, from healthcare to cybersecurity, and even explore its potential in areas like aging research and brain implants.

For the AI Enthusiast:

Prompt Engineering: Uncover secrets to crafting effective prompts for ChatGPT/Google Bard.

AI Career Insights: Explore lucrative career paths in AI, including roles like AI Prompt Engineers.

AI Investment Guide: Navigate the world of AI stocks and investment opportunities.

Your Guide to Navigating AI:

Do-It-Yourself Tutorials: From building custom ChatGPT applications to running LLMs locally, this book offers step-by-step guides.

AI for Everyday Use: Learn how AI can assist in weight loss, social media, and more.

'AI Unraveled' is more than just a book; it's a resource for anyone looking to grasp the complexities of AI and its impact on our world. Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey into the realm of Artificial Intelligence!"

More Topics Covered:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, AI Ethics, Robotics, Cognitive Computing, ChatGPT, OpenAI, Google Bard, Generative AI, LLMs, AI in Healthcare, AI Investments, and much more.

GPT-4 vs Gemini: Pros and Cons

Mastering GPT-4: Simplified Guide For everyday Users

Advance Prompt Engineering Techniques: [Single Prompt Technique, Zero-Shot and Few-Shot, Zero-Shot and Few-Shot, Generated Knowledge Prompting, EmotionPrompt, Chain of Density (CoD), Chain of Thought (CoT), Validation of LLMs Responses, Chain of Verification (CoVe), Agents - The Frontier of Prompt Engineering, Prompt Chaining vs Agents, Tree of Thought (ToT), ReAct (Reasoning + Act), ReWOO (Reasoning WithOut Observation), Reflexion and Self-Reflection, Guardrails, RAIL (Reliable AI Markup Language), Guardrails AI, NeMo Guardrails]

Understanding Temperature in GPT-4: A Guide to AI Probability and Creativity

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) model in the context of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4

Prompt Ideas for ChatGPT/Google Bard

How to Run ChatGPT-like LLMs Locally on Your Computer in 3 Easy Steps

ChatGPT Custom Instructions Settings for Power Users

Examples of bad and good ChatGPT prompts

Top 5 Beginner Mistakes in Prompt Engineering

Use ChatGPT like a PRO

Prompt template for learning any skill

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

The Future of LLMs in Search

What is Explainable AI? Which industries are meant for XAI?

ChatGPT Best Tips, Cheat Sheet

LLMs Utilize Vector DB for Data Storage

The Limitation Technique in Prompt Responses

Use ChatGPT to learn new subjects

Prompts to proofread anything


Artificial Intelligence Education

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Neural networks

Data science

AI ethics



Natural language processing

Intelligent agents

Cognitive computing

AI Apps

AI impact

AI Tech


Open AI

Safe AI

Generative AI

Discriminative AI

Sam Altman

Google Bard


Large Language Models (LLMs)



Explainable AI


AI Stocks

AI Podcast


AI Certification

AI Quiz




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3 reviews
Etienne Noumen
February 16, 2023
"AI Unraveled" is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the fascinating and rapidly-evolving world of artificial intelligence. This book provides a comprehensive and engaging overview of the history, development, and applications of AI, as well as the ethical and societal implications of this powerful technology. The author's writing style is clear and accessible, making even complex concepts easy to understand.
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Djam S.
February 16, 2023
Excellent Book about AI - Basically answers all the questions you could ask about AI in layman terms. The quiz are also very good and can help you test your knowledge.
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About the author

Etienne Noumen is a highly experienced data scientist and AI practitioner, who has dedicated his career to helping people understand and leverage the power of data science and artificial intelligence. As the author of the book "AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence," Etienne Noumen has shared his deep knowledge and insights on AI, making this complex and rapidly evolving field more accessible to everyone.

With over 5 years of experience in the data science field, Etienne Noumen has worked with a variety of clients, from startups to large corporations. He has used his skills in cloud technology, data engineering and machine learning to solve complex business problems and create innovative solutions. Etienne Noumen's background in electrical engineering has given him a unique perspective on how to design and implement AI systems that are both effective and efficient.

In addition to his work as a data engineer, Etienne Noumen is an experienced educator and speaker. He has conducted numerous workshops and training sessions on Cloud Data Engineering, machine learning, and data science for various organizations.

Etienne Noumen is highly respected in the Data Engineering community, and his book "AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence" is a testament to his expertise and passion for the field. Through this book, Etienne Noumen has provided an invaluable resource for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of AI and its potential impact on society. His clear and concise explanations of complex concepts make this book an essential guide for both technical and non-technical readers.

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