Happy In The Minority: the comedy and tragedy of living in Singapore

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After witnessing what seemed like a political awakening among normally apathetic Singaporeans in the 2011 General Elections, the results of GE2015 threw a major upset. Many voters, optimistic of greater freedom and democracy, were disappointed. The results belied all the robust debates and discussions on social media. What happened? This book is a collection of Chan Joon Yee's blog posts made just before and after GE2015. Revisiting these writings help us capture the hope and despair of the non-conformists back then. As GE2020 approaches in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, should the non-conformists be optimistic that there is hope for change? Or should they be prepared to live happily in the minority.

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Born in Singapore in 1964, Chan Joon Yee was a very prolific self-taught writer in the 1990s. He has written 2 novels and translated one Chinese travelogue by one of Singapore’s backpacking pioneers, Ng Wai Choy. His shorter pieces which included poems, short stories, book reviews, celebrity interviews, travel articles, advice columns and advertorials, were featured in newspapers, magazines and some trade publications. He has also done ghostwriting for business people who needed to make light-hearted speeches or engaging presentations. His latest books include Spellbound in Chiangmai, Leaving the Pain Behind, Dental Phobia and many others.

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