Awakening Your Inner Genius

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If you'd like to know what some of history's greatest thinkers and achievers can teach you about awakening your inner genius, and how to find, follow, and fulfill your journey to greatness, then you want to read this book today.

  • You can score in the highest ranges of IQ...and fail to succeed in life. 
  • You can work incredibly hard...and never realize your dreams. 
  • You can stumble across beautiful opportunities...only to watch them wither and die.

There's something else--something considered unfathomable by many--that lies behind greatness. And in Awakening Your Inner Genius, you're going to be taken on an adventure to discover what that is, and how you can use it to transform your life.

You see, genius is a path, not a gift. Studies of history's greatest geniuses have shown that there is a "genius code," if you will. A combination of very specific traits that we can develop in ourselves, and thus, operate at a genius level.

In this book, you're going to learn things like...

  • Why IQ, opportunities, and working toward that magical goal of 10,000 hours don't comprise the whole story of great achievers, and what else is needed to walk in the footsteps of our greatest geniuses.
  • How to view and deal with the world as Leonardo da Vinci did, and embrace the one trait that most accounted for his incredible genius and talents.
  • Lessons from Nikola Tesla on why imagination is so vital to awakening your inner genius, and insights into the real "secret" to creativity, as explained by people like Jobs, Picasso, Dali, and Twain.
  • How Thomas Edison was able to go from a mischievous academically challenged kid to the world's most successful inventor, and how you too can formulate and realize goals like he did.
  • The secret to Alexander the Great's superhuman drive and work ethic, and how you can inspire yourself to pursue your own goals and dreams with the same vigor and tenacity.
  • What geniuses like Elizabeth I can teach you about the importance of individualism in your journey to greatness, and how to strengthen your will to break away from conventions, ignore the naysayers, and stay true to your vision and principles.
  • How Hippocrates' epic quest to reform medicine in ancient Greece was fueled by his unparalleled judgment, and how you too can sharpen your ability to make the right decisions at the right times and thus move closer to your dreams, one good call at a time.
  • And much, much more...

Imagine for a moment how this could change your life.

If you dream of escaping the nine-to-five and striking out on your own, imagine if you knew with certainty that you would succeed.

If you don't like where some aspect of humanity is going, imagine if you could do something amazing about it.

If you have a stubborn desire to reach out into our culture and write "I was here," imagine if nothing could stop you.

So, is the journey to genius right for you? Well, ask yourself the following questions.

Who are you, really, and what are you really capable of?

What is your calling, and what might happen in the world if you found out?

If these questions ignite a spark of curiosity in you, then empower yourself to explore their meaning and magnitude.

Read this book today and discover what it really takes to find and follow your bliss, and how to use the lessons passed down to us by some of history's greatest geniuses to systematically rise to top of your fields, activities, and endeavors.

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About the author


I'm Sean, and I believe that people have far more potential than they give themselves credit for. I believe that everyone can find their calling, achieve success and happiness, and feel in control of their fate.

Through my writing, I hope to educate and inspire, to convince people to look at themselves and the world a little differently, and to be able to use these insights to improve not only their lives, but the lives of everyone they touch as well.

If that floats your boat, I think you'll like my work, and I hope you find it helpful.


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Feb 12, 2013
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Daniel Marques
Do you know that you are programmed to be who you are at this moment, with all your predicted successes and failures?

“Civilizations have been born and completed and then forgotten again and again. There is nothing new under the sun. What is has been. All that we learn and discover has existed before” (Colonel James Churchward, 33rd degree Freemason). However, “each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it” (George Orwell, 33rd degree Freemason).

Maybe you’ve been able to somehow challenge the system in which you’ve been raised by achieving some things that weren’t expected in your lifetime while complying with many others that you weren’t in favor of, but surely you didn’t transform it enough, or you would have lost friends, relatives, jobs and even love. “Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing” (George Orwell, Freemason).

Do you remember quitting your dreams? It was supposed to happen. Any advice received from people around you, especially the ones that love you the most, were fabricated to make you follow the same mind programming in which you and them are included so that nobody goes out of it. “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought” (George Orwell, Freemason), and that’s how the sentences heard since you were born, from parents, teachers and friends, as well as ideas strongly imposed by the media, conditioned the way you think as an individual.

This programming is so strong that interferes with our emotions and affects our personality. Nonetheless, within this book a path is shown to deprogram yourself, develop the power of being aware of the universal truth and change life as much as you want it to be changed. Hopefully, you’ll “stretch thinking and awareness” while “uncovering many truths” just like other readers of this bestseller recognized to have accomplished.

We’re now living in the Age of Aquarius, and “as Aquarius is an airy, scientific and intellectual sign, the New Faith for this age must be rooted in reason” (Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Fellowship). This is the prophecy and this book shows the way to understand it and accept it by alchemically transforming your conscience and spirit for the order of the new world.

Taking into consideration the amount of information presented here and the level of simplification applied, this is surely the most empowering, enlightening, complete and uplifting book you’ll ever read in your entire life about gaining wealth, power and health with the law of attraction.

Birister Sharma
Ignite your Mind…………Inspire your life…..Motivate
yourself……Generate your inner power!

Life is like a matchbox. Matchsticks are inside the box. If you want to illuminate your life, then you've to ignite yourself.

In every juncture of life, there are many ups and downs. And every moment you need motivation and encouragement. It may be from yourself and from your dear ones. However, the question arises, how? If nobody is around you. Then, it’s only you to motivate and encourage yourself. Because, life is a lone journey. First think and then act. Always remember, that you’re the only one who can change yourself and nobody can change you. If you want to light the darkness of your life, then, ignite Your Mind!

It's a collection of inspirational poems.....

Highlights of the book:

* This book is written in very simple poetic rhymes.

* This book is to ignite your hidden potentials.

* This book is to know your true-self.

* This book will act as your true guide.

* This book contains with moral, wisdom, thoughts and philosophies.

* This book will teach you to learn everyday lessons of life.

* This book will always guide you to your success path.

* This book will help you to mould your habits and characters.

* This book is for those who want to motivate and inspire themselves.


Extract from the book:

What you want to do be?

What you want to see?

Everything depends upon your vision.

Find out your reason.

Every event of life is matters to you,

And it asks you its demand,

You must know the right command.

Guide yourself in the wide direction,

To succeed in your mission.

Know your inner potential, which is unlimited,

Don’t spend your life like a timid.

Open your mind, which you keep lock,

It’s time to unlock.

Wash your unclean eyes,

Wear out your old fashion,

Try to be wise.

Everything, which is unseen,

Now, it is visible.

It is your time to walk,

To get your golden luck.

Visualize your ideas to the world,

So that you can shine like a diamond.


Contents of book:

1. War

2. Life is full of Mysteries

3. Your vision

4. Only you can change yourself!

5. A Heart of Mine

6. A Game

7. Human's Life

8. A Drama

9. Plan

10. Longevity

11. Desire

12. Mind

13. Conscience

14. Patience

15. Thought

16. Attitude

17. Luck

18. Golden Ray

19. Respect

20. Wicket Habit

21. Anger

22. Jealous

23. Falsehood

24. Insult

25. Relationship

26. Bad Memories

27. Face

28. Smile

29. Shyness

30. Not everything is for us

31. The Right way

32. Light

33. Your Nature

34. Meanings of Life

35. Laziness

36. Idle Mind

37. Your Task!

38. The Greatness

39. Give and Take

40. Experiences of Life

41. Obstacles

42. Virtues

43. Inner-Self

44. To Get Our Living

45. Your Questions!

46. Ask yourself

47. Parts of our Life

48. Failures

49. Better Way

50. Today and Yesterday

51. If You Are......

52. Silent Sleep

53. Accept You!

54. Disguise

55. Your Fight

56. Your Thoughts

57. Think !

58. Love

59. Keep Busy!

60. The Blowing Air

61. Born and Die

62. People

63. Silent !

64. Take Sometime

65. Yourself

66. The Blooming Flower

67. I Thank You !

68. You Can See.........

69. Love Yourself!

70. Why Not You !

71. You are born to be Wise!

72. You’ve to Live Your Life

73. You’re born as the Brave Soldier

74. You’re the Master of Your Own

75. Love is a Prayer

76. The Law of Natural Ordination

77. You will never regain it!

78. In search of life

79. Under Your Feet

80. You’re a Great Soul

81. Rub your tears

82. You’re very special

83. The Smiling Lady

84. For Your Next Mission

85. The Little Candle

86. Never Forget

87. Mirror

88. Don’t Sit Down

89. Love is Music

90. The Flying Feather

91. Hunger

92. Like a Bicycle

93. Like an Egg

94. Agony of Life

95. Wait for the Right Season

96. A Blooming Flower

97. Life is action and reaction

98. Good Things will come to you

99. Change Yourself

100. Grow Your Life Everyday

101. The Wandering Seed

102. Live your Life

103. Inspire

104. Charms of Life







Birister Sharma

More than 1,00,000 readers has already read this book worldwide so far!

Change is the universal law. It is the nature of this earth and this world. You’ve to change yourself. You’ve to change yourself the way your life wants or demands from you. If you wouldn’t change yourself with time, then time will destroy you. You wouldn’t survive in this world until and unless you wouldn’t change yourself. We all are bound to change ourselves in life.

Change doesn’t mean to destroy or finish yourself utterly, but to transform yourself according to your need. If you see around your surroundings, you will always find changing in everything with time whether it is a small pitcher plant or a big mango tree, you will always find changing.

There is a great beauty in your change. Is it not true that you always change your dress after wearing two or three days, then how do you feel yourself? You just take off your old and dirty clothes, and in its place you put on your new and neat and tidy clothes. It is also implied the same in your life. You wouldn’t live your life forever in your old thoughts, ideas and faiths. You’ve to change as per your needs. You’ve to adjust yourself with the outlooks of this world, and accordingly you’ve to transform yourself in your new appearance. This is the true law of this world. Then, only you’ll achieve happiness, success, and peace in your life.

You need to change your mind.

You need to change your thoughts.

You need to change your ideas.

You need to change your belief.

You need to change your outlooks.

You need to change your attitudes.


You’ve to change from good to better, and better to best. But not to good to bad; not to better to worse. You’ve to change from worst to best. You’ve to change from failure to successful. You’ve to change from loser to winner.

If you want to survive in this world, then you’ve to change yourself according to time, place and need.


Highlights of the book:



A self-guide to improve your personality and to change your life….

1. Subtract the wrong things

2. Believe you CAN

3. Work hard for what you want the most

4. Stand up for yourself

5. Let go of the past

6. End hurtful relationships

7. Be thankful for what you have

8. Dedicate some time every day for yourself

9. Keep learning and embracing life’s changes

10. Enjoy where you are now



Birister Sharma
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