King Richard

2021 • 144 minutos
150 opiniones
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Based on the true story that will inspire the world, “King Richard” follows the journey of Richard Williams, an undeterred father instrumental in raising two of the most extraordinarily gifted athletes of all time, who will end up changing the sport of tennis forever. Driven by a clear vision of their future and using unconventional methods, Richard has a plan that will take Venus and Serena Williams from the streets of Compton, California to the global stage as legendary icons. “King Richard” is a profoundly moving film that shows the power of family, perseverance and unwavering belief as a means to achieve the impossible and impact the world.

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150 opiniones
Stephen Jacewicz
20 de enero de 2022
King Richard is an absolute feel good time that says you can accomplish anything, above negativity. Really the true way you can do that is through Jesus, our only hope and I think the family here accomplished through The Lord in ways at least in the movie, from what I am remembering. It also has one of Will Smith's better performances, one that matches up there with his Independence Day role. His portrayal as Richard Williams is a beauty. Everyone needs to see King Richard. Very, very powerful.
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Ms Lavender
22 de abril de 2022
Pay zero attention to the low ratings on this movie. The trolls who rated this film are haters, racists or just wicked demons who rate Black films low for spite. I really don't get their unhealthy evil obsession with Black movies and their need to downgrade them. But, this behavior borders on cray cray. King Richard is a great, inspirational film on the life and legacy of Richard Williams, a loving father with a vision for his daughters; and how he, his wife and beloved family made it come true.
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Kenneth Yaw Agyeman-Badu
4 de enero de 2022
"IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL".......Really love that quote cuz it's in our everyday lives. This movie is true to the core and very well directed, missed lots of events but nailed the spotlights. Will Smith performances is over the top in this movie...does so well with dialogues and the way he carried himself....his plan is what most parents will fail to follow cuz of circumstances. Jon Bernthal on the other hand was also exceptional....his reactions when decisions don't go his way.
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